My Top Nine Favorite Fall Dinnerware and Tables

I believe that fall is a season for entertaining. It’s the start of the holidays and today I am sharing my favorite fall dinnerware tables.

There are so many fun ways to set a fall table and with mixing and matching, you don’t need a lot of dinnerware to make it happen.

fall decor
Entertaining at Home with the Colors of Fall
Table for Fall with Portmeirion Botanic Garden

Fall tables are extraordinarily beautiful because of the fall colors. These nine tables have real and fresh flowers and lots of colored glasses, plates, and linens. Enjoy!

A Fall Dinnerware Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors

A Tablescape Thanksgiving Colors
A Tablescape in Thanksgiving Colors

I loved creating this tablescape in my new Thanksgiving colors. You might recall that I made the table runner and used a vintage flea market bowl for my holiday centerpiece.

I mixed and matched my fall dinnerware starting with my favorite brown Spode Delamere plates. What I love about these plates is that while they are brown, which is one of the traditional Thanksgiving colors, they are still primarily white and very floral. They are a nod to Thanksgiving colors, but not an over-the-top, turkey in the middle of your plate kind of pattern. Subtle, maybe that is the word I am looking for.

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A Copper Fall Table

How to Use Place Cards to Set a Thanksgiving Table

You probably recognize almost everything on this table as I have used it before. While looking through my house, I chose the basket first, which I bought a few years ago from Through the Porthole. (Just so you know, it’s an old military pigeon birdcage.) I found the gorgeous leaves at JOANN two years ago. I bought the plates online last summer and the copper chargers are from Amazon. The copper silverware is from Antique Farmhouse.

My Favorite Fall Dinnerware

My Favorite Dinner Plates

I love to set a dinner table and I am the first to say that the tables can be simple or complex. Both styles are beautiful and one of my favorite things on every table is the dinner plates.

As a huge collector of dinner plates, I thought you might enjoy some of my favorite porcelain, melamine, and ceramic plates.

Check out my favorite plates for this season here.

A Casual Outdoor Fall Table with Fun Flowers

Fall flower Arrangement
Easy Fall Flower Arrangements

This is one of my favorite outdoor fall tables. I made the casual fall flower arrangements. Fresh flowers on a table make any meal a special one!

A Festive Fall Table in the Family Room

New Family Room Fall Decor Table
New Family Room Fall Decor

The new fall decor colors I chose this year look incredible on this table. I used my favorite faux pomegranate branches and some faux hydrangeas and popped them into one of my crocks. Don’t you love the way that the gold and orange on the napkins add to the fall decor on the dining table? I made these napkins years ago with, a glue gun!!

Entertaining at Home with the Colors of Fall

fall decor
Entertaining at Home with the Colors of Fall

To set this table, I went through my butler pantry and selected these plates for the table. I also paired the plates with silver flatware (I mix all of my patterns!), napkins and some burlap chargers.

Dining Room Fall Table Decor Ideas

A fall table set in the dining room with pink and copper accents.
Dining Room Fall Table Decor Ideas

I love transforming our dining room into a cozy and inviting space that reflects the beauty of the fall season. One of my favorite ways to do this is by setting up a fall dining table adorned with a fall color palette and an array of fresh and faux flowers. These Dining Room Fall Table Decor Ideas will help you create a truly enchanting ambiance for your fall dining gatherings.

Stunning Fall Colors and a DIY to Make Charger Plates

How to Decorate Wood Chargers
How to Decorate Wood Charger Plates

The best part about entertaining is having an amazing table to serve up your delicious food. One important aspect of creating a beautiful table is the chargers – they are what set the tone for the rest of the event and I made these for this table. The colors and fall faux flowers of this table are what make this table so magical.

Fall Table Decor Ideas

Fall Table Decor Ideas for Your Dining Room
Fall Table Decor Ideas for Your Dining Room

I love the colors on this table. They are a bit more intense and regal. I know you are probably laughing by now, but I really like the look of the dining room. There is copper, burgundy, green, pink, and orange.

All of the colors work together so well. Plus, the style of the table is elegant but also a bit rustic, but it is not overdone. It’s simple with a pop of deep, rich color.

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A fall table set with gorgeous florals. Portmeirion dinner plates, and more.

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