It’s Time for a Summer Celebration

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I loved partnering with Balsam Hill to create an outdoor setting for my girlfriends. It was the perfect setting for summer entertaining.

Last summer I hosted my girlfriends for a summer get-together. I partnered with Balsam Hill to create the perfect setting for summer entertaining. These copper items totally reformed our back patio and don’t be surprised if you see them out here well in the fall. OK, maybe even in winter!

Last summer I added a lot of green to our back porch. The. green made the perfect setting for all of these gorgeous copper items. They made the outdoor living area the ideal place for entertaining.

I absolutely love the Liberty Double-Walled Beverage Dispenser. You can put any beverage in here that you want. Water, lemonade, punch … it’s up to you. I love that there is a removable ice chamber that keeps the beverage cool but doesn’t dilute it. It will keep drinks cool for up to 2 hours and can hold up to 2.5 gallons! It can also keep beverages hot if you fill the chamber with hot water. Plus, the dispenser spigot contains a silicone filter to remove pulp if needed. I love to put fruit in my water so that’s a great idea!

I also added these Liberty Double-Walled Tumblers which are sold as a pair. They are really thick and guess why? The tumblers keep the temperature constant for up to 1 hour for hot drinks and 1.5 hours for cold beverages. How great is that?

I filled this Beverage Dispenser with water and then added sliced grapefruit and blood oranges. I also added ice in the metal cylinder. How pretty is this for a late afternoon summer celebration with girlfriends?

I put together some light snacks consisting of cheese and fruit. I usually go way overboard with the food so this time I was smarter and just kept it light!

I absolutely love this Liberty Double-Walled Beverage Tub. Made from double-walled stainless steel with electroplated coating, the tub holds up to 14 wine bottles or 20 beer bottles and keeps them cold for up to 5 hours. This is so much more than just a drink tub! And could it look any more beautiful?

The copper beverage tub is just ideal for summer entertaining!

I also added a faux flower arrangement. I love that the basket can either hang on a window sill or sit on top of a table.

I filled the second dispenser with fresh lime slices. Can I tell you how much I love how this looks on our porch? These beverage dispensers and beverage tub are as much decor as they are drink servers!

I was thrilled about how great our back porch looked last summer! I think I need to start refilling one of these beverage containers with water and fruit every morning throughout the rest of the summer. This was such a festive and beautiful addition to our outdoor area. 

I had such a wonderful afternoon entertaining. with my girlfriends. I can not wait until we can do it again. 

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  1. Its all beautiful. I am new to your blog and instagram. I look forward to all of your posts.
    You do such a wonderful job.
    Thanks for sharing.

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