Colorful Table for Easter Dinner

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Today I am sharing a very colorful table for Easter dinner. It is easy, simple, and really fun to create.

Easter Dinner Table

I am so excited for spring. While I have loved adding pink to my home, I love all of the colors of spring, including pink. I am very lucky to be in Southern California, so my garden is starting to bloom! I am so happy to be able to create an Easter Dinner spring table using all fresh flowers from my garden!

Spring Easter Dinner


I wandered through the garden in both the front and back yards and found pink camellias and a handful of daffodils! These flowers, together with the eggs that I dyed in the Ameraucana, Araucana and Easter Egger blue and green hues served as the inspiration for this Easter dinner table.

Colorful Table with Nests for Easter Dinner

I also knew that I wanted to use the bird’s nests that I had recently acquired to nestle the dyed eggs into.

Creating a tablescape is very much a building process. I started with the color inspiration and built the tablescape from there. I tried a number of different vessels for the centerpiece, but none gave me the color spectrum I was looking for, so I added the small 6” cake plates in white, pink, and robin egg’s blue and draped them with a single camellia. Next, I arranged the daffodils in a white pitcher and added the pink camellias (which happen to have yellow centers) to fill out the arrangement. 

Colorful Table for Easter Dinner

I wanted the place setting components of the table to be colorful also. My goal is for the table as a whole to be beautiful, and also each individual place setting. I played with a number of napkin and plate combinations until I settled on this one of the pink plate with the vintage green napkin.

Easter Dinner Table

I love my woven rattan chargers, they add so much texture to place setting. I added the shiplap charger which is just a bit smaller to neutralize the brown of the rattan. Next I added the pink plate and draped the green napkin down the middle. I centered the bird’s nest on the plate and added a smidge of greenery and some alyssum that I also found in the garden.

Finally, I popped one of the blue/green hued eggs into the nest.

Egg Nests on the Plates for Easter Dinner

I recently acquired the crystal goblets at the Barnhouse Chick’s Market Vintage Flea Market last weekend. They were $22 for a set of 6 goblets! I always share whenever Barnhouse Chicks is having a Flea Market. If you are in the Southern California area, these are a treat. This one was outdoors, in a parking lot with social distancing and masks. I have to say, everyone was so happy to be there. The vendors, many of whom hadn’t been able to sell in almost a year as well as the shoppers. Everyone was literally, just so happy!

Finally, I used my depression glass yellow water glasses. I don’t use these very often and was so glad to be able to bring them out!

My Colorful Table for Easter Dinner

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Colorful Table for Easter Dinner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a basic table setting?

I set a lot of tables and realized, maybe I haven’t answered this simple question before. A basic table setting includes the plate centered in front of the guest. The napkin is placed to the left of the plate, or on the plate. The cutlery is placed on the left and right of the plate in order of use (for formal place settings). For my more casual place setting, the fork is to the left of the plate, centered on the height of the plate. The knife is to the right of the plate with the blade facing the plate so that your guest doesn’t injure themselves when reaching for the knife. The spoon is to the right of the knife. The wine and water glasses are placed at the upper right corner above the knife and spoon. I place the water glass on the outside so that guests have easy access to water. 

How do I make a tablescape beautiful?

Start with a theme. A theme can be color, occasion or a focal point, i.e. centerpiece or china. Once you have a theme, start with the centerpiece or table decoration and build from there by adding linens, china, and glassware. 

Creative and Colorful Table for Easter Dinner

My friends Janine and Ashley also created some spring Tables.

Happy Happy Nester

Do you need spring decorating ideas for your dining room table? Freshen up any table with this spring table setting of flowers and eggs. This easy Easter table is easy to create with just a few decor elements.

Modern Glam Home

This natural style Easter Table is perfect for a casual gathering. With organic elements, a living centerpiece, and neutral colors, this tablescape is simple yet elegant.

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Colorful Table for Easter

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  1. I love seeing your beautiful tablescapes! I have a question of a more procedural nature. How do you serve? “Family style” doesn’t seem appropriate or possible since there isn’t room for food on the table. “Buffet Style”? Do guests gather their plate from the table to take to the buffet?

    I haven’t done much sit down entertaining and would like some insight on the mechanics.

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Once the food is ready, everyone grabs their plate and heads to the kitchen. I usually serve in the kitchen and then guests can head into the kitchen on their own for seconds. We’re pretty casual around here these days!

  2. What a happy table!

    Your use of chargers brings to mind my own use of them. My son and sons-in-law love to tease me about my use of chargers, the silver, and the cloth napkins. For lack of room, I serve buffet style and let them pick up their dinner plate from the counter. One Sunday dinner, one of my sons-in-law got in line, patiently awaiting his turn at the buffet, and carefully holding his plate charger in his hand…..Just one of the joys of Sunday dinner…..

  3. The table is lovely.
    Will you share the sources for the shiplap chargers and the bird nests?
    I wish I had your energy!

  4. When I see pink in a spring tablescape, I just love it! Something about pink and those pastels just makes me smile! It’s absolutely beautiful! I’d be tickled “pink” to sit at your table! Grin 🙂

  5. Your flowers from your gardens are so pretty! I missed the Barnhouse Chicks Vintage Market in T.O. ,because I was in a class, however, I heard they were coming to Ventura! Have you heard that?? I sure hope so!

    1. Hi Patti, I have not heard about a Ventura date, but that would be great! Everyone was so happy to be at a vintage market, both the vendors and the shoppers. I hope she does Ventura also! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for reaching out Laura. I do try to make it easy for you to recreate and with Amazon Prime, you can get all of the supplies so quickly! Have a great day!

  6. Beautiful table Leslie! I’m inspired to start gathering things for mine now. Keep up the excellent work.

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