Tips for Styling Your Kitchen After the Holidays

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Today I am sharing some tips for styling your kitchen after the holidays. I love this transformation using color and some of my holiday decor.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Tips When Styling Your Kitchen After the Holidays

There are two things I like to do that you might want to consider when styling your kitchen after the holidays.

You can clearly see them in this photo of my kitchen “winter” decor.

Pick a New Color

The first is to pick a new color for the winter season.

I picked pink.

I am a mom with a husband, three sons, and a male dog. I reserve pink whenever I want it. Right?

Keep Some of Your Holiday Decor to Enjoy for the Winter

When styling your kitchen, you need to keep some of your “winter” themed holiday decorations displayed in your home. 

It took me a while to figure out that you don’t have to put all of your holiday decorations away right after the holidays. Most of us have some holiday decor that looks like “winter” and not as much “Christmas”. Leave it out and enjoy it!

You can easily enjoy it in your home for a few months.

Which explains why I have three trees (which are kind of technically Christmas trees) and some Christmas ornaments on our kitchen counters.

Kitchen Styling

Would you agree that they don’t really look like Christmas decorations?

I love this look! It’s winter-ish and festive and fun. The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything since I already own this decor.

All I did was add some pink.

And I already owned all of that too.

The white wood container above is an old ice cream maker. Isn’t it the best? I bought it from my friend Judy at Vintage Junktion LA

I made the pine cone tree last month. You can find the DIY here.

The pink blossom branches in the ice cream maker are homemade. I will be sharing how to make these very soon!

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Pink

It is amazing how styling your kitchen with a pink book on a countertop can add so much color to a room. I love this book by Kate Spade, all in good taste.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas 5

I did a lot of pine cone crafts this past holiday and I have a lot of extra pine cones. I placed some of them in an old sewing machine drawer next to the table lamp I have on the kitchen island. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas 10

Speaking of pinecones, I hung the pink pine cone wreath (that I made earlier last year) behind the stove. Tap the link for the complete DIY.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Stove Top

I know there isn’t a lot of pink decor in the kitchen. But it’s just enough to add some fun and colorful inspiration that I love. 

The peaches in my favorite wooden bowl (which sits on top of a wooden cake stand) are faux and will soon be replaced with a fun craft I have planned. Stay tuned for a very simple craft that is going to look amazing in your home. I made all of my branches for about $4.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

I get asked all of the time about my spice rack. It’s the green one with the small tin containers. I bought it twenty years ago from Martha Stewart and sadly it isn’t still for sale. But I already have a DIY planned and it is on my editorial calendar. So you will be able to make the spice rack this month. 

The canisters and butter dish are from Rae Dunn and I bought them at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas 8jpg

I do have a few plans of ways to re-invigorate our kitchen. 

One of those ideas is that I am going to replace the hanging lights over the island. They are over twenty years old and aren’t working very well. 

So many of you have asked about the paint color on our kitchen walls. It is from Farrow and Ball and the name is Cooking Apple Green.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas 1

I hope you will consider using some of your holiday decorations in your home for the winter season. I love how this looks in our kitchen.

Pin the image below to your Craft or Christmas decor boards on Pinterest (just click the Pin button in the top left corner). You can also follow along with me on Pinterest!

White kitchen

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  1. Happy New Year Leslie! Love the touches of pink and with a few adjustments it takes you right through Valentine’s! Looking forward to what you have in store for fun things I. 2021.

  2. The majority of my “Christmas” decorations are intentionally a winter theme – lots of snowmen and snowflakes – and they stick around to Feb 1 when I roll out a few Valentine touches. Then on to birds and bunnies for spring! It brings me great joy!!! And thank goodness my hubba bubba is fully onboard. 🙂

  3. Looks wonderful and spacious. Would love to shop that vintage store, if ever in LA. (Boulder here) We do come out sometimes. I spent yesterday doing this with a snowman, snowflake theme and colors of ivory, black, green, silver and kept up trees and lights but took ornaments off. Kept the pine swags, pinecones and lights. Kept the snowmen on the kitchen tree and added silver snowflakes. It took me years to figure out leaving some up as well…makes it a lot easier to put things away in stages! I loved what you did with the dress form in your craft room this year, so creative.

  4. Happy New Year! Your kitchen is lovely and the pink touches are just perfect. Looking forward to seeing what you pick to replace your pendants over the island. Can you walk us through your thought process – which ones you are considering and why you chose the ones you do? I love your posts.

  5. happy New Years Leslie, your kitchen is so pretty. The pink touches add just the right amount of girly girl décor without making it look like the ringlets with pink bows girly girl look, know what I mean? I have some fairies and elves Christmas décor which I leave up till after Valentine’s Day and by that I mean June. I don’t know how that happens, you just can’t trust those elves.

  6. As another mother of three sons, I applaud your choice of pink! I am now the grandmother of seven, including four girls, so I finally get to bask in pink and glitter!

  7. Everything is so beautiful! I always enjoy all your post. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2021! 💜

  8. Love your beautiful home snd that wonderful kitchen. What was the name of the trees that were in your dining room table from Pottery barn?

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