MASTER BEDROOM MAKEOVER // 50 Shades of Gray (Paint)

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The walls in our master bedroom have been painted a warm kind of off-white yellow since we bought the house in 1998. I decided it was time for a grown up room and chose to paint the walls light gray. Of course, that’s way harder than I thought it was.


My first step was to pull out the Dunn Edwards paint deck. I picked four grays and put samples of them on the wall. Wow. They didn’t even look gray. They looked pink, blue, green and lavender.


Finally, after some more trial and error, I chose this paint.


I like it. But sometimes, when it’s sunny outside and the lights are on in the bedroom it looks a teenie bit lavender. But that’s an easy fix, I just turn off the lights. Hmmm.

My next task was to paint the brass light. First I spray painted it gray. That looked horrible. So I pretended that was a primer coat and painted it black instead. Much better. (I forgot to snap pics of it before it went up… but you’ll see it when I show off the final product!)


My biggest project was making a headboard from an old door. More about that make-it-yourself project next week!

This post is part of a series of my “soft renovation” of my master bedroom. Find part one here. 

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