My Favorite Vintage Finds in Our Waco Home

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I love adding unique vintage furniture to our Waco home. Each piece was carefully chosen for our home where it will continue its legacy.

There’s something special about unique vintage items – the details, the way they’ve been loved and used, and the stories they tell. Today I am sharing my favorite unique vintage pieces in our Waco home. 

Waco Airbnb Home Remodel

Lately, I have been obsessed with looking back at all of my unique vintage furniture finds. 

I think it’s because I am finally able to attend flea markets again. If you like flea markets, you might enjoy my Insider Tips to Flea Market Shopping.

Now that I am shopping again for unique vintage pieces, I wanted to share my favorite vintage finds in our Waco fixer upper home. This just might be a pretty long blog post because there is a lot to share!

Vintage Furniture

Where Did I Shop for Unique Vintage Furniture?

I purchased a majority of the vintage items (like 95%) at the Round Top vintage fair. It’s held twice a year (spring and fall) and I love the items and prices very much! I also bought a few pieces at The Findery in Waco. The Findery has two stores, and my favorite is the warehouse in the back. They have some wonderful unique vintage pieces and furniture.

Let’s start in the living room where every single vintage piece is from Round Top. In the photo below, you might notice the coffee table. It’s actually a unique vintage trunk. All of the vintage items on top of the trunk, including the small cards with words on them were purchased in Round Top also. I thought they might be fun for our guests to enjoy! I also bought the vintage end table and wire baskets on top of the white cabinet.

The vintage cabinet is for storage and I absolutely love it. It’s simple but has nice details and it was very inexpensive (as in a few hundred dollars).

Vintage Cabinet and Coffee Table

Ther Living Room

The vintage architectural piece above the french doors was an awesome find, I wanted something that was about a foot tall to hang above the doorway because it is about a foot lower than the two windows on each side. By adding the architectural piece, it pulls up the height of the french door in line with the windows. I know it’s a minor thing but to me, it makes a huge difference.


The Dining Room

Vintage Architectural Piece

Unique Vintage General Store Ledger

Since our home was going to be an Airbnb, I wanted to find a unique vintage item to hold all of our guest’s comment cards. This cabinet is from an old general store. It was used to keep a tally of all of the farmer’s purchases in town throughout the year. Once the harvest was completed, everyone paid their bill. 

The papers on the left are original and I love seeing the prices on the receipts! I also love seeing all of the comment cards left by our guests. One of my greatest experiences when I visited Waco last month was reading all of these from the past year!

Vintage General Store Ledger

Our kitchen island was the find of the century. The color varies between blue, green, and gray, depending on the light and time of day. It’s an old general store counter. It had a modern top which I replaced with butcher block.

Waco Kitchen with Vintage Tile

The Kitchen

I love vintage glassware and the seltzer bottles and weck jars (on the top shelf) were less than $10 at Round Top. Even the kitchen is filled with unique vintage accessories.

Vintage Seltzer Bottles

These tall vintage French doors were purchased while we were still under construction and I found the perfect place for them. (The doors ended up determining the height of the doorway!) These were also from Round Top.

Vintage French Doors

I thought that it would be fun to instantly add charm to our home by using unique vintage doors all throughout the interior of our home. Ours were all found at a local place in Waco called Laverty’s. I think they cost about $10 each which was a lot cheaper than a new door! I also bought the door hangers at Round Top. They were only $1 and I love them so much.

The Laundry Room

Vintage Doors

The laundry room door is also from Laverty’s. I had to have glass put in the window and someday I am going to etch or stencil “LAUNDRY” on the glass.

Vintage Laundry Room Door

The Master Bathroom

In the master bath, I have a lot of pieces of vintage furniture. The vanity was a piece I found at The Findery. It was a sideboard and yet I knew it would be perfect in our master bath. The mirrors are vintage and are from Round Top. One of the last items I bought in Round Top was the shelf on the right. I absolutely love it.

Vintage Bathroom Counter and Shelf

The Middle Bedroom

The last room I am sharing is the middle bedroom.  It’s always been kind of a “mish-mash” room that I have always felt needed some TLC. Each bed has a trunk at the end and I bought those at Round Top right after we bought the home.  My favorite vintage finds in the room are the two architectural porch railings that I hung above the beds. These were purchased in March of 2020, just after Round Top was closed for COVID, and a vendor was thrilled that I bought them. No bargaining was necessary because they were so cheap and I knew they were going to look great on the shiplap wall.

Vintage Bedroom Finds

It has been so much fun to reminisce about all of these favorite unique vintage items. Kind of like I have been vintage flea market shopping, so this tour on my blog has been a great thing! 

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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  1. Oh Leslie I just love this house!! These pictures are so warm and welcoming, and all your vintage things are wonderful! Thanks for sharing it all with us. As soon as I can, I’m coming down! 😉 Happy Monday in the meantime!

  2. Love the simplicity and all the attention to detail in each and every room!
    The home looks so inviting and comfortable.
    What size home is it if I may ask? Square foot wise.
    I’ve got this one on my bucket list for sure!

  3. Love the simplicity and all the attention to detail in each and every room!
    The home looks so inviting and comfortable.
    What size home is it?

  4. I love seeing your posts. I wish I had your energy!
    Please tell me how you hung the porch railings over the beds. I have several similar vintage pieces and also some slightly heavier wrought iron pieces I would love to hang but want to make sure they are secure.
    Thanks and keep the posts coming!

  5. I love the chandeliers in the dining room. Can you please let me know where you got them from? Everything is beautiful!!

  6. I have a logistics question… When you’re shopping at a flea market, how do you get all your purchases home, specially when you have a rental car? Just love all your finds! Would you consider hosting a field trip?!?!?

    1. Hey Donna, there are a few options, if I am close to home I just drive it back. Sometimes they offer to deliver which is always helpful. I have also rented a truck to help carry items back to my house, depending on how far away I am. Haha a field trip might be fun, I may have to consider that…

  7. I really enjoyed reading and seeing your post. This type of shopping is my favorite! You got some amazing items. I love especially the pieces over the door and the beds and the doors!

  8. So many great details, Leslie! I especially like the clean white bedding in the “porch rail” bedroom. Do you know where you purchase the bed covers and “relax” pillows?

  9. I just love your Waco home! I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from it in our current renovation. I love all your salvage pieces. We had some little cowboy homes on our property that were falling down and of course I stored all the wood for later use. One being a large triangular lattice piece from the front peak. I can not wait to hang it in our farmhouse!!!

    1. I am so glad you are finding inspiration for your renovation, Deana! I think that would be a gorgeous addition to your farmhouse!

  10. You and I have so much in common. I am also a huge flea/vintage/junque shopper. Love all your finds in your Waco house.

  11. There is not one thing about your home that I do not love, love, and did I say love. I wish I could fine those rails like the ones you have over your door and beds. The fabulous doors, and so much more. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much! You are so kind! The vintage finds definitely take dedication but the end result is always so beautiful!

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