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AROUND THE HOUSE // Collecting Scales

Oh my. I think I need to redo my blog so that it has a weekly feature titled “My Collections”. I cannot believe I found yet another item in my house in which I, um, collect. I guess you could say I own more than a few. Like five or more. Or maybe ten. Or more.


I shared my first collection here on my blog with my dish-whore- der problem. Then I shared my collection of Rae Dunn pottery and cake stands. Next, I posted my cranberry glass collection. Then last week I posted photos of my vintage quilt collection.


So now we move on to my collection of vintage scales. I think this collection is legit because I have an excuse. You see, my dad has collected old scales forever. And most of the ones I own came from him. So, therefore, I can blame this collection on my father. And it’s not really a collection if it’s gifted to you, right?

dayton scale.JPG

My most favorite scale is my Dayton scale. This was a gift from my parents about twenty years ago and it has a very special meaning. That is because I was born in Dayton, Ohio! (I was born at Wright Patterson Air Force base and can proudly say I am an Air Force brat. I have also been referred to as a spoiled brat but that was when I was a mere child.)


I bought this scale myself at an antique flea market. It’s been in my kitchen and although it’s simple, I really love it. I have used the scale to weigh all sorts of things. Believe it or not, it’s very accurate!

white scale

This white scale is just gorgeous and it was part of my dad’s collection. He gave it to me when they downsized their home last year. I love how it shimmers in the light.

old vintage scal

This scale was also from my dad’s collection. It is so delicate and interesting and I just love it!

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