Decorating the Front Porch for the Christmas Holidays

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Decorating our front porch for the Christmas holidays was a new task for me this year! In previous years I use to hang a fresh wreath and garland and call it a day. But not this year! I had so much fun pulling out the galvanized buckets and combining fresh and faux greens!

I was lucky to be able to partner with @saveoncrafts for the faux greenery for our front porch. My favorite thing is that you cannot tell which greens are real and which ones are faux!

For the garland around the door, I combined a fresh and faux one. Since I put up this decor a few weeks ago I think you can tell the fresh garland is the one starting to turn brown! That’s one of the disadvantages of living in Southern California. Our weather has been unseasonably warm and the greens haven’t lasted very long.

On the front porch, I used a combination of new black planters, galvanized buckets and some wonderful old lanterns I found @vintagejunktionla.

I am sure you could never guess which greens are faux in these planters. The tall birch branches with green berries, the burgundy rose hip branches, the birch branch bundles and the faux garland are all from @saveoncrafts. I told my husband to make sure he lets me toss these after Christmas so I can save the faux decor!

Aren’t these lanterns the best?

I love having a festive and welcoming front porch during the holidays. Even if there is an orange extension cord for the Christmas lights! What have you done with your front porch?

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