The One Room Challenge – Week Five

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Well, it’s week five of the One Room Challenge which means the final reveal is next week. Oh, my goodness. That doesn’t seem possible. (If you would like to read my previous posts about The One Room Challenge, you can go to week oneweek two, week three and week four.) But I am on track with the boys bedroom remodel and I actually had to show some restraint and not reveal too much to you this week. I mean, I do need a big reveal, right?

So let’s take a look at my “task list” that I posted last week. I updated it.

  1. Bed – done.
  2. Rug – done.
  3. Duvet cover and shams – done.
  4. Ceiling and wall light – Ceiling light is arriving on Wednesday. Ugh. That is cutting it a bit close …
  5. Seating – I found a fabulous white old trunk and I am making a French Tufted Cushion for it. Let’s hope I get it finished in time! I will share that DIY.
  6. Cabinet – The cabinet I bought is getting delivered on Monday. I still need to clean it and paint it.
  7. TV – Just needs to be connected.
  8. Drapes – No drapes for now.
  9. Artwork – Three pieces are here and frames are here. Two more pieces need to be painted. By me. Not done yet.
  10. End tables – Painting tables today …
  11. Lamps – I found the lamps on sale at the Pottery Barn outlet and I just need lampshades. That’s easy.


In the photo above you can see the rug and one of the shams, which match the duvet. I am so in love with how these look, I can hardly stand it. I am using the lockers because I just love them. They give the room more of a flea market look and I just love that. I know some of you don’t agree, but that’s just the way I am!

The Pottery Barn linens are just fabulous as you can see here. I haven’t taken the duvet cover out of the package yet, so I just three a sham on the bed to show you how this looks. I just love it.

And with the rug? Oh my gosh, I love it. When I think back of how this room use to look, I just start laughing.

Next week will be the big reveal of my completed room for #oneroomchallenge. This has been so much fun and I have really loved participating in the One Room Challenge. The boys bedroom is going to look so different! And all of my sources will be revealed, I promise!

If you really want to get inspired, then head on over the the site of the One Room Challenge and see all of the other rooms. There are so many talented people doing some pretty awesome things!

Next week is going to be really fun.

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! I’m not sure if I love the rug or the lockers more. But I have a feeling I know what headboard is going in and I may love it best. So inspiring, you’re really rocking this bedroom. Can’t your son sleep in another bedroom when he shows up ???? ?

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