When are Peonies in Season?


I have a deep affection for peonies, especially those in shades of pink and white. Each spring, I eagerly await the arrival of peony season.

I am anticipating the moment when I can gather these exquisite blooms to create a stunning bouquet for my kitchen. And my dining room. And living room. I can’t wait until the time will come when peonies will grace our homes again.

When are Peonies in Season?

So When Are Peonies in Season?

When are Peonies in Season?

So what’s the answer?

If you’re hoping to enjoy peonies in your home, you’ll need to exercise a bit of patience. Peony season is still about a month away, and unless you’re fortunate enough to have them growing in your own yard or have access to a flower market, you won’t find them available in stores until then.

Peonies should be available this year from late April to late June.

This means I have to wait another month to buy my absolute favorite flowers, and once they arrive, they will only be available for about two months. Aargh.

Of course, those dates have some wiggle room, as the weather determines the exact dates. So they may be out two weeks earlier and last two weeks later.

When are Peonies in Season?

What Types of Peonies are Available?

Let’s start with my favorite colors. I love pink and white peonies. Just so you know, peonies are available in many colors: white, pink, rose, red, deep purple, and coral.

There are 33 recognized species of peonies worldwide and countless horticultural cultivars. Botanically, peonies are small, woody shrubs that have a fancy name for herbaceous perennials. Their leaves alternate along the stem of the plant and have many lobes.

Peony flowers bloom in most locations in April, May, or June. Usually, tree peonies bloom first (around Mother’s Day), followed by herbaceous varieties (around Memorial Day), and then the intersections.

Does this mean you can’t get them if you are getting married in September? Not necessarily.

You might be able to source them, but you will have to pay a much higher price and find a florist who can.

How to Grow Peonies

When are Peonies in Season?

Unfortunately, l live in southern California, and I am unsure how well I can grow peonies in our yard. Of course, I should at least try to plant some of the California variety now because they can take three years to grow before they bloom.

The best way to learn how to plant peonies is to visit The Spruce and read their amazing How to Grow Peonies Guide.

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The Best Place to Buy Peonies

When are Peonies in Season?

Many peonies we buy come from Britain, France, and Holland.

But where is the best place to buy them?

Trader Joe’s.

Why? During peony season, they have them almost every day. Their prices are amazing, and they last a really long time.

You can also find them at other grocery stores, farmer’s markets, flower marts, florists, and stores online.

How Long do Peonies Last?

If you don’t want to use peonies immediately, you can store them in your refrigerator (in water) for about two months. It’s true!

Once you cut them and put them in a vase, they will likely last 5 – 10 days. Change the water and keep them in a cool place, and they will last longer.

How to Help Your Peonies Open Up Faster

If you have a dinner party or an event and need your peonies to open up faster, just put them in a warm, sunny room. They will open up quickly. If you have a big event, test the process with one peony to see how long it takes. It shouldn’t take longer than six hours.

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How to Enjoy Peonies All Year

When are Peonies in Season?

The secret to enjoying peonies all year round is to use faux peonies. Trust me, there are many good ones available, and they last a really long time! I have listed some of my favorites below.

When are Peonies in Season?

I like using faux flowers both inside and out. You can see the faux hydrangeas and peonies here on our back porch.

When are Peonies in Season?

You can also make peonies with crepe paper. You can either hand-cut the petals or use a Cricut cutting machine.

I made these pink peony flowers.

When are Peonies in Season?

I also made the crepe paper peonies on this wreath. Click here for the DIY.

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  1. Hi Leslie! You can also get peonies imported from the Southern Hemisphere in the fall which is spring down under. As you mentioned, though, it will probably cost more. Maybe Trader Joe’s will find a good Southern Hemisphere source and offer them in November!

  2. I adore peonies too and have purchased some of the ones from Amazon which are amazing! They look so real and it’s seriously hard to tell if they are real or faux. I would like to try my hand at your pink ones above. Those are just gorgeous!

  3. Peonies are some of my favorites. I cringe now recalling as a child my siblings and I pulling the unopened buds from my grandmothers garden and using them like grenades when we would play. How she didn’t give us a good hollering is beyond me. Wanted to ask about your lovely wooden outdoor furniture. Do you have a source you could link up?

  4. I like your website , I do like to craft with artificial flowers, and I’m very sorry you took back your original email that I couldn’t address at that moment because I have a very nosey neighbor. I do have that house though, and my current address is rather, temporary. (To say the least).

  5. Ha ha, you had me going…peonies in March! Will be a hour drive to San Antonio to TJ’s for me but well worth it. I love those pale pink ones too. Did you mention how heavenly they smell?
    You could grow them in your yard, as a neighbor had them in our Anaheim Hills cul desac. Morning sun, shady afternoon and in a corner where the bush gets support as it grows.

    1. Hi Cindy! The pink ones are so stunning 😍 and the smell is absolutely magical. The perfect space for them to flourish!

  6. I love peonies! I have a peony bush here in NC. Last spring I checked on it daily just waiting for the blooms to open. One morning I went out and found every bud was gone! I don’t know what animal feasted on them. There are deer and rabbits. Any ideas? (I am pretty sure it wasn’t Rosa!😂 from above)

    1. Hi Kathy! Deer don’t generally enjoy peonies because of their strong scent, but hungry deer will eat peonies. Other likely culprits are rabbits, squirrels and beavers! Hope this helps 🤗

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