Three Ways to Make the Best Homemade Apple Pie


Homemade apple pie is ideal for the 4th of July and today I am sharing three different ways to create your own apple pie masterpiece.

While burgers, hot dogs, and barbecues are staples of the day, no Independence Day gathering is complete without a scrumptious dessert. And what better way to celebrate the flavors of summer than with a homemade apple pie?

What's Cooking?

Homemade Apple Pie on the 4th

Warm Apple Pie with Ice Cream

Apple pie has become a favorite dessert on the 4th of July due to several reasons that intertwine tradition, symbolism, and seasonal availability.

It has become synonymous with American culture, often referred to as an “All-American” dessert. Serving apple pie on the 4th of July embraces the idea of celebrating American traditions and flavors. It represents unity, simplicity, and the values associated with apple orchards and rural life.

And did I mention that it tastes delicious?

Today I am going to explore why homemade apple pies are the ideal treat for the 4th of July and provide you with three different ways to create your own delightful masterpiece.

What Makes These Apple Pies So Special

Warm Apple Pie Slice

Believe it or not, the recipe is basically the same for all three of these pies. It’s my mom’s apple pie recipe with a yummy flaky crust and baked apples with a savory tart and sweet flavor.

But what makes the difference?

The presentation, of course! By adding rosettes or cutouts on top, or serving these in a small mason jar, the pies are more special and feel personalized. For a 4th of July cut themed pie, cut out stars from the pie crust and load them on top of your pie! Or make pie crust rosettes and you will impress everyone with your beautiful dessert.

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Mom’s Homemade Apple Pie Recipe

My Mom’s Apple Pie recipe is delicious for so many reasons!

Apple Pie Crust

Flaky Homemade Crust

The recipe includes a homemade pie crust made with a combination of flour, salt, butter, margarine, and cold water. Making the crust from scratch ensures a flaky and buttery texture that perfectly complements the apple filling.

Versatile Apple Filling

apple pie recipe with crust

The recipe suggests using Granny Smith apples, which are known for their tartness but it also encourages combining different types of apples for added flavor complexity. This combination creates a balanced sweet and tangy filling. The apples are cooked with butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and cornstarch, resulting in a soft, flavorful, and perfectly spiced apple filling.


The recipe allows for creativity by suggesting decorative flower-shaped crusts and cutouts that can be placed on top of the pie. This adds visual appeal and a personal touch to the dessert. And it really impresses your dinner guests!

Family Tradition

This is my “Mom’s Apple Pie Recipe” which adds a sentimental element to the recipe, invoking the idea of a beloved family recipe passed down through generations. Since this recipe carries cherished memories I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Balance of Sweetness and Spices

Warm Apple Pie Slice on a Plate

The combination of sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg in the filling ensures a well-balanced sweetness and a warm, aromatic flavor profile. These spices complement the natural sweetness of the apples and create a delightful taste experience.

Three Ways to Make This Apple Pie

Just click on any of the three options below for the recipes and instructions.

Apple Pie Recipe

My Mom’s Apple Pie Recipe

I love to bake and I am excited to share with you my mom’s apple pie recipe. Lately, I have started making what I call fancy pies! I knew I wanted to make a fun crust so I made this one a little different from the berry pie I made. When I made my first “fancy pie”,…
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Warm Apple Pie

Warm Apple Pie Recipe

Fall baking is one of my favorite things so I made the most beautiful Warm Apple Pie. I used a stamp from Iron Orchid Designs! I love making pies and I really enjoy adding a twist to the crust on top. Today I used my favorite apple pie recipe and a stamp of apples and…
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The the Best Homemade Apple Pie with rosettes made from pie crust.

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