Are White Traditional Kitchens Out of Style?

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Recently, I read that Farmhouse White Kitchen Cabinets have gone out of style. In fact, white traditional kitchens are out.

As an owner of three white kitchens, one as old as twenty-three years, I am not panicking. Why?

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White Traditional Kitchen
Every few years the news hits that Farmhouse White Kitchen Cabinets have gone out of style. In fact, white traditional kitchens are out.

White Traditional Kitchens

Let's Organize a Kitchen

Three white kitchens? I know it sounds crazy.

But here’s the thing.

I want my kitchen to be timeless. And I love white kitchens. They are bright, cheery, and create an environment where I want to cook and entertain my family and friends.

Plus, as far as I am concerned, timeless never goes out of style.

Waco Spring House Tour Breakfast

As you can see, I love white farmhouse kitchens and farmhouse white kitchen cabinets.

Waco Spring House Tour in the Kitchen.

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Who Said White Traditional Kitchens are Out of Style?

So where did I read that white traditional kitchens are out?

Apartment Therapy published a story titled White Kitchens Are Out for 2022, According to These Home Pros.

The “ home pros” quoted were from The Plan Collection. Not only did they say that clean lines were out but they also said that the year 2022 is all about curves.

Wait. What?

I am sorry, but curves are in and white kitchens are out? Help me out here. Do you think curves in a kitchen are in our future?

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

At least Country Living started out their 2022 trends article by saying “While the all-white kitchen will probably never go out of style …”. They then added a few new trends which included a fun ceiling color and eco-friendly items.

Unlike past kitchen designs — like the Tuscan style kitchens in the 2000s or the mid-1970s olive green and orange kitchen — the all-white kitchen is timeless.

So why are white traditional kitchens timeless? Because they just don’t go out of style. White shaker cabinets, subway tile, and light countertops are a home run.

Do you agree?

White kitchens last throughout time.  And since the most expensive parts of your kitchen are the cabinets, appliances, and countertops, you might want to consider neutral colors such as white or gray cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a light solid countertop. Cabinets can be painted but appliances and countertops are expensive to change. Just be careful with a trendy color or perhpas, um … curves.

The One Problem with White Kitchens

Actually, there is one big issue with white kitchens.

I think people are tired of them.

There are a lot of white kitchens in magazines and on social media everywhere. We like them so there are a lot of them! But I can see how they may get a bit tiring to some readers.

There is no doubt, what I call a white kitchen fatigue factor.

I think that is what causes stories like the one published at Apartment Therapy to appear every few years.

How can you prevent white kitchen fatigue factor (also known as WKFF)?

(Ok, I did just make that up.)

To prevent WKFF on my blog, I try to add lots of color to our kitchen with accessories and flowers.

Each season I add a bit of color to our kitchen. You can see below how I have tried to change up our kitchen with wreaths, color, and accessories over time.

It’s a subtle change but it helps. And you can do this too!

Making Inexpensive Changes in Your Kitchen

I have also made some changes to our kitchen over time.

I changed out the barstools and also replaced the lights above our kitchen island. (The stools were falling apart and dangerous to sit on.) Both are from Lamps Plus. The difference is amazing.

Other changes you can try are new cabinet knobs, new backsplash tile, and new blinds or drapes in the windows.

Past Kitchen Trends

Since the year 1990, a lot of kitchen trends have come and gone. But some have stayed. In the last twenty years, we have seen white farmhouse-style kitchens, dark cherry cabinets, dark (especially green) granite countertops, sage and hunter green cabinets, and creamy beige cabinets with creamy beige walls and creamy beige countertops.

It also seems that these trends will recycle every decade or so, right?

Does Everyone Need a Traditional White Kitchen?

Please don’t think I am saying that you have to have a white kitchen.

You do not.

Rather, just be careful. Make smart decisions if you are building or remodeling your kitchen and add color to places where it won’t cost a fortune. Try adding color with paint on the walls, paint on the cabinets, the kitchen island, art, and décor accents.  

There is one style of kitchen that I love that tends to be trendy. Why? Because there are so many different styles. And that is modern kitchens. There are so many fabulous modern kitchens out there and they are fun and colorful!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any modern kitchen photos to share.

Just traditional white kitchens.

Waco Spring Kitchen House Tour

Swapping out hardware and lighting is as easy way to update your kitchen without a huge expense. Here are some of my favorite finds!

Adding something new to your kitchen can make a big change!

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Are White Traditional Kitchens Out of Style

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