How to Make Large Paper Flowers with JOANN

Today, I’m going to show you how to make large paper flowers. These are perfect for decorating your home or for giving as a gift.

Who ever said flowers have to be made of real petals? These lovely blooms are crafted out of paper and best of all, you can tailor these flowers to any color or shape you desire. So let’s get started!

How to Make Paper Flowers

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Spring is in the air at our home! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this collaboration with JOANN. I made these flowers for the first time and I can’t wait to show you how to make paper flowers! I also made this burlap table cover and although it took a lot of work, I absolutely love how it came out. I added decor from my local JOANN store with coastal inspired wreaths and candles. Finally, I made placemats out of coastal fabric that adds a great accent to my table.

How to Make Paper Flowers with joann

These paper poppies are probably the most favorite craft I have ever made. They look so realistic! 

How to Make Paper Flowers Poppy

JOANN carries a line of products from my favorite flower making mentor, Lia Griffith. You can buy templates for Lia Griffith’s flowers, tools, crepe paper and everything you need to learn how to make paper flowers at a JOANN store or on the JOANN website. 

How to Make Paper Flowers with crepe paper

I bought the template to make these poppies at JOANN and I cannot believe how great they turned out! Below are the full instructions how to make paper flowera and a link to a DIY video.

I also made this burlap table cover. I made the cover to fit my dining room table and lined it with muslin. We only use our dining room a few days a month and I wanted to make something to leave on my table when it is not in use. As soon as I saw this sage green burlap at JOANN, I knew this is what I wanted to make. 

How to Make Paper Flowers burlap table cover

It’s not a difficult project, it just takes time. Basically, all it requires is sewing a straight line. But the ruffle along the bottom is about 500″ long so it takes patience. I will publish another blog post very soon with all of the instructions of how I made it. 

I also made fabric placemats. These are the easiest DIY to make and I am thrilled how they came out. I love how they add a slight hint of color pop in this table setting. Of course, I will use them as single placemats as well.

I love this Waverly Home decor fabric from JOANN.

How to Make Paper Flowers and placemats
How to Make Paper Flowers and coastal table setting

I found this coastal inspired Indigo wreath at JOANN. I absolutely love it.

How to Make Paper Flowers coastal wreath
How to Make Paper Flowers and dining table

The Simple Spring Knobby Glass candles are also from JOANN

How to Make Paper Flowers poppy flowers

How to Make Paper Flowers

What You Will Need

Lia Griffith Poppy Template

Lia Griffith Extra Fine Crepe Paper, blush, canary and green

Hot Glue Gun (low temp suggested)

Lia Griffith Fiskars Fringe Scissors (optional but so worth it!)

Floral Tape

Green 22 Gage Stem Wire

Green 16 Gage Stem Wire

1″ styrofoa ball

Pan Pastel Artist Pastels, Pearlescent Red and Orange (optional)


  1. Read the flower making directions located on the backside of the insert in the Lia Griffith paper flower poppy template. Cut out the flower pieces based on the quantities listed. Be sure to follow the grain lines on the pattern with the grain lines on the crepe paper.
How to Make Paper Flowers cut crepe paper
How to Make Paper Flowers lia griffith

2. Bend over 1/4″ of the thicker stem wire and using hot glue, secure inside of the foam ball. Stretch the oval green piece of crepe paper and cover the ball and secure with hot glue. 

Add three intersecting lines of glue to the top of the green ball. 

How to Make Paper Flowers 2

Dip into the embossing powder.

How to Make Paper Flowers 3

Let dry. 

How to Make Paper Flowers 4

3. Using pinking shears, cut along the top of one side of the pattern. If you don’t have pinking shears use scissors to create the same effect. Color the pinked edge about 3/4 inch with an orange marking pen.

How to Make Paper Flowers 5

Use the Lia Griffith Fiskars fringe scissors to cut along the entire strip, leaving 1/2″ uncut at the bottom. Twist each shred with your fingers.

How to Make Paper Flowers 6

Glue the fringed paper to the ball and wrap all the way around.

How to Make Paper Flowers 7
How to Make Paper Flowers 8

4. Optional – Use the Pan Pastels to color the crepe paper petals. Apply color on both sides.

How to Make Paper Flowers pan pastels

5. Place a small amount of glue along the bottom of each petal and attach to the bottom of the ball with fringe, one at a time, alternating about half way between each petal.

How to Make Paper Flowers 10
How to Make Paper Flowers 11

Continue until all ten petals are attached.

How to Make Paper Flowers 12

6. Attach one side of the leaf to another piece of wire with hot glue.

How to Make Paper Flowers 13

Attach the other side of the leaf. Use floral tape to attach the stem and leaf together. Wrap floral tape all the way along the stem and secure at the bottom with glue.

How to Make Paper Flowers 14
How to Make Paper Flowers 15

For a complete video tutorial of how to make paper flowers, check back tomorrow for the link here.

Later this week I will share a DIY tutorial on how to make the fabric placemats and burlap table cover.

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    1. There are different kinds of glue guns. There is a low temp glue gun which is what is recommended. You don’t adjust the temperature.

  1. I really want to try to make these. Even up close I would never have guessed they weren’t real! They are absolutely amazing!

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