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How to Set a Table With Rae Dunn


I have been collecting Rae Dunn for a while now and I still love it as much as I did when I found my first piece. I get asked all of the time if I actually use my Rae Dunn Pottery. I can honestly say the answer is yes! I love to incorporate it into my table settings and today I am going to show you how I set a table with Rae Dunn.

Most of you are aware that I have collected sets of dinner plates for a long time. Like thirty years to be exact. If you want to know about any of the dinner plates shown here, head to my blog My 100 Year Old Home. Almost all of these china plates were purchased at a flea market so I can estimate each plate probably cost me between three and five dollars. The Rae Dunn cost me about the same. Of course, I purchased my Rae Dunn at TJMaxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods.

My favorite Rae Dunn item to collect is the small plates. They come in all different sizes and are so fun to stack on top of a dinner plate. Unfortunately, I was never able to find any of the ceramic Rae Dunn dinner sized plates. I do have the cereal and pasta bowls which we use every day.


This is a fun Christmas morning setting. The placemats are from Ikea and the shiplap chargers are from The Sawdust Angel.

The small Rae Dunn appetizer-sized plates look great stacked on top of a salad and dinner plate. This charger is no longer available. 

I use these plates all the time when I serve crab cakes as a first course. The gray melamine plate is from HomeGoods.


I hosted Friendsgiving this year and used my plates for bread and butter. But they look so cute stacked with my Pier One placemat and charger and my Spode Thanksgiving plates. The “thanks” word cut out is from Carpenter Farmhouse.

I know, I have more Christmas plates! But when they cost $3.99 it was too hard to leave these plates in the store! The burlap placemat, white charger, and red plate are from Hobby Lobby. The Christmas plate is no longer available.

My girlfriends and I do a lot of Flamingo themed evenings so I had to buy these when they came out last year. I just love them and they are the perfect size for small salads.

I only have four pasta bowls (I want more!) but I think they are the perfect way to serve pasta! The placemat is from Ikea and the burlap charger is from Hobby Lobby. 

I thought all of these plates were at the beach house but I found a few in the pantry. I love my surf and sand plates. I use them all of the time! And I love to use them with beach colors. The aqua charger is from Hobby Lobby.

I hope these place settings have inspired you to pull out your Rae Dunn and use it. It’s such a great conversation piece and I love it.

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  1. Hi! Where do you keep your Rae Dunn cupboard?

    I seem to be seeing the little bowls with the LL on the outside of them a lot lately. Not sure how I’m going to use all of them. Sure wish there were more LL items out!

    Your use of chargers, placemats and layering dishes really inspires me…I’m working up a small collection.

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