We Got a New Mattress and We Love It!

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We are about ready to start our beach house remodel and we have been shopping for two new mattresses for the new bedrooms. I am excited to share the Purple Mattress and why I am so happy we found this mattress!

The Purple Mattress Premiere 3

Of course, I am going to have to figure out how to get “you know who” off our Purple Mattress first!

Meet Sport.

He is our eight-year-old yellow lab. And he loves our new mattress as much as we do!

This blog post was sponsored by Purple and all opinions are my own. I also make affiliate commissions from any links in this post.

Leslie and The Purple Mattress

Sleep. It’s my lifetime goal to figure out how to sleep 8 hours a night. Currently, I am really trying hard to get at least 6 hours a night.

The most important thing in getting good sleep is having the right mattress.

The three things my husband and I wanted most in a mattress are pressure relief, support, and a cool temperature. My husband really wanted a mattress that has support and springs back as you move throughout the night.

I don’t think we are that particular as these are very common needs we all want in a mattress, right?

The Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress at Our Home

We had heard a lot about the Purple Mattress with the Purple Grid™ from some of our friends. They stressed the value and quality so we decided to get it for the new master bedroom we were building in our beach house.

Our king-sized Purple Mattress was delivered directly to our beach house and it is very heavy! Make sure you have two very strong people to lift it into the house.

My husband Dave and our neighbor carried it in and we quickly opened it up and set it up to try it out!

Opening The Purple Mattress

Am ! the only one who absolutely loves watching the mattress expand when you open the package? It’s so cool!

We got the Premier 3 Purple Mattress plus two Purple Harmony Pillows and the Purple Softstretch Sheet set.

The Purple Mattress Purple Premiere 3

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I went outside to put away the plastic and boxes when I came back to our room I discovered Sport, our yellow lab, decided that this bed was for him.

Sport Loves The Purple Mattress

I am laughing out loud because he was the first one to try out our new mattress! He was very determined to stay and nap here, even after I had him try on the night mask.

The Dog Who Loves The Purple Mattress

Why We Chose the Purple Mattress

We picked the mattress because of these three items:

  • Optimal Temperature: There are 1,800 air channels built into the temperature-neutral grid and breathable foams used in the vase, which help you stay comfortable all night.
  • Instant Response: The hyper-elastic gel Grid immediately flexes to support your position and springs back into place as you readjust and move overnight.
  • Pressure Reduction: The soft, cushioning Grid cradles points like your hips and shoulders, with layers of foam providing extra padding.  
The Purple Mattress and Sport

I think Sport agrees.

Purple Softstretch Sheets

Let’s talk sheets for a minute.

The jersey knit Purple Softstretch sheets are so soft and cool (as in look and temperature)! I loved them so much. I love that they feel so luxurious.

The Purple Mattress Softstretch Sheets

We tried out our new mattress on the first night, and we didn’t mind sharing it with Sport for part of the night.

The Purple Mattress

Purple Harmony Pillows

The two Purple Harmony pillows are made with the Hyper-Elastic Polymer® Purple Grid™. They come in two heights, a 6.5″ and a 7.5″. We got one of each, but both Dave and I liked the 6.5″. Apparently, we both like flatter pillows!

If you want to order pillows, here are the specifics.

Standard 6.5″:

  • Back Sleepers
  • Side Sleepers with smaller frames
  • Stomach Sleepers

Tall 7.5″:

  • Side Sleepers with average to larger frames
  • Anyone who generally prefers a taller pillow

The next day I did some reading on our bed and Sport was immediately in bed with me.

Sharing The Purple Mattress

I think he likes the eye mask.

Even on an 85-degree day, the mattress temperature was very comfortable. I love the Dual-Layer Comfort Foam, which is a soft, cushioning layer and a firm, supportive layer that creates an ideal combination. Both foams are high in density to offer a durable, long-lasting base.

Purple Mattress Sheets

We love our Purple Mattress and I hope you will check it out. It is affordable and the quality is amazing.

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Purple Mattress Review

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  1. What is depth of the bed?
    Will you leave it on the floor?
    Can it fit on a bed frame same size as the bed? Or does it need a special frame?

    1. Here is the link to the product page Mildred for dimensions based on the size of mattress you are interested in https://purple.com/mattresses/hybrid-premier. Our new bed frame was late to be delivered but is on its way. To my knowledge, it does not need a special frame, but check the manufacturer product page for any specific questions you have.

  2. What I’ve appreciated about conventional mattress shopping is having delivery staff to bring the mattress inside and set it up and to haul away the existing mattress for recycling/disposal. Obviously the online sellers offer no options for the first issue but what about the second? Does Purple offer any assistance in handling the old mattress?

    1. Macy’s, Mattress Firm, and Purple store all have beds to try. We had complimentary white glove service that included mattress pickup but we wanted to put our old bed in a spare room so they just brought new mattress upstairs and opened it then took away the bag and plastic.

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