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Why I Love Our Outdoor Kitchen

The theme for my blog this month is summer entertaining. With summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to get everything ready outside for outdoor cooking and entertaining.

Why I Love Our Outdoor Kitchen

Most of you know how much I love to cook. (Although I should admit that I like to entertain more than just cook.) About ten years ago I talked my husband into adding an outdoor kitchen to our backyard. We already had the barbecue and smoker so adding the outdoor kitchen really meant we were adding the island with the counter and a few kitchen items. It’s one of my favorite “rooms” in our home as I enjoy outdoor cooking so much.

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Cooking

We added this island and what a difference! The island has two different counter heights. One for seating (or without the chairs, it makes a perfect bar height) and one counter for prep. I also added storage space, an ice maker, and a refrigerator. Usually, it doesn’t have so many plants but I couldn’t resist when I styled it today!

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Cooking

This is the side that already existed with our green egg and 48″ DCS grill. I call it our outdoor grill station. just had the inside of the grill redone because a lot of the parts had kind of deteriorated in the last ten years. I have everything I need for outdoor cooking. It looks almost brand new now!

Outdoor cooking in the Outdoor Kitchen

I did add the two burners on the side of the BBQ when we build the kitchen island. I don’t think I really needed these but it seemed like a good thing to do at the time. It is nice to have the burners to saute veggies but often I end up grilling almost everything for the meal! As long as I can spend my entire time outdoor cooking then I am happy.

One of the items that I really searched for were the stainless drawers and cabinets. I looked everywhere and found the best prices on Amazon. You can shop here to see what I mean.

Outdoor Kitchen View

All of the brick is original to our house from a hundred years ago. We found a brick chimney in the middle of our home when we re remodeled in 2000 and we used the brick for our outdoor fireplace and patio. We had some leftover and I am so happy we kept it so we could use it for our outdoor kitchen addition.

The slate on the island is from when we did our remodel in 2000 as well. I put a slate floor in the mud room, bath, and my craft room. I saved the extra slate so we used it on the island.

Dining at the Outdoor Kitchen

The counter seats four perfectly. I often serve appetizers here to attract family members and dinner guests to relax and entertain me while I am cooking.

You may recognize the clay pots that I “aged”. You can find them at How to Make Vintage Garden Pots.

Dinner at the Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Entertaining

If I can set a table anywhere, you know I will! I created a small dinner setting on the backside of the island. I love putting the water in bottles, just in case there are any flying insects! All of the links are listed below for the rattan placemats, the galvanized chargers, water bottles, mason jar glasses, plates, and napkins.

Sink in the Outdoor Kitchen

If you are thinking about putting in an outdoor kitchen, a prep sink is a must. It’s small but works perfectly. Our island is 9′ long and the back barbecue island is 8′ long. The eating counter is 20″ wide and the prep counter is 24″ wide.

Dining Outdoors

I love styling the outdoor kitchen island with items from inside our home. Why not bring the indoors outside when you entertain?

Outdoor appliances

If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen you can add an outdoor island or a vintage piece and create your own! Even vintage potting sheds make perfect outdoor kitchens.

Side View of Outdoor Kitchen

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I am going to call up some friends and have a little dinner party outside as the weather is really warming up this week.

I would love to know what you think of our outdoor kitchen. It is very well used and I am so happy with the look and style of it.

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I Love Our Outdoor Kitchen
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I started my blog so I could share my passion for entertaining, décor, cooking, and crafts. You will find all this and more right here.

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