My Favorite Remodeling Projects

Master Bathroom Reveal final reveal

Today I am going to share some of my favorite projects for remodeling a house.

I had a lot to choose from so I decided to share my most recent project! I love remodeling projects and last year finished one of my biggest remodeling challenges ever. We remodeled a one hundred year old home in Waco, Texas and even though it was a lot of work, we loved it.

And since I am here staying in our home in Waco (for the first time in a year!), this seemed like the right place to start.

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom RevealThe very first room to be completed in our Waco home was the master bathroom. Can I just say how happy with how it came out? When we first bought the home, this is what the only bathroom in the home looked like. Fortunately, you can’t experience the worst part, the smell!

bathroom remodel before photos 2

Need I say more?

Remodeling a house project involved restoring the foundation, redoing the electrical, plumbing, and A/C, removing the roof and adding a wrap-around porch, replacing the windows and doors, and a lot more! I  poured my heart into it and I am so happy to be back here. Our Waco home is a short-term rental and I am so excited that so many people have had the chance to stay here!

Master Bathroom Reveal shower wall and floor tile

The tile in this bathroom is from Jeffrey Court, and I must say it is incredible. For the full remodel, you can head over to my blog post for all of the details and photos.

Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court – Week #6 – The Final Reveal

There are also a few more posts about the remodel project if you want to see more! These posts include all of my sources and lots more “before” photos.

Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court – Week #5 – Tile Installation

Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court – Week #4 – Overcoming Renovation Challenges

Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court – Week #3 – Choosing the Bathroom Tile

Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court – Week #2 – The Inspiration

Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court – Week #1 – The Before

Kitchen Remodel

Everything I ever wanted in a kitchen is on our Waco house! It has a vintage island, open shelving, a wonderful coffee station, and a fabulous open floor plan.

Here are some fabulous links about this kitchen remodel.

How I Remodeled Our Waco Kitchen on a Budget

How I Found the Best Appliances for Our Waco Kitchen Remodel

The Open Kitchen Reveal in Our Waco Fixer Upper Home

My Favorite Bedrooms

I had to title this section “bedrooms” because there are two bedrooms in our Waco house that are my favorite.

The Front Bedroom

The front bedroom is one of those rooms that makes me smile every time I see it. It really is that fabulous.

It might be because of this rug. Isn’t it amazing?

If you want to see any of the items in this room, just go to The Bedroom Makeover Reveal.

The Master Bedroom

I love the master bedroom but of course it’s “my bedroom” when I am here. It is part of the addition which means it was added on. But we used old vintage boards for the floor and ceilings which matched perfectly what we already had in the rest of the house.

We added the master bathroom too and I love it.

For more information about this room, click on any of the links below.

Waco Master Bedroom

The Waco Airbnb is Ready

Tips to Refreshing Bedding and Towels in Your Home

My Favorite Projects for Remodeling a House

I am thrilled to share some favorite remodeling projects by some very talented bloggers. They are so impressive!

Do you need some Home Renovations Ideas on a Budget? Here are six real home remodels showing the before and after photos. #renovations #DIY #homeprojects
Janine from Happy Happy Nester redid her deck as she painted it herself! I am so impressed and I love how it came out! And yes Janine, it looks much better painted white!
Krista from The Happy Housie did a remarkable job redoing her master bedroom suite. I cannot even believe the transformation. You have to take a look!
Kristi from The Pickled Rose remodeled her bathroom in a huge way! The transformation is remarkable and one of my favorite remodeling projects.
Painting Kitchen Cabinets, DIY and renovations on a budget. #remodeling #kitchen #painting
Brendt from She Gave it a Go repainted her kitchen cabinets! The transformation from dark brown to these beautiful white cabinets is remarkable!
Beautiful fireplace mantel and hearth renovation. Do you need some Home Renovations Ideas on a Budget? Here are real home remodels showing the before and after photos. #renovations #DIY #homeprojects
Sarah from Dreaming of Homemaking redid her fireplace and what a difference! I cannot believe how amazing this looks!
I hope you enjoyed seeing these projects as much as I did. There will be a lot more Waco updates in the next month as we are nearing completion. I cannot believe we are almost done!

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  1. I bought sinks like the ones in your Waco Master Bath…but haven’t installed them because I can not figure out if I need to lower the counter to accommodate the higher sink or just go with standard hight and ignore the higher sink…what did you do?

  2. I love the medallion rug in bedroom!! Everything in your house is amazing. I’m always looking
    For inspiration from your photos!! 🌷

  3. Please give instructions for how make moss grow on pots, statues outside to make them look old. Thank you.

  4. Love everything about your Waco renovation project. I can’t get over the gorgeous floors. Hoping to rent it someday … on my next Magnolia visit! xo

    1. Thank you Juliet! I am so happy to be back in Waco and I love the floors too! I am so happy with how the house turned out. I hope that you do stay at the AirBnB, it really is a special place!

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