Fun Family Game Night Ideas

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This past year our family has really enjoyed playing games and interacting with each other. I decided it would be fun to set up an activity family game table and today I am sharing all of our family game night ideas.

Game Night in the Living Room

Doesn’t this look amazing? I am so excited that we have our own family table where we can enjoy all of our family game night ideas. Are you ready to learn about some new games too?

It has been a challenging year, but some really great things have come out of it for our family. One of those things is that we spent a lot of time playing games and doing puzzles. As our world is beginning to open up, we have held onto enjoying playing games together.

Our New Family Game Table

Family Game Night Ideas

I found this wonderful wood table at Bella Cottage. It is a Fir wood square table and it is so perfect of our game area for games, puzzles, zoom calls, studying, a fun lunch, and a romantic dinner for two or four.

Have you ever shopped at Bella Cottage? Everything they carry is amazing. They have furniture, decor, lighting and everything you could possible need for your home. Plus, they have curated a collection that is exquisite. I don’t think there is a thing on their website that I don’t love.!

Seriously, their selection of products is amazing!

Fun Game Night Ideas

Isn’t my new fir table perfect for puzzles? I bought this puzzle in Carmel a few weekends ago. I am pretty sure it is going to be hard but I am fine with that!

Now all I need is a second (or minute, or hour, or day) of spare time to put this puzzle together!

Family Game Night Ideas

I love that I finally have a table designated for puzzles and games that doesn’t have to be cleaned up after we are done! (Which means this puzzle will likely be here quite some time.)

Jigsaw Puzzle Love

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Game Night Ideas for the Family

My Favorite Board Games

Hands down, my favorite board game this past year is Rummikub. Have you played it yet?

I love playing with a group of people. I also like that it isn’t complex but there is still quite a bit of strategy involved. I am pretty confident that this game will be played here a lot more this summer.

Fun Family Game Night Ideas

Spiel Des Jahres

Have you heard of Spiel Des Jahres? Speil Des Jahres (Game of the Year) is an annual award given for board and card games. The award originated in Germany with the purpose of rewarding family-friendly game designs. It has grown to be globally known and is a wonderful place to find new games for your family.

We have found some incredible games through Spiel Des Jahres and anxiously await the winners each year which are awarded in July. Some of our favorites are Rummikub (as mentioned), Ticket to Ride, Carcassone, Settlers of Catan, Codenames, Azul and the newer Azul Summer Pavillion.

The game Wingspan is a favorite, and my sons Matt and Michael tried to introduce us to it at the holidays. It hasn’t caught on yet, but I am trying to keep an open mind. Wavelength is a new one and I am curious to see if it is a winner.

Many of these games have junior versions for younger players. Ticket to Ride, First Journey is for players 6+, Catan Jr is for ages 6+, Qwirkle is another game that is for ages 6+ but is also a great adult game.

Family Game Night

What is Your Favorite Board Game?

What is your favorite board game? I would love to know because I am ready to add some Amazon board games to my collection. Please leave a comment here!

I linked to some of the most popular board games in the resources below. I would love to also know if you like any of these board games.

Links to the Items Shown in This Post

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Lots of Fun Family Game Night Ideas

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  1. Love your new game table, always a nice thing to have available, plus looking forward to dinner for two table settings there in the future. Years ago we used to host an annual potluck pie party and game night. It was always fun to see what people brought—dessert pies, shephard’s pie, pizza ‘pie’ etc. with game tables set up all over. Nice memories.

    1. How much fun is that Jillian, pot luck game night?! And yes, you just might see this table set for more than games and puzzles! 😉

  2. What a great idea! We love game nights too! Sequence is our go to game. If you haven’t tried it give it a go! One Christmas Santa gave both my husband and I Sequence….the kids were so confused! haha

  3. I love you new space, that I am sure will be used for many fabulous things. I miss having all that space in my old home. We have since downsize. 🥲. Love the space and what you created there.

  4. We do a lot of puzzles in our house with my husband and I so I have had to go even larger with a board on our table lately, something like you did in Waco. It works and has challenged us to try harder puzzles that may take us longer but who cares as it’s our home, enjoyed to its fullest for living in.

  5. Bohnanza is our most recent favorite game. You are trying to plant beans by collecting as many of the same bean up to a certain amount. Super fun!

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