Waco Spring House Tour

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I love our Airbnb in Waco and cannot wait to take you on a house tour of the newly refreshed kitchen and living area.

It has been almost a year since I have been to Waco and I can’t wait to visit in March and finally spend some time at our Airbnb. I love these colors and the spring decor. Can you guess the color I added for some fun? Be sure to let me know in the comments what you think of my house tour!

Waco Spring House Tour Living Areas.

The Waco Airbnb Spring House Tour

Waco Spring House Tour Living and Dining Rooms.

For those of you that don’t know, we bought this home in Waco four years ago. It was a two-bedroom and one-bath home and it was in terrible condition. If you want to see just how bad it was, head to my blog post here. There are a lot of before and after photos that clearly show how much work and love we put into this home.

We bought the home to fix it up and offer it as a short-term rental. It took almost a year for the remodel and then we listed it on Airbnb and VRBO. Shortly thereafter the “virus” hit and almost all of our bookings were canceled. Fast forward three years and fortunately, our Waco home is booked almost every week.

The remodel was quite extensive and I made a lot of changes to the home. We gutted the entire house and I added a primary bedroom and bath, a laundry room and kitchen, and a wrap-around porch. Everything was replaced … electrical, plumbing, heating and air, windows, roof, lighting, and more.

I moved the front door to the left side of the house so all of the living areas would be located on that side, including the porch.

Here is a floor plan so you can see the layout of our home. This always helps me understand a house tour!

I absolutely love our Waco home, especially now that it has lots of new spring decor. All of the vintage furnishings are from the Round Top Antique show. The art was painted by yours truly.

Just so you know I am heading to Round Top next month! I am so excited and I can hardly wait to share my trip with you every day.

Waco Spring House Tour

The Kitchen House Tour

I know I am biased, but this is one of my favorite fixer-upper kitchens. The old kitchen was so barren and dark and this kitchen is exactly the opposite.

Waco Spring Kitchen House Tour

Our kitchen is by far my favorite room in the house. The island is a vintage counter that I bought for less than $300. All I did was place a butcher block piece on top and it was kitchen ready. Last year I added vintage ceiling tiles behind the stove to protect the shiplap and I love the look so much!

I wanted to expand the colors and it seemed natural to add some blue to the house. The windows always look blue and I cannot figure out why. My only thought is that the porch ceiling is a light blue and maybe it’s reflecting off the windows. The color of the kitchen island is original and it often looks gray, green, and aqua. Go figure!

Waco Spring House Tour in the Kitchen

I set the island for breakfast and the blue and white napkins are my favorite and I ended up buying some for my sons (who live in Austin) too!

Waco Spring House Tour.

You can see the setting on the island close-up in these three photos. Have you ever thought about using mason jars for drinking glasses? I have them in our home in Pasadena too and I love them because they are very sturdy and hard to break!

This kitchen is perfect for entertaining. I love to put food on the island and let everyone sit wherever they want.

Waco Spring House Tour Kitchen Views

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I literally could not choose just a few photos of the Waco kitchen, I love them all so much! Below are some of my favorite finds on Amazon that are in the Waco kitchen.

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The Dining Room House Tour

Speaking of entertaining, the dining room has the best location for entertaining. It’s situated between the living room and kitchen and the table seats eight comfortably.

Waco Spring House Tour Dining and Living Areas

I outfitted our Airbnb with a lot of dining accessories so we have plenty of plates and silverware for a large group. As usual, I mixed and matched the plates and then put together a faux arrangement that featured the colors in all of the dinnerware.

Waco Spring House Tour Dining Room Entertaining

This is a great view of the dining room, which I took standing on the wrap-around porch. On the other side of the hallway (with vintage sliding doors) are two bedrooms and a guest bathroom.

Waco Spring House Tour Dining Table

Here is a close-up of the dining table. It’s a fun collection of dinnerware and vases.

There are so many pretty things on this table. Click below to recreate this table!

The Living Room House Tour

The living room is where we hang out all of the time. There is plenty of seating and it’s nicely situated across from a TV placed in a vintage armoire.

Waco Spring House Tour Living, Dining and Kitchen

I added spring wreaths in the windows and a few accessories. I even snuck in some blue throw pillows.

Waco Spring House Tour Living Area

It’s amazing how much joy a vase with some faux flowers can bring to a room. I highly suggest you do the same.

Waco Spring House Tour Living Room

This is my favorite vintage find. It’s a General Store ledger that was originally used to keep track of the total amount the farmers purchased during the offseason, so they could pay back the store when the crops were harvested and sold.

On the left side are some original receipts. On the right side are lots of comment cards left by our guests!

Waco Spring House Tour Guest Registry

Ready to take a house tour in person? If you would like to learn more about booking our Waco home just click here.

Waco Spring House Tour Dining

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I love our Airbnb in Waco and cannot wait to take you on a house tour of the newly refreshed kitchen and living area.

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  1. It’s all just so pretty, Leslie! The pics are gorgeous! I see why you had a hard time narrowing down your pictures. It’s such a lovely warm and inviting place!

  2. Leslie, I love your style, all your homes, your art, and down-to-earth, practical approach to dreamy decorating! My fantasy is to have a girls’ weekend retreat at your Waco home.

  3. Leslie, I absolutely love what you’ve done to your charming Waco home! Quick question…In the picture of the dining room there are 2 I believe chaise lounges. Would you mind telling me where they came from or sending me the link?
    Thank you,

  4. Love, everything about it!! No upper cupboards in the kitchen, with just shelving, love the dining table and chairs. I just found you on Instagram and you have inspired me to start crafting. I just finished the heart pillow and I love it!! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I live near Mexia, Texas which is just 40 miles East of Waco! I have been using Mason jar for drinking glasses for years.

  6. Love what you’ve done, especially the vintage touches. Q: is it possible to wash the vintage ceiling tiles behind the stove? I would use but not sure how I would keep clean. Thank you.

  7. Waco home is beautiful. I have friends who have an AIRBNB and have had many things missing after guests leave. Is all the decor for the blog followers to see or is everything left on the premises?

  8. Such a beautiful place Leslie! Very comfy and cozy. I get excited every time I see your blog in my email knowing I’m going to fall in love with whatever you have in store for us.

  9. This would be a fabulous place to stay…so relaxing and inviting.love what you have done here , family get together would be lovely there in your Waco Let… maybe one day I would love to travel there all away across the ocean from Australia…love seeing your creative style.cheers.

  10. Beautiful tablescapes, but no room for food. Does everyone just serve themselves from the kitchen & then go sit down to eat? Thanks, just curious~

  11. Hi Leslie, this is in regard to the ‘Amazon Live’ you did the other day at the beach house. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the tip about keeping fruits/vegs longer by keeping them in glass (no oxygen). Much appreciated!!! Going to grab some of the mason jars above…

  12. After multiple years of wishing and planning, I hope to go to Round Top this year. Any chance you would do a Meet and Greet with some of your followers while we are all in the same general area?

    1. Hi Susie! I’m going early, so TBD on date/time/place but I’ll post closer to Round Top and would LOVE to set up a meet and greet 🤗♥️

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