MAKE IT YOURSELF // The First Project in the Project Room

Now that the project room is finished (well, kind of), it is time for my first project. One thing I have been wanting to do for a long time is to figure out to use my Silhouette Cameo machine. The Silhouette was a wonderful Christmas present from my husband and I just hadn’t blocked out the time to figure out what to make and how to make it. The time is finally here.

I went to IKEA yesterday to check to see if they had any white pillow covers. I previously did a blog post on how to make pillow covers but I am looking for the ready-made-type. (You know, the kind I don’t actually have to make myself.)  I hoped IKEA would have nice quality and well-priced white pillow covers. And boy did I get lucky! I found some really nice white 20″ x 20″ covers called GURLI for $4.00 each. Seriously? Only $4.00? (Ok, just stop and think for a second. After you calculate the cost of the fabric, thread, zipper, labor, packaging, shipping, and cost to sell it in the store, exactly where is the profit in this?) I ended up buying ten of them.  Just in case someone in management at IKEA reads my blog post and decides to raise the price.

My next step was conquering the Silhouette Cameo machine. Thank heavens for youtube because I have watched at least twenty how-to videos. And boy was I clueless. Did you know I actually thought the pillows were stenciled with fabric paint instead of applied with heat transfer material? Duh.

I did a test run and printed the word HOME on one of my kitchen towels. Love this!

Next, I decided to try to make a holiday pillow. It’s really easy to create the design on the computer and then send it through the Silhouette cutting machine. (One tip – go to the website Creative Market and add some fun fonts to your computer first.)

Then I decided to get fancy and use two colors.

For the final project, my son’s girlfriend (@charcharbell) and I made her a sweatshirt. She is definitely a NAP QUEEN. And she loves it!


I want to thank Niki Carpenter @carpenterfarmhouse for inspiring me to figure out how to use my Silhouette machine. She has a wonderful sign company and makes signs with her machine every single day in her bedroom! You can find her store on Etsy at Carpenter Farmhouse. 

I am now officially addicted to my Silhouette Machine. And I am going to make lots more pillow covers. I am so excited! What would you put on your pillows?

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FIND OF THE WEEK // Restoring a Flea Market Table

The key piece of furniture in my office makeover is the “project table”. As much as I wanted to find a table exactly like the ones Joanna Gaines has in her “flower room” (which I used as my inspiration photo), I knew reality would set in and I would need to compromise.


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OFFICE MAKEOVER // Getting Started on My New Project Room

There is a very interesting room in our house that is located off of our family room and living room. It has been known as my office for the last 17 years and it was in great need of a makeover. Why? Because it’s really dark and kind of claustrophobic. (And to be totally honest, it is NEVER this clean.)

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IMG_0474If you recall, I started a makeover of our Master Bedroom when my husband was out of town. The first thing we did was rip out the ugly orange/brown marble on the fireplace. I pulled out some old marble that was left over from our master bath remodel. But we ran out and had to put the project on hold to order some more marble tiles.

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AROUND THE HOUSE // Old School Lockers

There is something about old school lockers that I love. Technically I don’t collect them. I only have three sets of them and I think to collect something you must have, say, five or more. So I just like them. I don’t collect them.

We actually have four sets of lockers in our house. When we did the big remodel in 2000, I wanted a set of lockers for the boys for all of their “stuff” that typically sat in our entryway. This included backpacks, sports equipment, and shoes. Tons of shoes. So we had these lockers built in the mud room. (And their names are cut out for ventilation. Which was a very good idea… boys!)

built in lockers.JPG

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