The Imperfections of My 100 Year Old Home

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Yesterday I was lucky enough to participate in the #cottonstemheartshome feature with my favorite Instagram friend Erin @cottonstem. Erin featured a photo of our home and I am forever grateful.

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This prompted me to share what I call a “Real Life story” on Instagram. You know, the kind where you share your house and all of the things you can’t see. Things that give a home “character” and I like to call. REAL LIFE. 

So today I am sharing chipped paint, dead plants, missing shutter parts, and lots more. I was trying to encourage all of you to share photos of your home even when it isn’t perfect. Because seldom is anything perfect! Trust me, I know.

There is one huge glaring problem with the front of my house and I appreciate that you are all too kind to mention it. Ok, perhaps you just didn’t notice it.


Look at this close-up photo of the left side of our home. See all of those fabulous rose bushes that are on top of the french doors?


Now, look at the same area on the right of the house. What? No rose bushes.


Last year all of my roses on the right side of the house died in the drought.  I am trying to grow more but it’s just not working. Yet.

Speaking of dead flowers, look at my hydrangeas in my front flower pots.


We had a heatwave last week and these pretty much died too. Funny how you couldn’t notice that in the picture taken from farther away.

Also, look at the shutter on the right side of the house. Broken!


And the missing wooden shingle on the side of the house …


Not to mention the chipped paint. Although I do love chippy paint … just not this kind.


Please remember that our home is 102 years old. And she does show her age. It’s hard for all of us to keep up with all of the maintenance. Not to mention the fact that it is time-consuming and it’s expensive.

I think it’s really important for us all to overlook the details and just enjoy the big picture. Because nothing is perfect. 

This is what I call real life. And I love it.

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  1. I love your blog! I like that it is a quick read because I don’t have a lot of extra time 🙂 I also really like the content. You have done such a great job!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessie! That means so much! I always try to think about the content I would like to read about!

  2. I love that you showed the imperfections of your home, it’s so easy to think that everyone’s life is the perfect picture square Instagram portrays. Your home is gorgeous, and perfect in imperfections.

    1. Thank you, Cami! I try hard to show all sides of things! Like when I was taking photos for the home tour (coming soon) and the “out of the shot” photos were HILARIOUS! Every perfect photo we see has an out of frame chaos around it!

  3. I personally love the imperfection of an old house… somethings should just be overlooked ????… great blog and I enjoy all your pictures.

  4. Love this. It’s so easy for us to curate, filter, and show only the best parts of life on social media. This is real and I can’t get enough!

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