4th of July Flag Decor DIY

The Fourth of July is right around the corner but you still have time to make this 4th of July flag wooden crate.

Flag-themed decorations are a great way to show your patriotism, and they’re also a lot of fun to make. So grab your crafting supplies and let’s get started!

4th-of-July-Flag -Decor

I made this 4th of July flag crate with paper napkins and I can’t wait to share how easy it is to make. I have also teamed up with four of my blogger friends who also have some wonderful Fourth of July decor ideas to share. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see their great ideas.

What you Need to Make a Patriotic Wooden Crate

Fourth of July wooden crate

One wooden crate (I bought mine here at JOANN.)

One package paper napkins

Tacky glue

Paint brush, white acrylic paint

Rotary paper cutter


This crate was very inexpensive to make. This is the perfect Fourth of July Flag Decor DIY project.

Fourth of July wooden crate DIY

The first thing you need to do is measure the width of the wooden slats on the wooden crate. Mine measured 1 and 11/12th inches. So I cut enough strips of paper napkins to cover all of the slats.

Fourth of July wooden crate paper napkins

Most paper napkins have two or three layers of paper. Remove all of the layers and just use the printed layer.

Fourth of July wooden napkins crate

Place the tacky glue in a paper plate and mix with a bit of water to thin the glue. Brush the wooden slats and carefully place the paper napkins on the glue.

Fourth of July wooden crate napkins DIY

Continue until the entire crate is covered.

Fourth of July wooden crate and napkins DIY
Fourth of July wooden crate napkins DIY 2

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Just try to replicate a fourth of July flag. You want the crate to look aged so “not perfect” is good.

Fourth of July wooden crate DIY

Next, cover the entire paper areas with a thin layer of Tacky glue. Let dry.

Fourth of July wooden crate napkins DIY project

Once the crate is dry, lightly sand the paper to create an aged look. You can also added a bit of white paint to make the color less intense.

Fourth of July wooden crate decor DIY

How festive are these flowers that I added to the crate?


This craft was fun to make. If you enjoyed this craft, definitely check out the wooden crate for Valentine’s Day that I made last spring.

4th of July wooden crate DIY

From start to finish, this project took me one hour to make. This was a very easy Fourth of July Flag Decor DIY!


I sure love how this came out!

Best Fourth of July DIY

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Now I am thrilled to share the Patriotic DIY Projects created by my blogger friends.

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Janine from Happy Happy Nester made the most adorable 4th of July garland.

Modern Glam


Ashley from Modern Glam decorated a patriotic front porch. I love her wreath and potted plants.

Tauni Everett

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Tauni from Tauni Everett also made a Fourth of July garland. How cute is this!

tater tots and jello

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Jennifer from tater tots and jello made a Fourth of July flag and flower wreath.   

I hope you found some great Fourth of July DIY project ideas!

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4th of July Flag Decor DIY

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  1. As always, cute, easy DIY projects that are giving me all the patriotic vibes!🇺🇲
    Love your posts😊❤️

  2. You are amazing! I absolutely love everything you do.
    Happy 4th of July and God Bless Our America!

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