Dinner on the Beach on a Cloudy Day


Dinner on the beach is wonderful even on a cloudy day. I decided to do something different this time and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Dinner on the Beach on a Cloudy Day 1

Sometimes (or lately it seems like all of the time) the weather doesn’t cooperate and my plans for dinner on the beach need some modifications. With clouds, fog, and lower temperatures, it was time to regroup and try something different. It ended up being a wonderful earlier dinner on the beach.

With lots of blankets. And wine to keep warm.

A Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Dinner on the Beach on a Cloudy Day

It was almost ninety degrees at home this weekend so we headed to the beach for cooler temperatures and lots of fun in the sun. There was only one problem.

There was no sun and it was 64 degrees. Since we only live about ninety minutes from Ventura, I have to admit this was not the weather I had expected.

But the cooler weather was nice and I decided to defy the odds and set up dinner on the beach anyway.

In the clouds.

And in the cold. Hmmm.

Dinner on the Beach on a Cloudy Day 6

Cloudy might be a nice way of saying absolutely no sun and lots of fog.

This is the point where I am struggling and need to come clean that I edited the photos to look a lot brighter than they really were. Let me show you what I mean.

I thought you might want to really see what the day looked like.

But here’s the thing. Who said it has to be sunny and warm and a beautiful sunset to have dinner on the beach?

Ok, maybe everyone.

I mean it does make sense.

But if you have an early dinner, while it is still sixty-four degrees (and not 57 like it is now) then you won’t freeze to death. (That is an exaggeration, I promise.)

How to Create a Dinner on the Beach

To start, it made sense to use a low table. It seemed like sitting on cushions in the sand, with a warm blanket might be the perfect solution to our less than perfect weather. So we carried our coffee table down two flights of stairs, out the front door, and onto the beach.

In hindsight, a plastic folded table stored in the garage probably would have been a lot easier.

Dinner on the Beach Set up 1

We don’t really own some special floor (or beach) cushions so I borrowed these from the patio furniture we have on our deck. These are actually back cushions as they seemed a much better size and they worked perfectly.

Dinner on the Beach Set up 2

I left the solar lights out in the sun, I mean clouds, to charge. I also put the glass jars in the dishwasher just so they would look sparkly and clean. It turns out that wasn’t really necessary.

Dinner on the Beach Set up 4

We made a centerpiece out of Trader Joe’s flowers which were roses, alstroemeria, wheat stocks, and eucalyptus. I used the glass and wicker/rattan vase, square wine glasses, off-white chargers, grey plates, and my favorite ruffled napkins on the table.

Setting up Dinner on the Beach

Other than the five trips back and forth to the beach, the setup was very simple.

Dinner on the Beach on a Cloudy Day 12

Aren’t these flowers gorgeous? I even turned the solar lanterns on but you can’t really see much because it was still light outside when we sat down for dinner.

What did we have for dinner? Italian food delivered from the local delicious Italian restaurant Meridians. And as soon as we were done eating what did we do? We went back inside.

We really enjoyed watching the surfers, the dog walkers, and the seagulls.

Although it wasn’t what we had expected, it ended up being a lovely evening.

Dinner on the Beach on a Cloudy Day 4

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I made a centerpiece with grocery store flowers. For a centerpiece you can use again and again, try some of these faux favorites of mine.

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Dinner on the Beach in the Clouds

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    1. I did mention that we got Italian takeout from our local favorite restaurant Meridians. I don’t always cook and make an elaborate meal. Sometimes it is just nice to enjoy the company and the food and wine. Without making it! Don’t you agree? Hehe.

  1. I love how you create such a beautiful and memorable occasion for everyone to enjoy, those attending as well as all of your dear readers to enjoy too ❤️

  2. Oh good old Ventura fog! 😂 Good for you for not letting it spoil your fun. The table looks beautiful. Too bad they don’t let you do beach bon fires any more like they used to. Then you would have had light and warmth for your evening. Have a great weekend. 🍁

  3. This fog and lack of sun is getting old up in Morro Bay also. Sept and Oct are always our ‘summer’ months. But I guess it beats most weather in our country year around doesn’t it?
    A great idea for seating on the beach!!!

  4. We have condo on the beach in Watsonville (Monterey Bay), and it is often cloudy there. Your post has me considering the possibilities. . . <3

  5. Gorgeous Leslie! Your flower arrangement has totally inspired me – I’m loving the wheat! Plus your beach is so beautiful. What a great dinner even without the sun! 🙂 Do you use bins &/or a wagon to get your supplies down to the sand?

  6. Loved how you worked through the challenges AND shared them with us, helps me be more creative and look outside the box to make things work, thanks!

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