The Best Online Custom Framing Experience


I am so excited to share with you a new online custom framing experience. I teamed up with JOANN who now offers an online custom framing service. This was a fun, easy, and cost-effective project and I can’t wait to share how easy it was.

The Best Online Custom Framing Experience

This post is sponsored by JOANN. It may contain affiliate links but all words, reviews, and opinions are mine.

Planning a Gallery Wall With Family Photos

The Best Online Custom Framing

It was time to plan a gallery wall with family photos!

I decided to do a photo trio that I would hang side by side. I love a gallery wall, so this was the perfect project to create a newly updated family gallery wall.

Best Online Custom Framing

I asked the boys and my husband to choose a photo and I chose a family photo to round out the trio. This was a fun way to document the past year with happy memories!

The boys chose one of them at the World Series game from October 2020. My husband chose a picture of him and the boys golfing at Bandon Dunes last spring and I chose the photo we had taken of our whole family at Christmas.

Best Online Custom Framing Ordering

I love that we all got to choose our favorite photos. This is such a fun reminder that we all had a great time in 2020!

Best Online Custom Framing

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Online Custom Framing

Once we had the photos chosen, I went on the JoAnn website to start the framing process. You can access the online framing by either searching framing at the search bar or at the custom framing link at the bottom of the home page under Speciality Services.

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When you have accessed the link to online framing, the first thing you do is upload your photo. You can upload color or black and white photos. Once the photo is uploaded, the screen refreshes so that you can see the photo you just uploaded in the frame options, how cool is that?

The frames are organized by size, small, medium and large. Small frames start at 9×9 size. Medium frames start at 13×11 size and large frames staart at 22×18. If you are choosing a medium frame, your photo must be a minimum of 1100×1100 pixels. If you are choosing a large frame, the photo must be a minimum of 1800×1800 pixels.

Frames come in a multitude of colors, black, brown, gray, gold, silver, blue, white and yellow. They also offer matted or unmatted options. The matting is thick stock and acid-free and made from conservation core paper. The photo and frame are also printed and hand assembled in the United States. 

You can crop or rotate your photo once it has been uploaded, so you can manage the photo based on the frame and mat that you choose.

The pricing on these custom frames is simply amazing. Small custom frames, starting at 9×9 or 10×8 start at only $29! Medium frames starting at 14×11 start at just $49 and large frames start at 22×18 pricing starts at just $89. For custom framing, including matting, these prices are so great! 

This was such an incredibly easy process. I uploaded the first photo and chose the Bristol frame which is 14×14 and includes a mat and added it to my cart. I then uploaded the next two photos, chose the same Bristol frame for each of them and added them to my cart. 

Once you are ready to check out, you have several options. You can choose hanging or standing frames, I chose hanging. You can adjust the number of each photo and frame that you are ordering. In case you love one that you are ordering so much and want to order extras for others. You also decide the delivery speed, 10 days for standard delivery and 5 days for expedited delivery.

I am so impressed with not only the price but the quality of these frames and the final product. If you have any questions, there is a simple Help button on the site. You can also email [email protected]. There are several areas of Frequently Asked Questions which include the following topics: Frames, Payment, Orders, Shipping, and Order Issues.

Custom Framing Customer Service

The checkout process was beyond easy and my finished gallery wall frames were delivered within 10 days!

Best Online Custom Framing

Once the frames arrived, however, I had a situation on my hands.

Everyone loved them and wanted them hung in different places!

Framing Gallery Wall Options

We tried three different areas.

Best Online Custom Framing

First we hung them near the family room dinner table. We spend a lot of time at this table and it was a solid choice for a permanent space.

Best Online Custom Framing

Of course, my youngest son wanted the photos in his room, so we hung them in his room also. While they looked great, only Michael got the benefit of the family gallery wall.

Best Online Custom Framing

The final try was the winner for the permanent hanging spot. We have this skinny wall in the family room as you enter the kitchen. It’s a small space, so it is a difficult wall to hang anything on.

The frames that I chose are the perfect size for this wall and they look incredible!

Best Online Custom Framing Ordering

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does custom framing cost?

Custom framing costs vary. There are two components to consider, framing and matting. Be aware that some companies include framing and matting while others do not. There are multiple factors impacting pricing including quality, components and timing.

Where can I buy custom frames online?

JoAnn offers quality and well-priced frames online here. You can find this link under special services or by searching framing on the home page.

Where do you think the permanent space should be?

Near the Family Room dinner table, Michael’s room, or the Family Room wall near the kitchen?

I love how this family gallery wall turned out. We now have recent photos of our family in beautiful frames arranged in an amazing gallery wall!

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