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Happy Summer! As I finalize my summer decorating plans, I thought I would share some of my Summer Decor Finds and a little bit about what is happening around my home.

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Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, and recipes, and some great summer decor finds for your home.

A Little Bit About Me

Summer Decor Ideas

I hope you all are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend. For those of you not celebrating the US, I am sure you are having a wonderful summer weekend!

I am working on finalizing my summer decor and I have found some amazing decor ideas that I can’t wait to share with you.

My Plans for Summer Decor and Decorating

Summer Decor Ideas in the family Room

What do you do for summer decorating? Before I start changing things around, I like to think about the overall look of my house for summer. Since my house is all neutral, I can easily change to summer colors with accessories.

I am about done with the pink accents as they have been in my house for a very long time and I am ready for a change. Do you have any ideas for accent colors? Blue? Green? Aqua? Those three colors are something I haven’t really done in a long time and I thought it might be fun to get away from the pinks and oranges.

I need to pick a color this weekend so please send over your ideas.

My next step is to shop our home. I really do have a lot of decor items stashed in various places in our home so there is a good chance I have almost everything I will need for a summer refresh. I would love to make pillows, because they are my favorite thing to make.

I am due for a few fun craft projects anyway so I can’t wait.

My Favorite Summer Decor Amazon Finds

There are so many holiday sales happening right now and every time I look online I find something I love! Today I thought it might be fun if I share some of these wonderful summer decor finds for your home.

Living Room/Family Room


Dining Room

Back Yard / Porch

My Favorite Summer Anthropologie Finds

They are having a big sale this weekend!

My Favorite Summer Decor Pottery Barn Finds

PS – Pottery Barn is having a sale over the 4th of July weekend, up to 75% off!!!

Reflections on the Week

Another amazing week is behind us and I loved sharing so many fun ideas on my blog. I love my new crystal chandeliers and the beach house taco recipes. My succulent wreath and 4th of July wooden crate were really fun DIYs. And the summer entertaining ideas and 4th of July table decor were so much fun to create!

Which was your favorite?

My Favorite Things

In the House

My friend Karianne shared how to make a faux roman shade. I have never made one of these and I want to try! Check out her DIY here.

Becki Owens shared Four Can’t-Miss Kitchen Renovations. Isn’t this a fabulous kitchen?

Good Things From Martha – 25 Main-Course Summer Salads That Are Packed with Protein

Martha and I thought you might be interested in these salads packed with protein and vegetables.

What’s Ahead for The Week

How is it the 4th of July weekend already? Are you alI feeling like his year is flying by? I know I am. I hope you are having a restful and relaxing holiday weekend. I am grateful for some downtime with my family and to spend some time at the beach and on the golf course.

Next week is going to be another fun and full week. This week I am sharing a fun dinner on the beach with solar lanterns. You don’t need a beach to set up this fun table and lighting. I will also be discussing summer centerpieces and a really fun DIY on flower art. I am joining some of my blogger friends and I will be sharing our ideas for outdoor entertaining and also a DIY about summer colors. At the end of the week, I will take you on a summer home tour.

Be sure to follow my Instagram stories every day this week as I will be sharing all of the behind the scenes for each blog post.

I am excited for next week at My 100 Year Old Home.

If you would like to help me out, you can use my Amazon link here. You can also find my Amazon link in my Instagram highlights and in every blog post. I make a small commission on your purchases but using my link does not cost you a penny! Thank you again for using my link to shop on Amazon.

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Summer Decor Finds

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  1. I love your pink but totally get the need for change! My color choice would be a pale aqua for sure!
    A couple of years ago,I decided to go as neutral in home furnishings as I can so that my love of change can be in accent colors in the deco part. You are a great inspiration for that!

    I have a sofa though that is my dream fabric that involves large flowers in colors of pale aqua, pale red and cream.(very vintage and muted colors) That make it a “bit” of a challenge in the great room but it is doable. Thanks for all your wonderful deco ideas and diy crafting!

