Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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I am so happy to share our living room farmhouse Christmas decor. If you are looking for decor ideas I have so many here!

It appears that red is the dominant color in our home for the holidays this year and I just love how everything looks in here with some living room farmhouse Christmas decor. We have two trees and lots of silver and red decor.

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor
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Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Every year I hope that the boys will be n town to buy our Christmas fresh tree but once again, Dave and I made the trip to get our tree. Because our living room has ten-foot ceilings we need a very tall tree. I and the mistake one year of getting a 7 ft. tree and it looked uncomfortable and tiny!

We fought the crowds and the long lines and managed to get this one home on top of our car. I think this one is the tallest one ever because the lights ran short. Tomorrow more lights arrive so I will be able to finish decorating our tree.

Two Trees in the Living Room

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

As you can see, we actually have two trees in the living room. The fresh tree has all of our family ornaments and is by far my favorite. Just adding the ornaments on the tree brought so many memories of places we had traveled and ornaments we had all made.

The flocked white tree in the photo above is a new addition to our living room farmhouse Christmas decor and it’s perfect. It’s lightly decorated with red berries and ornaments but I will be making some new ornaments and adding them to the tree next week.

Christmas Card Display

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Did you notice the Christmas card display in the photo above of our coffee table?

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Before you think that I made it, think again. A girlfriend of mine collects all of the Christmas cards she receives every year and she gifted them back to me a few years ago. Isn’t that amazing? It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.

I collect ironstone and I not only love the English Advertising pots seen below but I like the small pots adorned with PEACE and HOPE too.

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Once again, I love to mix vintage and new decor all throughout our home.

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Sparkling Decor

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas

I mixed in a bit of green on the general store counter by adding in some vintage jars I bought at Round Top a few years ago. I mixed them with the glass trees and some new red ornaments.

Our Famly Christmas Tree in the Living Room

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

This tree is my favorite tree in our home by a landslide. We have six trees in our home and five are faux. This one is real and only one year have we not had a real tree. It was two years ago when the supply chain was really messed up and we waited too late and couldn’t find one.

So what makes this tree so special?

The ornaments. Every single ornament on our tree is special to our family. Most of them are handmade and they date back to the 1960s! There are so many on the tree that the boys made when they were little and each one of them is so special.

Some were gifts and a lot of them we bought when we were traveling. I try to find a Christmas ornament to buy anytime we take a trip. They are so much fun to have and always bring up some great conversations.

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Ornament

Where to Find Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

I have included all through this post links to decor you can use anywhere in your home. I also made a lot of the decor, such as the ornament pillow on the couch.

Also, don’t be afraid to use items for a purpose other than what they were intended for.

See the white wooden box with the red berries sitting on the table behind the sofa?

That’s actually a champagne vintage crate. Why can’t it be used as a vase?

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Living Room Farmhouse Christmas Decor

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  1. Beautiful..I can’t find the card display in your pictures? I’ve looked a couple times..guess I’m blind this am! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Eugenia! They’re actually from Pottery Barm but looks like they’re no longer available. Sorry about that!

    1. Oh thank you so much Barbara! I love the nostalgia of the family ornaments ☺️ hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season 🎄🙏

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