Five Steps to Build a Frame for a Wall Mounted TV

frame your tv

This post is sponsored by SANUS on behalf of Everywhere Agency: however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I will be the first to admit that I enjoy watching television. I love watching hgtv, sports and some of my favorite shows. So it is not a surprise that we have a lot of TV’s in our home. Today I am going to share with you how we built a frame for the TV on the wall in our master bedroom. I am thrilled that I found SANUS as a great solution to get a fixed position mount for our TV.

frame your tv on the wall

If you look back on my Instagram feed you will probably notice there isn’t a TV anywhere! That’s because I always photograph around our TV’s. I just don’t think they look all that great in my decor photos. 

But that has changed!

This is what our TV used to look like in our master bedroom.

frame your tv before photo

I decided to build a frame around the TV in our master bedroom. I wanted to make the TV look like a piece of art! So I reached out to SANUS to find the right TV mount for this project. SANUS is the #1 brand of TV mounts in the U.S. They have every kind of TV mount imaginable as well as furniture, racks, speaker stands, and accessories. In fact, here is a guide to help you choose your tv mount. For my TV frame project, I choose a fixed position mount which adds a sleek, modern look with its low profile, getting your TV almost flush to the wall.

Step One – Replace the TV Mount

flush tv sanus mount

The first step was to find a fixed position TV mount. I worked with SANUS and ordered their Premium Series Fixed-Position Mount for a 42″ – 90″ flat panel tv. (Our TV measures 50″ x 33″.) In order to get the TV as flush as possible on the all, I ordered the fixed mount. We removed our existing tv mount and replaced it with the SANUS mount

By the way, you can get 20% off the SANUS mounts through the end of 2018 if you use the code Save20Sanus. You can shop the SANUS TV mounts here.

The installation was so simple thanks to the guide they include which tells you exactly where to place the screws for hanging!

Step Two – Select the Design

Next, you need to decide on what you want your TV frame to look like. I went to my favorite visual search engine, Pinterest, and found this TV frame and this TV frame. They were both pretty similar and offered nice tutorials on how to build them. 

Step Three – Select Your Materials

frame your tvThis is what I used to make the TV frame:

Two 8 ft. 3/4″ Ultralite MDF boards (for the sides of the frame)

Twenty feet of crown molding (for the front of the frame)

Wood glue, wood fill, sandpaper, and nails

Paint (I used milk paint)

Step Four – Build the Frame

frame your tv

As much as I like to think I am good with tools, this project needed help from a professional. My handyman and I built the frame together. I don’t have a miter saw and I trust his skills at measuring way better than mine! These photos should help you see that the frame was pretty easy to make.

The first step is to build a frame around the TV which fits snugly around the TV. Measure the distance from the wall of the front of the TV and use that measurement for the depth of the frame.

build a frame for your tv

Next, built an outer layer to the frame reflecting the width of the crown molding. We attached small pieces of the MDF to use as supports to hold the frame together.

frame your tv with crown molding

Measure three times before you cut your molding. We used a miter saw to cut the molding in the corners. Next, we attached the molding to the frame. This will create a very sturdy frame for your TV.

frame your tv frame your tv on the wall

Use sandpaper and wood filler to smooth out the edges. Be sure to fit the finished frame on the TV just to make sure it still fits.

frame your tv

frame your tv

Step Five – Paint the Frame

I used milk paint to finish the frame. I wanted a vintage look for the frame and I love this color. I also sanded some of the edges for an antique look.

frame your tv on the wall

frame your tv

Since the frame fit the TV snugly, we didn’t have to attach it to the wall. I just pushed it against the wall!

frame your tv

I absolutely love how our TV looks now. Can you believe the difference?

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  1. Thank you for the photos and instructions on building the tv wall frame. I ‘d like very much to have one like it. Can you tell me where the control box sits?

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