How to Finish a Remodel with Handmade and Vintage Decor Items for Your Home

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The Last step to our Waco remodel was finding the perfect Decor Items for our home. I found handmade and vintage items and I am so excited to share them with you today.

handmade lampshade

Can you believe it! I am finally sharing the view into our laundry room of our Waco Airbnb home. The coffee station is on the right and the master bedroom is on the left. I love so many things about this photo and I can’t wait to share these decor items and where I found them all.

Macrame Light

The first thing I want to point out is my favorite handmade lampshade ever. See that really cool macrame light hanging from the ceiling with pom-poms? It was made by a friend of mine, Tessa, who owns a small business called Shop Studio Jane.

Every time I show photos of our home, I always get a lot of comments about the “special decor pieces” I used to pull a room together. This macrame light is my favorite homemade light ever. In fact, I kind of planned the room around it!

lampshade macrame

Months ago, when the electrician was hanging lights, I had him hang a pendant light which I bought on Amazon for less than $20.00. I knew I wanted to either make or buy a homemade hanging light. And as soon as Tessa showed me her macrame lights, I knew exactly where it was going to hang in our home. 

Tessa has a brand new website, Shop Studio Jane, where she sells handmade wall art, lighting, accessories, plant hammocks, pots, and festive decor. 

My light is called the Petunia Pendant Light and you can find it in her store here. I can’t even imagine how many hours this must have taken her to make. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Petunia Pendant Light lit Petunia Pendant Light  

Tessa has a lot more lights in her collection. You should follow the links and check them out.

This light is the Poppy Pendant Light and can be found on Shop Studio Jane here.

Poppy Pendant Light

This light is new and I absolutely love it! It’s called the Marigold Pendant Light.

Marigold Pendant Light

To see more of Tessa’s Lighting Collection, head to Shop Studio Jane. You can also find her on Instagram.

Vintage Decor Items

I wanted to mention a few more unique decor items that are in this photo.

The white cabinet and the architectural pieces above the laundry room and master bedroom doors are from the Round Top Antiques Fair. The crib mattress spring is also from Roundtop. If you look closely, you might also see the black vintage lunch box I bought at Roundtop that holds coffee condiments.

The ice cream soda metal vintage sign is from a follower! It’s one of the nicest surprise gifts I have ever received.

I bought the Hotel metal sign in Napa last June while we were there for my son’s wedding. I bought it at a small vintage shop in St. Helena.

All of the vintage doors in our home, including this laundry room door, are from a vintage shop in Waco called Laverty’s Antiques and Furnishings. Laverty has amazing antiques, but there is one catch. They are only open for a few days every other month. You need to check their Facebook page where they announce their upcoming sale dates. If you are local or visiting Waco, you definitely want to check the dates for their next sale.

I love our laundry room vintage door so much! This one is the most unique (and the coolest) of the doors in our home. I bought six other interior doors at Laverty’s too. They are all a bit chippy and I love that so much.

Fortunately, I bought the doors before the openings were framed. So they fit perfectly! Haha.

Stay tuned for more posts about all of the fun things I found for our Waco Airbnb. I cannot wait to share them with you.

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Handmade Macrame Pendant Lights

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  1. For old things with peeling paint, how do you know or test to be sure that they don’t have lead in them, which used to be common, but now is proven to cause problems for children?

  2. I love your laundry room door! I found one almost like it in an old barn on property we bought 2 years ago. We are adding on a master suite and laundry room, and I want to use the door I found for the new laundry room. Hubby nixed the idea, said that door is falling apart. But I have an amazing carpenter who can do amazing things with very little. It will be beautiful!

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