Tips to Refreshing Bedding and Towels in Your Home

I love the bedding and towels we Bought at The Home Depot for the Waco Airbnb. They are soft, plush and look great after lots of laundering!

waco airbnb bedroom

I just went through what I would call a “very interesting shopping experience”.  Normally shopping for bedding and bath towels can be a difficult task. Imagine what it is like when you need to order thirty sets of towels and twenty sets of sheets for one home. 

waco short term rental guest bedroom

I know what you are thinking. What???

waco airbnb

Most of you are aware that we finished remodeling our 100 year old home in Waco, Tx. and needed to furnish it as an Airbnb. When it came time to furnish the home, I was shocked to discover that our three bedroom, short term rental needed thirty sets of towels and twenty sets of sheets. Plus, we needed ten mattress pads, 15 bathroom rugs, 27 pillow protectors, ten comforters and more.

waco three bedroom airbnb

Oh my gosh.

And it gets worse. 

waco airbnb master bedroom

Not only was I in shock with the large quantity. I suddenly became overwhelmed with the dilemma of finding the best product that could withstand a lot of laundering at a very reasonable price.

master bathroom

Yeah, no problem.

monogramed guets towels

So what did I do?

Click here to see how I partnered with Home Depot to find the best bedding and towels ever.

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