Pink Magnolia Tree Spring Wreath DIY

I started my spring crafting marathon this week, and today, I am sharing my first completed project – a Pink Magnolia Tree Spring Wreath.

I made this Pink Magnolia Tree Spring wreath as a budget-friendly alternative to the metal wreath from Terrain that inspired me. It’s made of paper instead of metal, and I cut all the petals myself, so there is no reason you can’t try to make this wreath, too!

A pink magnolia tree flower wreath made from paper on a marble surface.
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Crafting Beauty: DIY Pink Magnolia Tree Spring Wreath

A pink decorative wreath made of paper hanging in front of a window.

As spring blooms and nature awakens with vibrant hues, there’s no better time to infuse your home with the season’s spirit.

Inspired by the delicate beauty of the pink magnolia tree, I embarked on a creative journey to craft a stunning spring wreath that brings a touch of elegance and charm to any space.

Finding Inspiration in Nature

Three pink and white paper pink magnolia flowers on a marble surface.

As I admired the ethereal beauty of the pink magnolia tree blossoms, I knew I wanted to capture their essence in a handmade wreath.

A decorative wreath with pink petals arranged in a circular pattern hanging against a pale background.
The inspiration wreath is from Terrain.

Drawing inspiration from a similar metal wreath I had seen, I created a paper option that would be easy to make, inexpensive, and equally enchanting.

Gathering Materials

Crafting materials including metal rings and colorful tape on a marble surface with pink foliage.

To bring my vision to life, I gathered the following materials:

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Crafting the Petals

A piece of paper with abstract pink and light pink paint strokes on a marble surface.

With delicate brushstrokes, I painted both sides of four sheets of watercolor paper with light pink and dark pink metallic paint.

Using a pattern resembling the leaves on the pink magnolia tree flowers, I traced and cut out petals of two different sizes from the watercolor paper.

A piece of paper with abstract pink and light pink paint strokes on a marble surface.

Each flower required six large and three small petals, and I made ten flowers for my wreath.

Cutting pink paper into petals with scissors on a marble surface.

Once cut, I folded each petal half lengthwise to give it a natural curve, then gently bent the tip inward for a lifelike appearance.

Nine pink petals made from paper arranged in a row on a marble surface.

Assembling the Flowers

Two pink paper petals on a marble surface, one standing upright and the other one lying flat.

To assemble the flowers, I used a hot glue gun to attach three small petals to the floral wire, forming the center of each bloom.

A paper pink magnolia flower with a green stem on a marble surface.

Then, layering petals in groups of three, I glued two more layers around the center to complete the flower.

Pink paper made from paper flowers scattered on a marble surface.

To secure the petals and floral wire together seamlessly, I cut the floral wire to about 1″ long and covered the bottom of the flower and the wire with pink floral tape. This concealed the wire and added a finishing touch to each blossom.

Pink paper tulips crafted with floral tape on a marble surface.

Creating the Wreath

Pink magnolia tree paper petals arranged in a circular pattern on a marble surface.

With all ten flowers crafted, it was time to assemble the wreath. I covered the entire metal floral hoop wreath with pink floral tape, creating a smooth surface for attaching the flowers.

Starting at one end of the hoop, I hot-glued a flower in place, then wrapped more floral tape over the flower. I continued around the hoop, evenly spacing and attaching all ten flowers until the wreath was fully adorned.

Admiring the Finished Wreath

A pink floral paper wreath hanging on a glass door with a blurred chandelier in the background.

The result?

A breathtaking Pink Magnolia Tree Spring Wreath that exudes the beauty of nature and the joy of spring.

With its soft pink hues and delicate petals, this wreath is the perfect addition to any home decor, bringing warmth and cheer to doorways, mantels, or walls.

A pink paper DIY wreath hanging on a white door with a window, allowing sunlight to filter through.

Crafting this Pink Magnolia Tree Spring Wreath was a creative endeavor and a therapeutic escape into the beauty of nature. With just a few simple materials and a bit of imagination, you, too, can create your stunning wreath to brighten your home and celebrate the arrival of spring.

So why not unleash your creativity and add a touch of floral elegance to your space with this delightful DIY project? Your home—and your heart—will thank you for it.

Pink paper DIY wreath hanging on a distressed white mirror frame with a blurred interior background.

As I admired the ethereal beauty of the pink magnolia tree blossoms, I knew I wanted to capture their essence in a handmade wreath. Drawing inspiration from a similar metal wreath I had seen, I created a paper option that would be easy to make and inexpensive yet equally enchanting.

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A handmade pink magnolia tree spring wreath displayed on a marble background.
A collage presenting six spring craft DIY ideas from various blogs, featuring decorative items like candles, plants, and painted textiles for home embellishment, including a pink magnolia tree theme.

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  1. Leslie! Your wreath is so pretty and I recognized it from terrain immediately!
    I love how you used watercolors and watercolor paper to get the same look!

  2. such a pretty and bright wreath love how the colors came together You always have the best crafts to watch and also for us watching to try ourselves

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