Summer Kitchen Refresh Ideas

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Looking for some summer kitchen refresh decorating ideas? A dash of color is a quick way to refresh a room for the new season.

Updating your kitchen each season with a pop of color is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to transform your kitchen into a cheerful and welcoming space. I am always amazed at how this easy change creates such a huge impact.

Summer Kitchen Refresh 8

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Summer Kitchen Refresh at the Island

If you have been following me for a while then you know that I like to change up our home every season. I call it a refresh because it doesn’t involve a lot of shopping. Rather, I pick a color that reminds me of the season, shop my home first, and then maybe buy a few pillow covers or inexpensive accessories.

The Kitchen Refresh and Color for Summer

Summer Kitchen Refresh.

The color for this summer is sage green. I must admit that this is not a new color for me. About fifteen years ago I was addicted to sage green. Which meant that there was sage green everywhere in our home.

In fact, I was obsessed with sage green and my girlfriends threatened to send me to Sage Green Anonymous. (I don’t think it really exists …)

Over time, I tried new colors. But when I shop my home for sage green items, there is a plethora of just about anything I need!

Why did I pick sage green?

Summer Kitchen Refresh 11

Well, it has been on my mind lately and one of these days I will share why!

A Sage Green Kitchen Refresh

Summer Kitchen Refresh

I love to set the island for a meal. I always forget to dine here and this is the best reminder. These glasses are my favorites and they are linked below.

If you are going to refresh your kitchen for summer, I highly suggest that you take some time to clear it out. Try to remove everything that isn’t permanent and declutter first (if necessary). Then shop your home for items that fit in your new color palette and have fun restyling them in your kitchen!

Sage Green Summer Kitchen Refresh

I found a lot of fun accessories that fit my color palette. I also added some vintage items and one of my favorite new additions … some of my mom’s favorite recipes from her recipe box. They make me smile every time I see them.

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Some things didn’t get removed. I left the 5-minute wreath in the window and my favorite green bottle where I keep my clear dish soap. And my compost bin of course!

Summer Kitchen Refresh 5

The area where I keep all of my small appliances needed some organizing and decluttering. What a difference. I love this area now!

Summer Kitchen Refresh Declutter

One of my favorite things to collect is Jadite. I love the color and although it isn’t sage green, it offers a wonderful pop of color to any room.

Summer Kitchen Refresh 9

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How to Refresh your Kitchen for Summer

It is incredible how adding a little color can transform a room. I love the kitchen with the sage and khaki accents! Below are links to what I used to add a little summer color to the kitchen.

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Summer Kitchen Refresh

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  1. pretty. my only concern is that ‘shabby chic’ holder for the rolling pins, looks like a big germ holder to me! i have taken down a few signs in my kitchen, no one needs a sign to find the pantry, etc., and your kitchen is not a farmer’s market, lol.
    love that this kitchen is not primarily shabby chic, i think is so outdated, and if you ask me, an ugly trend to begin with!!
    hope you enjoy til fall.

  2. Totally enjoy following you. I too like to change out my decor with seasons. Might be time for yellow. You inspire me

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