  2. Ahhh good morning!! Having a cup of coffee as well-about to get my second. The colors I’m enjoying right now are yellow, blue and green. A sunflower yellow, a navy blue and like a sage or eucalyptus green. So pretty! Excited to see what you do! I also love pillows and have so many and my hubby makes fun of me for them. But they make a house so cozy! Right!? 😉 Hope you have a wonderful 4th with your family today!

  3. I’ve also been in a color rut and looking for a change. It’s so much easier to make color suggestions for someone else! I like SW6494 Lakeshore as a blue with your green accent walls and barstool legs. I’d also add a yellow like SW9019 Golden Plumeria. Your home has such a restful feel and these color suggestions look restful, at least on my screen! Good luck and I know anything you choose will be wonderful. Can’t wait for the reveal!

  4. My summer picks have been yellow and cream also navy blue and yellow are beautiful together. Im sure that no matter what colors that you choose your home will be gorgeous as always.Good luck and happy decorating.

  5. With your light neutral whites, go in the opposite direction with a Navy or even dark gray/black and add some neutral colored textures like a light wood, sisal, jute, unfinished wood beads, rope, macrame. If navy or gray/black are too out of the comfort zone then spa blue or aqua…

  6. Thanks for your continuing inspiration. Could you do a combination of the three, blue, green and aqua with aqua being the dominant colour? Then you could transition into the fall easily with just the blue and green.

  7. Blue and white are my favorite color combos. It’s just so classic. You can always mix in a secondary color with it too at different times to change the look. Aqua, yellow, lighter blue maybe. Happy 4th Leslie!

  8. Summer to me means sunshine and blue skies..with HOT temps..
    I would go with soft blues and yellows to continue the serenity and calmness indoors!
    Altho aqua seems to be “THE” trend, it is becoming tiresome seeing the color everywhere..don’t get me wrong.. i love it..but used sparingly! (I’ve lived in beach towns since moving from Denver,CO back to my home state of Florida..Panama City Beach and now, the space coast of Florida.. Merritt Island!)
    Happy decorating!

  9. I love a green aqua blue with either some coral accents or mustard yellow. Also it looks like you’re leaning a little bit toward a French country look. I love to change up for summer and often shop the house.

  10. I think yellow would be a bright lovely
    Color. Would love to see your beautiful home with such a nice bright color in your home!

  11. I’d go for green. I love it, for one thing, but I think it would be an easy transition for you from the pink. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  12. You have a beautiful home. My suggestion for summer colour has to be blue and many shades of it. I find blue very calming and it envelopes you in a way that other colours just can’t. I am going to try your beautiful pinecone painted wreath this week. I prefer to wire each one as you could drop it from 20feet and they would still be intact. I live in southern Ontario and that is the reason for the different spelling.

  13. I too really like pink & my color scheme thru out my apt is neutral creams, taupe etc. But I’m also not really a “blue” girl however I decided to use different shades of greens thru out for the summer. Everything from a muted grassy green to sage. And I Love It ! I did however use touches of aqua in my bathroom, 3 shades with white in rugs & shower curtain, and 3 solid aqua hand towels. I like seeing it in the early morning as I get ready to start my day for work. It makes me smile even on rainy days.

  14. Well, you can’t go wrong with the classic color combo of blue and white – as your home already has the white/neutral base, adding a pop of color in any shade of blue would work! (Of course, I’m biased as my favorite color is blue.) If you want a more summery shade, pick a beachier blue – for more traditional, a navy. Can’t wait to see!

  15. I personally love pink. Perhaps update the pink with a different shade. I would perhaps use green and yellow. Those colors will flow into fall colors. I don’t think you’re a blue person. Nay blue! Do something that’s different and not to trendy. I love your flowers! Perhaps aim in that direction. Can’t wait to see what you’ll decide.

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