Renovation Challenge with Jeffrey Court – Week #4 – Overcoming Renovation Challenges

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This is week four of the Jeffrey Court Challenge which is all about renovation challenges. But first, you might want to head to the Jeffrey Court Challenge website to catch up on the latest progress with the Challenge.

You can also follow my progress here:

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Today’s post is my chance to share my Renovation Challenges. I was hoping I would have nothing to talk about, but I am wrong! I have a lot to contribute to this topic.

Before I start sharing my “dirty laundry” (haha) I wanted to remind you all to go to the Jeffrey Court website and cast a vote for yours truly! I would love to win the grand prize as I have a feeling I am going to need a vacation when this contest is over. (Just read further and you will know what I mean!)

Back to the renovation challenges. These can be described with one word … delays. I am sure you are wondering what has caused the delays. I call it the Domino Effect. One thing happens to cause a delay in the roof which causes a delay in the master bathroom. Another thing happens with the window order (it’s delayed) which causes a delay in the master bathroom. Then it rains outside for two days which causes a delay in the master bathroom. You have probably figured it out. My bathroom remodeling project is behind schedule. And yesterday I had a meltdown. But thankfully, today it’s all good.

Here is my master bathroom. It looks a lot like it did last week. But we do have an almost finished roof.

renovation challenges

The delays are legitimate. But it is amazing how one minor delay in one area affects everything else. 

I have spent five days in Waco working on the home. My Texas trip started in Round Top and I bought three cabinets, a kitchen island, two doors, three trunks, four mirrors, two chandeliers, and a french chopping block. I shopped at Round Top with a list of specific items and found so many great vintage finds in just two days! 

Another one of the delays has been with the plans. Yours truly couldn’t make up her mind about the final design. But it’s final. As in really final. Or really final final. 

renovation challenges working plans

The Roof shingles should be installed this week and as soon as the windows arrive they will be installed immediately. But sadly when I booked this trip a few weeks ago, I assumed we would be already installing tile. Obviously, we are not. 

renovation challenges update

The rough electrical in the master bath was finished today and the rough plumbing starts tomorrow (which includes the shower pan). 

This view shows the area where the shower will be installed. It’s to the left of the doorway. We are going to install one shower head on the left wall closest to us and another one on the back wall. Fingers crossed there aren’t any more renovation challenges.

renovation challenges master bathroom

I spent the last few days looking for a vintage cabinet to use as a bathroom vanity. I really like this table I saw at The Findery, which is one of my favorite stores in Waco. I think it would look great if I added a shelf to hold baskets with toiletries. What do you think?

renovation challenges vanity

We have a schedule that should get this project back on track. I can’t wait to share more with you next week!

(Just in case you are wondering why I posted a fireplace photo at the top of my post. It’s a reminder of a tile project that went really well. No delays and on budget. Just sayin.)

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  1. I love the vintage cabinet Leslie, but I wouldn’t put it in the bathroom. This house is to rent out right? I can see it getting destroyed with water. I would use it in another room of the house. Sorry for the delays…I feel your pain.

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