One Day Bathroom Remodel with Black and White Wallpaper


I did a quick remodel last fall and pulled off a one-day bathroom remodel with black and white wallpaper.

Technically, I did it in a few hours which spanned over two days. Two things happened to makeover this bathroom … two coats of paint and some black and white wallpaper. And that was it!

Black and white wallpaper in a white bathroom.

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Make it Pretty

A Quick and Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel

One Day Bathroom Remodel with Black and White Wallpaper 3

I love it when something small has a big impact. That is exactly what happened with this black-and-white wallpaper project.

We have two powder rooms downstairs on the main floor of our home. Neither has been updated in quite some time. As we were planning the Book Launch Party at our home, I wanted everything to look as nice as possible. Since all of our guests would be using the powder rooms, I thought I should get to work and do a little update!

Black and White Wallpaper

This bathroom was part of the remodel when we redid the kitchen and family room over twenty years ago. You can read about some of the funny stories that surrounded the remodel in A Home to Share.

This bathroom has wainscoting and was originally painted green on the walls. The floor is a black slate tile. I didn’t have much time to get this update done, so I settled for a fresh coat of paint and then added some fun black and white wallpaper. I used peel-and-stick wallpaper, just in case I wasn’t in love with it.

One Day Bathroom Remodel with Black and White Wallpaper 5

Well, no surprise, I love it!

The bathroom is clean and fresh and the wallpaper is exactly what I had envisioned! Perhaps because the room is monochromatic and the wallpaper is not overwhelming with color or pattern, it feels especially different and new. The simplicity leaves me with a lot of wiggle room for decor.

Bathroom Remodel Before and After

This bathroom is just off our mudroom, so it has served us well over the years as a kids’ bathroom. There is also a deep sink which works great for buckets and cleaning projects.

This bathroom is also the main powder room on the main floor of our home. It gets a lot of traffic, especially when we entertain. With 250 people coming to the launch party, it was going to get some use!

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Two Easy Steps to the Bathroom Remodel

The painting was easy. All it took was two coats of Dunn-Edwards Swiss Coffee and the room looked amazing. (And very white).

I picked out the wallpaper on Amazon and unfortunately, my first three rolls arrived and they were not black and white. They were lavender and white!

So I shopped again and found this paper. I like it more than the first one and it is peel-and-stick so it was easy to install.

One Day Bathroom Remodel with Black and White Wallpaper 3

The Rug Saga

One Day Bathroom Remodel

Nothing is easy, right? Even the simple things. The last thing that I needed before the launch party was a rug for the bathroom. Unfortunately, I “guestimated” before I ordered the rug, and it was way too big for the bathroom. The door is also cut very close to the floor, so clearance was a challenge.

But I found another one! I got a much smaller rug and it worked. It’s only 18″ x 24″ but it fits nicely in front of the sink. And it doesn’t get in the way of the door.

Black and white wallpaper in a white bathroom.

For now, the original rug is now in the hallway in front of the bathroom and I love it there too.

One Day Bathroom Remodel with Black and White Wallpaper 3

Because the to-do list was about a billion pages long leading up to the launch party, I didn’t spend a lot of time on decor for the newly updated bathroom. I added some colorful towels and put some cute faux flowers in to add a little color and that was it!

A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

Black and white wallpaper in a white bathroom.

If you have a project that is long overdue, don’t be intimidated by thinking you have to do a complete overhaul. This bathroom makeover was simple, quick, and inexpensive and it has made such a huge difference.

As is customary with these types of projects, why did I wait so long???? Hopefully, my delay will inspire you to do the project!

There are so many incredible peel-and-stick wallpapers out there. If you love it, keep it. If you don’t love it, peel it down and start over!

Of course, now I am thinking I need to add some wallpaper to the beach house. Any ideas where I could add some?

So, what do you think? Let me know!!

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Black and white wallpaper in a white bathroom.

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