Why You Need Colored Glassware on Your Spring Table

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I love setting tables for spring! It’s fun and I especially love how much using colored glassware can enhance your spring table.

Today I am sharing all of my colored glassware and ways you can use them when setting tables for spring. I have been collecting colored glassware for a very long time. Three of the pink glasses are vintage and the other one costs $6 on Amazon. Can you guess which is the new one?

Spring Table with Colored Glassware
Make it Pretty

Pink Colored Glassware

Spring table with colored glassware

If you guessed the pink drinking glasses pictured above then you are right. I found these pink glasses on Amazon and I fell in love with them right away. They come in two sizes and in multiple colors. And they really do cost $6 each.

three pink glasses, one with a gold rim, one with texture and one that is original cranberry glass.

Recently I added tall pinkish-red wine goblets to my collection. I absolutely love the gold rim on the top.

Don’t these glasses look fabulous on this table? I love how the light catches them.

Spring Table Hop

I set this table with pink water goblets, a pink and white runner, Royal Staffordshire plates from TJMaxx (they were $4.99 each), ball jars with flowers from Trader Joe’s, and copper candlesticks from Amazon

How to Use Colored Glass on Your Spring Table

When I was taking these photos, I never noticed the pink Camillas through the French door. Oh my gosh!

I wanted to share with you how much I love to use my pink-colored glassware. Here are just a few of the tables I have created!

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Green Colored Glassware

two green glasses.one is a wine goblet and the other is a highball glass.

These green glasses are the best. I use them all year long and they are not only great to use but they look amazing too.

If you want to add one color to your glassware collection, I think green is a great option. Just look at some of the tables I have created using green glassware.

Amber Colored Glassware

A fall themed table with a placemat, copper charger, amber glassware and a fall leaf wood charger cut with a laser cutting machine.

Recently I bought some Amber highball glasses and I think I underestimated how perfectly they would look on my tables!

I use them all of the time.

Tying a bow on the back of a dining room chair.

They are subtle and yet they add a lot to every table. They also work very well with any brass or gold tableware.

My Favorite Colored Glassware – Vintage Cranberry Glass

The deep pink classes are vintage and are referred to as Cranberry glass. I love to collect vintage cranberry glass! Isn’t the color just amazing?


What is cranberry glass?

My Obsession with Cranberry Glass

Cranberry glass or Gold Ruby glass is a red glass made by adding gold salts or colloidal gold to molten glass. Tin, in the form of stannous chloride, is sometimes added in tiny amounts as a reducing agent. Unfortunately, cranberry glass can be quite expensive.

How much does it cost?

cranberry glass collection

Generally, cranberry glass carries a pretty high price tag — though smaller or less intricate pieces can be found for less than $100 for an entire set. Exceptionally made pieces with lots of detail will likely be more costly, while those that are simpler or have imperfections will be cheaper. Depression glasses can usually be found for $20 – $40 for a small set.

If you want to shop for cranberry glass, shop here. There are some well-priced sets of vintage cranberry glasses available now as I just did a bit of shopping myself!

Neutral Colored Glassware

three clear glasses with silver and gold etching.

We all need neutral glassware so I grabbed a few of my favorites to share. All of these are from Amazon and they all look great on their own, mixed together, or mixed with colored glassware.

Here you can see how much I love to use this glassware on my tables.

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Some More Color Inspiration to Add to Your Decor!


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  1. Leslie your site is spot on ALL the time! The refreshing experience greets me with open arms. It’s easy, personal, relaxed, over communicated, and the included list to find items I may want to purchase is a click away. I wish I had been connected to your posts since day one. Thank you for what you do Leslie. KC

  2. I ordered the pink drinking glasses last year on Amazon after seeing them on one of your posts. I love them. They are very nice glasses and friends cannot believe that they are not vintage. Love all of your table settings. Beautiful serving pieces and place settings are one of my weaknesses.

  3. My god Leslie they are all so beautiful. I would never be able to decide which glasses to use, and would ultimately end up drinking water straight from the tap.

  4. Leslie,
    I too LOVE colored glasses on the table. Your collection of pink glassware are so beautiful! Those cranberry colored glasses are calling my name as are the pink ones with the gold rim. My grandmother gave me some cut crystal goblets from Germany in multiple colors they are so fun to use in the spring. Like you said colored glasses are amazing when the light hits them. Great post! I am going to link to your post so my readers can see all your gorgeous glassware ideas.
    Here is one of my favorite romantic tablescapes I put together with pink goblets. I use these goblets all the time but I think I might need a few more after seeing all of yours 🥰https://karinskottage.com/2022/01/easy-valentine-table-decor-tips.html


    1. Hi Karin! They always just look so pretty. Oh those sound beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, that is so kind ☺️ Haha can never have too many pretty glasses! Great post, a beautiful table 🙏

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