Looking for Outdoor Easter Decorations?

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I made two outdoor Easter decorations for our porch. I made my own footed planters in less than an hour and they were easy to make.

When you make a planter like this for Outdoor Easter Decorations you can change out the flowers as needed and add a few items that keep it current all year long.

Outdoor Easter Decorations

Outdoor Easter Decorations

Outdoor Easter Decorations Planter

I have seen a few outdoor easter decorations in stores and online and I decided it was time to make my own. I knew I wanted something for outdoors so I decided to make an Easter themed planter for our back porch.

It wasn’t hard to make these planters and the planting really only took about fifteen minutes.

I found the ceramic planters here and decided to use a ceramic one. There are lots of very nice looking plastic ones available. So you can decide what you want to use.

I then went to The Home Depot for flowers. That was so much fun as they had so many beautiful flowers. I had already ordered the twigs for another DIY (that didn’t work by the way) and it was so easy to use the twigs to make small nests. Lastly, the eggs I used were the ones I painted last week. You can find the egg painting DIY here.

Outdoor Easter Decorations

I love that I can place these planters side by side or individually. They can be used all through your home (inside or out), on a table, or on the front or back porch.

Outdoor Easter Decorations Planter

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Materials Needed to Make These Outdoor Easter Decorations

Outdoor Easter Decorations Planter Materials

To make this planter, you need one taller plant to go in the back of the planter. Plant those first.

Outdoor Easter Decorations Planter
  • two – Plant the next tallest plant next to the tallest plant. Place the nest on the front side of the planter.
  • three – Add in three more plants (or more if the planter is larger).
  • four – Place the Easter eggs in the nests and add a bit of water to refresh the plants.
Outdoor Easter Decorations Planter G

I had fun placing the planters in many different locations on our back porch. I couldn’t decide on a final location so I think I just might move them around every few days!

Outdoor Easter Decorations Planter

How amazing do these planters look? I am so happy with the way they turned out! Click on the links below to create your own!

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Outdoor planter filled with purple and white flowers with a nest and light blue easter eggs.

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  1. This is a lovely, inviting craft result. But I no longer put decorative objects or plants out on the porches and decks because the birds get into them and leave droppings everywhere. How do you prevent this?

    Thank you for your interesting blog!

  2. These planters with the bird nests are so pretty! I love them – totally going out and copying you!!! 💛
    I hope that’s okay? – you know the age old saying “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” 😀

  3. Very pretty, but I have a feeling the Home Depots in California have a better selection of blooming plants than we might find in Colorado.

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