How to Make Copper Foil Easter Eggs DIY

Easter is around the corner and I am sharing one of my favorite ideas for Easter eggs. I loved making these copper foil Easter eggs DIY.

How to Make Copper Foil Easter Eggs DIY

One of my favorite crafts happen when I use metal leaf foil. It is such a unique application and it’s almost impossible to mess it up. For that reason alone, I love using copper leaf foil.

I have made metal leaf candlesticks, pumpkins, apples, and pears. And I love every single one of these projects.

Next up … my copper foil Easter eggs DIY!

Copper Easter Eggs DIY

Copper Foil Easter Eggs DIY

I have quite a cit of metal leaf in my craft room, including silver, gold, copper, pink, green, blue, and red. I love copper so much and I thought it would be fun to make an Easter Eggs DIY that would last for a long time. I used wooden eggs and sealed them so they are going to last a very long time.

Originally I was going to cover the eggs entirely in copper leaf. But when I was working on the first one, I accidentally missed applying some of the areas with the Adhesive Sizing.

I loved the “chippy look” and decided to decorate all of the eggs with a partial covering of the copper metal leaf.

Copper Foil Easter Eggs DIY

This is the first time I have applied metal leaf that wasn’t completely covered. It wasn’t hard to do but just a slightly different process.

Somehow I managed to make Easter Eggs look elegant! And I love that.

Copper Foil Easter Eggs

How to Make My Easter Eggs DIY

Copper Foil Easter Eggs

Last year I found imitation rose gold sheets for crafting on Amazon and purchased 100 sheets for under eight dollars! I am still using the same foil and I have always considered rose gold and copper to almost be the same color.

You can see how thin the metal leaf is. If you touch it directly it will stick to your hands or gloves. You should wear gloves so you don’t leave fingerprints or stick to the metal. When you handle the leaf, be sure to use the paper inserts to pick it up and apply it. (And if it does tear don’t worry. You will use plenty of small pieces and you have plenty!)

What You Need for the Easter Egg DIY

One package of Imitation Leaf Gold Rose for Gilding for Crafting (you can also use silver or gold)

Wooden Easter Eggs

Mona Lisa two ounce Metal Leaf Adhesive

Mona Lisa water-based sealer

Rubber gloves

Assorted paint brushes

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How to Make Copper Foil Easter Eggs DIY

Before I got started, I needed a way to secure the eggs while I was applying the fixative. I found paper cups which worked ok. If you have an extra egg carton I think that would be best.

Step One – Apply Adhesive

Put your gloves on before you start. Use a paintbrush to cover the eggs sporadically with the adhesive. Be sure to place your eggs on a plastic-type surface that won’t stick to the egg. Try to cover not all of the surfaces of the egg with the adhesive.

Let the adhesive set for about thirty minutes to get extra sticky.

DIY How to Make Copper Foil Easter Eggs

Step Two – Apply the Copper Leaf

Gently lay a piece of the copper metal leaf on the egg. You can cover the entire egg as it will be easy to wipe off as the copy won’t stick to the areas without the fixative adhesive.

DIY How to Make Copper Foil Easter Eggs

Gently press the copper leaf onto the egg. Don’t try to peel off the extra copper leaf as the eggs need to sit another thirty minutes. If you try too early the fixative will move around and make a mess.

DIY How to Make Copper Foil Easter Eggs

Once the eggs are almost dry, remove the extra foil. Gently rub the eggs in the palm of your hand to remove the extra foil. You can also use a dry paintbrush too. Just be gentle.

How to Make Copper Foil Easter Eggs

Can you believe how these are looking? I love them.

Step Three – Applying the Sealer

Once the eggs are dry, remove any extra copper. Lightly add a complete coat of the Sealer so that the copper will be protected.

Let dry and style them however you want!

Feel free to copy any of my styling ideas shown in the blog post too!

How to Make Copper Foil Easter Eggs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use metal leaf?

Use a paintbrush to thinly cover the item with the adhesive. Be sure to place your item on a plastic surface that won’t stick to the item. Try to cover all surfaces of the item with adhesive. Let the adhesive dry for 30 minutes. Gently lay a piece of the copper metal leaf on the item. Continue to cover with as many sheets as necessary. Don’t worry about spots that are missed as you will come back and add more copper later. Gently press down on the copper sheets to adhere the metal to the adhesive. I used my fingers (with gloves) and a dry brush to do this.

How do you seal metal leaf?

Once the item is covered with metal leaf and completely dry, remove any extra leaf. Lightly add a complete coat of the sealer with a paintbrush so that the item will be protected. Let dry before use.

I just love these eggs and how they look now that they are done. They are so easy to make because they don’t have to be perfect.

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How to Make Copper Foil Easter Eggs

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