Easy Diy Project – Vegetable Printing

I love this printing method. It’s an easy DIY project and includes fabric ink and fresh vegetables!

This is such a fun and new style of printing. Instead of using a paint roller and acrylic paint, I used ink and fresh vegetables! These towels look fantastic, and I can’t believe how great the printed vegetables look. This is a great, easy DIY project.

DIY Craft Easy Vegetable Printing
You Made that?
Vegetable Projects Easy DIY Printing

Sometimes, it helps to think outside the box while keeping things simple. I am trying to make crafts that are easier but still look fabulous.

To get started, I opened up my refrigerator and found some onions, artichokes, celery, and radishes. I had some flour sacks and some ink, so that is all I used.

Easy DIY Projects Vegetable Printing

I had many color options, so I decided on a palette of pink and orange—these are my two favorite colors! Initially, I planned on using green, but somehow, I forgot to order green ink. I had some fun with the colors and love how they turned out.

The colors in these towels are lovely.

Easy DIY Project with Ink

Artichoke Printed Dish Towels

Why did I use ink for this project?

I used Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink. It sets with heat, so all you must do is iron it. But it goes on so quickly and lasts for a long time!

I am so happy with how easily the ink was applied to the fabric.

Don’t these artichokes look amazing?

What You Need to Make This Craft

Vegetables for Ink Printing

What You Need to Make These Towels

Dish towels (cotton preferred)

Speedball Screen Printing Ink


Fresh vegetables

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Speedball Ink

Here is the Speedball ink. I linked it below.

Printing with artichokes and Onions

My Dish Towel Printed DIY Easy Projects is very fun to make.

Printing with Vegetables and Ink

I started by cutting the vegetables. I played with the cut shapes and visualized what I thought the end result would look like.

Printing with Artichokes

Next, I spent some time mixing the ink colors. I loved the orange Speedball ink but wanted to lighten it up. I could have just added white, but that would have just lightened it and made it a very calm and kind of chalky orange.

Since I like warmer colors, I added yellow and white. This ended up with a very pretty orange, the perfect color I sought.

I added a bit of white to the pink, and I love the colors I used for these towels.

Ink printing works best with a thin layer of ink. I used a paintbrush to paint the ink directly onto the cut fruit.

Artichokes for Ink Printing

I then placed the vegetable down flat and pushed on the vegetable to make sure the ink had transferred to the towel.

Artichokes Printed Dish Towels

Let the towels dry thoroughly. Place a thin cloth and iron on the towel to secure the ink. This is all you need to do to prevent fading.

Printing with artichokes and Onions

I made lots of different designs and loved printing with vegetables. Look how much this celery looks like a rose.

Printing flowers with Celery

See how easily the celery is printed on the dish towels?

Printing with Celery

I made four towels in less than an hour!

Ink Printed Dish Towels

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Colorful vegetable prints on fabric showcasing a simple diy craft idea.

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    1. Oh my gosh, great idea! Yes, please make one and let me know how it turns out! If you share it on Instagram, tag me!

    2. Hi
      These vegetable printed towels are beautiful. How do you secure the paint for washing the dish cloth so they are practical and can be used at home?

  1. I love seeing creative and easy ideas! These are beautiful. Also, enjoyed the Mastermind class with you a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for joining us.

  2. Where is your paint from? Was it ok in shipment? On Amazon lot’s of complaints on spilling on delivery. I LOVE this idea! Also what is the difference in the ink paint vs the acrilyc ones you had done? Just curious. Thanks

    1. Hi Janice, thank you for reaching out. I order a lot of products from Amazon and have not had any issues with spillage. I used ink because I had heard that it worked well on fabric. I was really impressed with how it worked with the vegetables and the fabric. I will definitely use it again for fabric crafts!

  3. Trying to keep up with you and your wonderful ideas, this goes on my list! Question … when you used the roller for similar project you used different paint? Is the speed ball the desired since it will come in contact with food? Thank you for all you share

    1. I used ink because I heard it would work well on fabric. I was very impressed with the integrity of the stamp of each vegetable when I used the ink. It is definitely a keeper for future fabric crafts!

  4. I love these and I think I will try and make some for my daughter-in-laws! I was wondering which flour sack cloths you used? The link has two types…one that has 12 towels and one link that has 13 towels. Thank you for sharing all your fabulous ideas!

  5. Thank you!❤️ Stuck on basically bedrest from a foot surgery, in a week I can graduate to sitting at my dining room table (ha-foot up!, tho). Ordered everything!

  6. Love this. How many times can you stamp the towel after you paint the vegetable? Is clean up easy … with soap and water? Have you tried this with oranges or lemons?

    1. You kind of have to play around with it, a thin layer of paint looks better when you press it onto the towel. Also, I have not tried oranges and lemons but that might work! You definitely just want something with texture. Clean up isn’t too bad!

  7. You post repeats here and there, and this is one you posted last year. So my question..how did they hold up after use and washing??

  8. Looks like a wonderful project. Unfortunately I couldn’t read some of the text with the ads that popped up over it and couldn’t be removed! It’s getting ridiculous!

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