Why I Love My Farmhouse Dining Table

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Wow. I didn’t know how much I loved a farmhouse dining table until I wrote this post. I actually own nine farmhouse tables!

Perhaps that is how you learn that you really love something. You look around and actually count how many you own. Nine farmhouse dining tables? I really had no idea!

Dining on Our Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch

By the way, happy Valentine’s Day!

Farmhouse Dining Tables

Nine farmhouse dining tables? Seriously? I can’t wait to tell you how this blog post came about and how happy I am to learn I now have What can be called a collection of farmhouse dining tables.

I love farmhouse style and there is something about a long farmhouse dining table that gets me every time. Of course, farmhouse dining tables come in all shapes and styles, and to be honest, I am not even sure if all of these tables I am sharing today can be classified as “farmhouse”.

So why do I have so many?

I have no idea. I love farmhouse tables and I love having them in our home. A lot of you have asked about farmhouse tables and I thought it might be fun to share some history and where I found each of these tables.

#1 Vintage White Farmhouse Dining Table in the Carriage House

This is my most recent farmhouse purchase. I bought the table at my favorite vintage sale which is the Roundtop Antique sale in Round Top and Warrenton, Texas. The chairs don’t match but that’s ok because that was intentional.

This is a traditional farmhouse dining table. It’s quite narrow and easily sits eight but can also seat ten comfortably.

Summer Entertaining in a Farmhouse Dining Room
Summer Entertaining in a Farmhouse Dining Room

#2 Wood Top Vintage Farmhouse Table on the Porch

Since Round Top, Texas is only about two hours from Waco, almost all of the antiques in our Waco home are from the Round Top antique show. I bought this table and mismatched chairs two years ago at RT and love how it looks on our porch at our Waco Airbnb.

#3 Handmade Farmhouse Style Wood Table Tops

We entertain a lot and I have always struggled to find the right tables to seat my guests. I don’t like renting tables (it’s expensive), and I love seating my guests together. A few years ago I came up with the idea to make farm-style wood tabletops that sat on top of folded plastic tables.

The tables below are actually the wood tabletops. And yes, they are sitting on top of very inexpensive plastic tables. I made two rectangle tables that I set as a long table or one large square table. I use these table tops indoors (especially at the holidays) and outdoors all summer long.

Entertaining in the Backyard

#4 Farmhouse Dining Table in the Dining Room

About five years ago I bought this amazing table and 10 chairs from Pottery Barn.

Actually, I bought them twice.

I bought them at the local Pottery Barn store during the dining room sale for 20% off. We placed the order in October and were told the product wouldn’t be here until mid-February. I happened to visit the Pottery Barn outlet and found the exact same dining room table and chairs for half the price. Since it was so soon after I placed the order I was able to cancel my original order and buy them at the outlet.

The price was so much less and I had my new table and chairs in a few days!

Fall in the Dining Room

#5 Farmhouse Craft Table

This fun table was a Rose Bowl flea market find. I will never forget that I paid $35 for it and the only thing wrong with it was that it was painted turquoise. A lot of hand sanding and lots of black spray paint were all it needed.

Craft Room Organization After Photos
Restoring a Flea Market Table

#6 Farmhouse Milk Painted Coffee Table

I know that technically this isn’t a dining room table. But if I counted how many times we have eaten on this table it should be called a farmhouse dining room table. I bought this vintage coffee table at the flea market. It weighed a ton and I managed to talk the vendor into dropping it off at my home. It was stained a very dark brown and finally, last year, I painted it with milk paint.

I love this table. It’s been in our family a long time and it has puppy chew marks and lots of scratches from soccer cleats and baseball cleats. As far as I am concerned, it is a family heirloom!

Summer Color Palette
How to Refinish a Table Farmhouse Style

#7 Farmhouse Game Table

I bought this wood table at Bella Cottage. Since we play a lot of games in our family, I thought having a table specifically for games made a lot of sense. This table is also well used for puzzles and I love that I can work on it anytime I want and not worry that it is in the way. I am about to start a new puzzle soon!

Of course, we use this small farmhouse dining table for dinners a lot!

Game Night in the Living Room
Fun Family Game Night Ideas

#8 Farmouse Dining Table in the Waco House

I am so in love with our Waco Farmhouse Dining Table and these fabulous cross-back Dining Chairs. The table is a perfect size, it is reasonably priced, and it looks amazing.

The Final Reveal of the Interior of the Waco Fixer Upper

#9 Farmhouse Dining Table at the Beach House

I bought our Beach house dining room table on Craig’s List! It was $100 and came with six chairs. And it was from Pottery Barn. I haven’t bought a lot of things on Craig’s List but I sure buy a lot of items at Flea Markets. I guess you could call them the same thing, but just a bit different.

This table has been been a great addition to our Ventura home. I highly encourage you to look at both Craig’s List and Facebook Marketplace for good deals. Especially on furniture.

Tour of Our Beach House

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Why I Own Nine Farmhouse Dining Tables

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  1. Beautiful! I’m on the hunt now for the perfect table for my porch. Yours are all fabulous! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

        1. I actually counted mine after I read your wonderful post and I own 4 old farmhouse tables!!!! Absolutely can never own enough in my opinion!

    1. Girl, you and me both. I have one tiny house and I have 5. And none of them are the main table (which is an antique cherry table that was my grandmother’s). There’s nothing like a good table. One of mine was from Craigslist, sold by a dry cleaner that was going out of business and it was their lunchroom table. I took off the weird laminate someone had added and then painted the top with India ink. The one that matches it was from our local buy nothing – someone had put it on the curb and said “message me for the address, first come first served”, and 30 seconds after that was posted I had looked her up and sent my husband. Lol. I am serious about my tables. ♥️

      1. Hi Rebecca! Oh I love that! They seriously are the best- I love how you found yours! That’s how it happens 😆❤️

  2. You and I could be best friends. We have too many of the same obsessions. Wish I could show you my farm tables. Except mine were all found or inherited. I also have a cute wooden ice cream bucket as you often have in your kitchen. I pulled mine out of a Dilapidated shed at an old farm my dad (farmer) bought. My whole life I’ve been attracted to the junk “treasures” I could find at his properties. Now they are the funnest pieces to decorate with!! We have a few other pieces in common that I’ve never seen anyone else have.
    Sadly I’m moving from 3000 sq feet farm house to 1000 (at best) apartment, so I will need to pair down 😞 How Will I decide what treasures to part with?!? When I told my friend which ones were my “must keeps” she looked at me doubtful I’ll be able to do this! 🤷‍♀️

  3. The table on the front of the post, the old faded painted one with mismatching chairs. It just stole my heart.

  4. No fair posting without the current date!!! Thank you
    What color/make of paint/sheen of paint are you using to keep furniture similar shade of white?

  5. Hi, Can you explain what you mean by a plastic table to support a table top?
    And I have been following your blog for about 3 months, but I am not sure of the US region you are located in.


    1. Hi Kathy! You just put the table top on top of the plastic table to support! I live in Southern California, LA to be more specific!

  6. I love them all! They all have a purpose. So to me 9 doesn’t seem excessive at all! One thing I have realized following your posts and blog is, I need a handyman/ woodworking guy to help me with the bigger projects. For instance your table tops. My husband does not like to be involved with my projects! 🙄🤣

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