How We Found the Best Smart Shades for the Beach House


While enjoying our newly remodeled beach house for the last few months, we realized we needed a smart shade for our family room.

The harsh afternoon glare that comes through our big window is so bad that no one can sit on our couch in the late afternoon! Of course, putting a shade on this gorgeous window made me hesitate as I wanted to make sure we still would somehow be able to enjoy our view and have lots of natural light. I was fortunate to be able to work with Serena Smart Shades by Lutron to find the perfect smart shades.

The large picture window at our beach house with an amazing view of the ocean.
The Beach House

The Best Smart Window Shades for the Beach House

The large picture window at our beach house with an amazing view of the ocean.

This post is sponsored by Lutron and all opinions are mine.

We love our view in our beach house and at first, the thought of adding a smart window shade was hard to accept.

But the glare every afternoon was really bad. After watching our family every day scoot to the left of the couch to the point where no one was sitting on the couch, I realized we had to do something! My partnership with Serena Smart Shades by Lutron fixed the problem so much better than I expected.

A Seamless Blend of Style and Technology

Tap on the video below to see our amazing Serena Smart Shades.

When I decided to upgrade my home with smart shades, I knew I was venturing into somewhat uncharted territory. The decision to choose Serena Smart Shades by Lutron wasn’t made lightly. This blog post chronicles my journey from initial research to the joy of living with these smart shades, along with some advice for anyone considering a similar upgrade.

Research: Understanding the Basics

The large picture window at our beach house with an amazing view of the ocean.

My journey began with research. I wanted smart shades that not only looked great but also integrated seamlessly with my existing smart home ecosystem. After diving into online forums, reading reviews, and watching countless tutorial videos, I zeroed in on Caseta Serena Shades by Lutron.

Their reputation for quality, ease of use, and compatibility with major smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit made them an attractive choice.

Tip: When researching, I realized I needed to focus not just on aesthetics but also on compatibility, ease of installation, and long-term use.

Choosing the Perfect Smart Shades

Next was the fun part – choosing the shades! Lutron’s website offers an extensive range of options. I ordered free fabric samples to see how different materials and colors would look and feel in my home. This step was crucial in making an informed decision about which shades would best suit my space.

Tip: I highly recommend that you take advantage of free samples. They help you see the actual color and texture, which can be quite different in photos. With the samples, I could hold the fabric in front of our window to see the amount of sunlight and view of the ocean that was seen through the shade.

Measuring: Accuracy is Key

Measuring was the most daunting part for me. Precision is crucial because even a small error can lead to ill-fitting shades. Lutron’s video tutorials were easy to follow – I made sure to carefully measure each window three times to ensure accuracy. For those less confident in their measuring skills, Lutron offers professional measurement services.

Tip: Measure multiple times and follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly as described. When in doubt, seek professional help.

Ordering: A Smooth Process

Samples for my new Lutron Serena Smart shades.

Ordering the shades was straightforward. Lutron’s website was user-friendly, guiding me through each step of the customization process. I selected the type of control (wall-mounted or remote), the power source (battery or wired), and other customizations like fascia style and color.

Tip: It is important to pay attention to each customization option. Consider how you will use the shades daily to choose the right controls and power options.

Installation: DIY is Possible

The large picture window at our beach house with an amazing view of the ocean.

The thought of installing the shades myself was intimidating at first. However, the detailed instruction manual and online video tutorials provided by Lutron made the process seamless.

Watching the video tutorials helped us get a hang of installation quickly! The battery-powered option meant there was no need for complicated wiring.

The large picture window at our beach house with an amazing view of the ocean.

Tip: Be sure to take your time with the first installation, watch the tutorials, and read the manual thoroughly before starting.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

The large picture window at our beach house with an amazing view of the ocean.

Integrating the shades with my smart home system was perhaps the most exciting part. Through the Lutron app, I connected them to my Amazon Alexa, allowing me to control the shades with Alexa. The Lutron app was intuitive, offering additional features like scheduling the shades to open or close at specific times.

I also connected them to the Pico smart remote so everyone in our home has access to the shades.

Be sure to have some fun and explore all the features your smart home system offers with the shades to make the most out of your smart shades.

Enjoying Our Serena Shades

The difference these shades have made in our daily lives is remarkable.

I can operate the shades in my home with a voice command, a smartphone tap, or the Pico Smart remote.

The ability to schedule the opening and closing of shades means the glare we were so accustomed to is no longer an issue, and I love that we still can enjoy the view.

Be sure to experiment with different settings and schedules to find what works best for your lifestyle.

The Benefits: More Than Meets the Eye

The large picture window at our beach house with an amazing view of the ocean.

The benefits of these shades go beyond convenience and aesthetics. They have contributed to energy efficiency in our beach house. By adjusting them according to the sun’s position, I’ve been able to keep my home cooler on hot days.

The journey to fully automated, smart shades was certainly a learning experience. Serena Smart Shades by Lutron have not only met but exceeded my expectations. They’ve added a layer of sophistication to my home, remedied an annoying problem, and even helped us to be more energy-efficient.

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  1. What led to your decision to select the Lutron Selena Smart Shade over the Hunter Douglas Vignette® Duolite shades that you used in your bedroom? I am trying to make a decision for shades in my living room and breakfast area in my kitchen. They are large windows facing the West and the sun is very bright in the afternoons.

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