How You Can Find the Fixer Upper House of Your Dreams


I am so happy to share with you today a great tool that you should use to Find the Fixer Upper House of Your Dreams.

hundres year old home on street

One of the questions I get asked the most is “How did you find your one hundred year old home?”. I love fixer upper houses and today I shared all of my tips.

Finding the perfect older homes didn’t happen overnight and required a lot of patience. But today I shared how you can use to learn, inspire and even find your next home. You can find my blog post with all of my tips and tricks on

We own two 100 year old homes. The first is our South Pasadena home. We bought it in 1998 from my inlaws. It wasn’t hard to find. Haha.

And we also have our 100 Year Old Waco Home. in Texas. This fixer upper home took a little longer to find.

fixer upper home

On my blog post today on, I explained my definition of three different types of one hundred year old homes.

The three are the Classic Beauty, Cosmetic Beauty, and the Fixer Upper Beauty to Be. There is no doubt the home we bought in Waco fits in the last category.  Head to to find out which one of these types of homes is my favorite!

How to Search for Older Homes

I did some searching on and I wanted to share with you my favorite listings in Waco, Tx. that fit into my three categories. Maybe you want to try your hand at a fixer-upper!

I always start out with the Search by Location field. Then I go to the More Filters drop down. This is where you can add your  “must-have” and “nice-to-have” in regards to features of a home when searching. I always select the “year built” feature to find homes built before 1930. You can also add square feet, lot size, number of stories, view, lot type, and additional features. If you want a basement or a walk-in closet, you can specify that here.

howt o search

The House in Sanger Heights Classic Beauty 

It didn’t take long for me to find what I think is a Classic Beauty home. This home is a traditional home in a good neighborhood, over 4,000 square feet and move-in ready. Click on the link to see the price!

fixer upper hoe fro sale in


The 1800 Square Foot Cosmetic Beauty 

Next, I searched for a home that needed cosmetic updates and was priced less than the Classic Beauty. This home is in good condition but needs paint and likely a kitchen remodel. Click here to find out more, including the asking price.

The One Story Fixer Upper Beauty to Be Home

Fixer Upper homes are my favorite to research because the idea of restoring a home to its original beauty is my dream. The minute I saw this house I knew this was the one. This two-bedroom, one bath home is in downtown Waco and only a few blocks from the Magnolia Silos. Click here for the price.

It’s easy to see how much fun it is to search for for your dream home. With the excellent search features, you will likely find exactly what you are looking for. And don’t forget to check out my blog post on the website!

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  1. Last night when you posted your Waco house on Instagram, I was inspired and went house searching in Waco online. I looked at ALL of the houses you just posted and literally thought “Which would Leslie choose?”. It seems like buying the house is the easy part! I look forward to future posts where you dive into your remodel process.

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