Why I Bought a Frame for My Samsung Frame TV

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I am so excited! We just got a beautiful Deco TV Frame for our Samsung Frame TV. Now our TV looks like art instead of a TV!

Why I Bought a Deco TV Frame for My Samsung Frame TV

Can you believe this is a TV? We just got a Samsung Frame TV and I love that it shows art on the TV when you aren’t watching it. Now that I have a Deco TV Frame I think our TV looks like a framed piece of art! Use the link and you will get $50 off with the code MY100.

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The Deco TV Frame

Why I Bought a Deco TV Frame for My Samsung Frame TV

Are you familiar with the Samsung Frame TV? It is amazing and I absolutely love it! Why? It is a very thin TV which shows art on the TV! When you aren’t watching a game or the latest episode of The Morning Show, the Samsung Frame TV shows art on the screen.

You can even activate the built-in motion sensor so whenever you walk into the room, your TV displays one of your favorite art selections.

It really looks like a piece of art!

There is actually an Art Mode on the Samsung Frame TV which allows you to pick your favorite art or upload your own. The Samsung Frame TV comes preloaded with 20 pieces of free art.

How cool is that? Plus, there is a thin silver One Connect cable that brings all of the audio signals, video signals, and power to your TV from the nearby One Connect box. We ended up threading it through the wall and it looks amazing because you can’t see any wire at all!!

Where Can you Buy a Frame TV?

Frame for My Samsung Frame TV

Did you know you can buy your Samsung TV from Deco TV Frames at the lowest price you will find online? That’s where I got mine and it was so easy to order! You can order your frame there too. Be sure to use the code MY100 to get $50 off!

I think this is called one-stop-shopping.

Deco Tv Frames have all different types of frames. They have silver, gold, black, antique white, burlwood, and more premium option styled frames. The selection is great and they look wonderful.

The frames come in the sizes of the Frame TV: 32″, 43″, 49″, 50″, 55″, 65″, and 75″.

I ordered the Antique White frame.

Personally, I think it looks amazing! Wow. Who thought a TV could look like this?

Samsung Frame TV

All About Deco TV Frames

Deco Tv Frames are solely made to be compatible with The Frame TV. Currently, Deco TV Frames do not work with any other TVs.

I can see why they only work with the Frame TV as it is amazing!

How does the frame hang on the TV? It is magnetic. You just snap the four frame pieces on the TV and to each other.

Installation was very easy.

Deco TV Frame for Samsung Frame TV

Once the box is opened and you are ready to hang your TV, the first step is to hang the brackets. I used a level to make sure they were straight.

My Samsung Frame TV

Next, hang the TV on the brackets on the wall. At this point, our new TV looks like a regular but very thin TV.

Why I Bought a Deco TV Frame for My Samsung Frame TV

Look at this amazing frame! Can you see the wire hanging down? That’s all you need to connect the TV to power, the Connect One box, and a cable box (if needed). There are no thick black cables that look bad.

We ended up threading the wire through the wall so it is invisible.

Adding a Deco TV Frame for My Samsung Frame TV

It is so easy to snap on the magnetic frame. I love how this works!

Here you can see the TV installed and hung on the wall. Installation of the frame only takes minutes.

Why I Bought a Deco TV Frame for My Samsung Frame TV

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Isn’t this just incredible?

Buy a Deco TV Frame for My Samsung Frame TV

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Why I Bought a Frame for My Samsung Frame TV

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  1. Wow! Technology has come a long way. I just started making over my Master bedroom and this would be a great solution as far as what to do with my TV in there it couldn’t come at a better time. Thanks for sharing Leslie!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so cool! I love it and it looks so perfect and un-television-like! Nicely done and I love that there are no cords in sight! That is a major pet peeve of mine. Bravo!

  3. Did you use your previously owned Samsung TV or did you have to purchase a new one? I have a Samsung TV, will the frame work on my existing TV?

  4. Wow, I love the way the Deco frame enhances the Frame TV. On the cable, you say, “we ended up threading it through the wall…” I’d love to know what involves. Threading…how? Through the wall…to where? Another room? Do you have a cable box, AppleTV, Amazon Fire stick? If so, where do they live? So curious how people actually get the cord-free look.

  5. This is great timing! Just bought one of these & need a great frame! Wasn’t super impressed
    with the Amazon frames! I am definitely getting one of these. Thanks for the help!!

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