5 Ways to Display and Repurpose Christmas Cards

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We get a lot of Christmas cards every year. I am very excited to share my ideas to display Christmas cards and use them for craft and gift ideas.

I love to display Christmas cards. Reusing old Christmas cards is one of my favorite crafts around the holidays. If you are like me and you save old Christmas cards, then you know they can be used to make great gifts. 

Ways to Display Christmas Cards 8

Ways to Display Christmas Cards

Today I am sharing some fun ways to display and reuse Christmas cards. These are so much fun and I hope you will try some of them!

Christmas Tree Skirt

Ways to Display Christmas Cards 5

I bought this dressform three years ago and ever since then, I have made it a tradition to give her a new skirt every Christmas. 

The first year I made her a fresh evergreen tree skirt. It made my craft room smell amazing and just like Christmas!

The next year I made her a bright red poinsettia skirt.


Just so you know, this is what her skirt looks like for the rest of the year.

tree skirt with chicken wire

Last year’s repurposed Christmas card skirt just might be my favorite.

Ways to Display Christmas Cards 11

I bought some small clothespins and used them to clip on the Christmas cards. Then I tied a big red ribbon around her waist.

Ways to Display Christmas Cards 14

I absolutely love this!

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Crib mattress with card display

Ways to Display Christmas Cards

I have an old crib mattress frame and I have used it to hang wreaths, reminder notes, and more. I thought this year it would make a great way to display Christmas cards. The crosswires allow you to clip any size of holiday cards to the frame. I used small red clothespins to attach them to the crib frame.

Ways to Display Christmas Cards

I love this festive look and think it is a perfect way to display Christmas cards as they arrive in the mail.

French Door

Ways to Display Christmas Cards 10

For years we have displayed our Christmas cards on the French door that is between our entryway and the family room. I attached the cards with tape and put them on both sides of the door. It’s a fun way to add decor to the door and everyone loves it.

More Ways to Reuse Christmas Cards

Advent Calendar DIY


Five years ago I made six of these advent calendars as gifts for everyone in my family. All of the photos on the back of the numbered tags are from old Christmas cards I had collected. I love turning the numbers on the calendar in December, as each photo is such a wonderful family memory.


You can find the entire DIY on my blog post titled DIY Advent Calendar.

Photo Gifts

Ways to Display Christmas Cards

A few years ago I made coasters from old Christmas card photos. I made a set for our family using old Christmas card photos of the boys over the years. I also made sets for my parents and siblings which featured all of the grandkids from the four families.

Because I love a vintage look, I had them printed in a sepia style but you can also make them in bright colors. I used Amazon and here is a link to the coasters but you can use any online printing company to make these.

Ways to Display Christmas Cards 13

I hope you like all of my ideas to reuse and display Christmas cards. Family photos are so much fun and I love using creative ideas to reuse my old Christmas cards.

More Holiday Inspiration


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5 Ways to Display and Repurpose Christmas Cards

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  1. I love your Advent calendar idea and the Christmas card crib frame! Wondering though where your rug came from as wells as the galvanized metal wrapping paper basket..

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