How to Set a Beautiful Table with Easter Colors

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I am so excited to share my Easter ideas for my Easter brunch table. I love the bright Easter colors, and can’t wait to share the florals, table setting, and fun glassware.

Easter Flowers on the Table

I love Easter Brunch and I cannot wait to share with you tomorrow my menu and Easter Brunch recipes. Today I set the table and I absolutely love how these Easter colors and flowers created an amazing table.

To set this table I “shopped my home” and found almost everything I needed. My best friend Mary Liz and I took a quick trip to the Los Angeles Flower Mart yesterday morning and we found the most gorgeous flowers! I will share more about our flower shopping trip in a bit.

Let’s talk more about this wonderful table!

Easter Table Theme Ideas

Easter Brunch Table

I love having a theme for my tables, even when they are just based on color. For this table, I knew I wanted to use Easter colors. I decided to use the pink and purple shades of Easter colors and add an unusual stainless feature with my chargers and vases.

My “vases” are vintage and they are “calf buckets” that I got from a friend of mine. Patrick, from through the Porthole, sent me some of these buckets and told me to use them in any way I saw fit.

Originally I was going to plant flowers in them and hang them on the side of a trellis (they have a side hanger on each bucket). For this table I was originally going to paint the buckets in pastel colors. But I decided to keep them their natural tin color and I am so happy I did!

Easter Colors on the Table

I pulled out my tin chargers that I picked up a few years ago and the two compliment each other so well!

I also like how they create a more casual look for my table. I want this brunch with my family to be fun and relaxing. Not too stuffy! Haha.

My Easter colors are fun and lighthearted and casual. I had to add my cranberry glass because it brought out the bright pinks in the flowers and well, it just pops.

I am so happy that I started collecting cranberry glass about twenty years ago. I wrote a blog post about Collecting Cranberry Glass and one about Collecting Pink Glassware.

About a month ago I added a few pieces of Cranberry glass to my collection. See the vintage cranberry water glasses on this table? I bought eight more on Etsy to match the ones I already owned! I found them for $8.00 each!

Easter Table for Brunch

I added some small pots with eggs on the table add a touch of Easter. Scroll down for the DIY on how I made these. (They started out as terra cotta tiny pots.)

The eggs are white wooden eggs. I love these so much and on Friday you are going to see how to decorate them!

Easter Table for Brunch

I do love how my table matches my rug perfectly! I promise I didn’t do it on purpose but I love this Loloi Norabel Ivory/Blush rug so much! It is amazing.

Table Setting and Rug

This table is so perfect for Easter Brunch!

Easter Brunch for Six

Now I just need my children to all come home for Easter!

Easter Brunch Table

Aren’t these little painted pots just adorable with the eggs?

Easter Table

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Easter Brunch Flowers from the LA Flower Mart

Easter Flower Centerpiece Ideas

As I mentioned, we went to the flower mart yesterday in downtown Los Angeles. I really want to try to go at least twice a month. It’s that good, I promise!

If you live in the LA area, then you need to be sure to check out the LA Flower Mart. We left my home at 7:40 and we were shopping by 8:00 am. It costs $2.00 to get into the Flower Mart and parking is fairly easy. The prices are amazing and plentiful!

We bought these flowers in shades of pink, white, and purple. (There are a few others but I don’t know the names!)

  • Anemones
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Ornamental Kale
  • Ranunculus
  • Calla Lillies
  • Eucalyptus
  • White and Purple Wax Flower

We cut the stems of the flowers and then divided them into three pots.

Next, gather them in your hands, check the length, and tie a loose string around the base.

Floral Arrangement Easter Ideas

Set them in the vase (or metal calf bucket, in my case), and move them around. If necessary, add more flowers along the side.

I placed glass vases inside these buckets because I was pretty sure they weren’t water tight. They are old! But I love them so much.

Easter Ideas for Your Table

How to Make a Flower Pot

I bought these small terracotta pots and wanted to paint them. You might recall my blog post from earlier in the week titled How to Make Vintage Garden Pots. I painted pots with Garden Lime.

That’s all I did! It takes about two minutes to paint one of these pots. I sanded them a bit and then spray painted them with a matte sealer.

All of the directions can be found here.

I just love how these came out.

Terra Cotta Pots and Lavender

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know which fresh flowers to buy?

Actually, I never now what I am going to buy. I usually walk around the flower mart for about ten minutes to get ideas for my flowers. Then I go back and start buying small bouquets of flowers. I always make sure the flowers coordinate well together.

How can you keep fresh flowers alive longer?

The key is to change the water. That is because fresh water will keep cut flowers alive longer. Take the flowers out of the vase every two days. Rinse out the vase and change the water.

I love this photo show much. Look at the reflection in the knife blade!

Easter Brunch

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How to Set a Beautiful Table with Easter Colors

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Pin the image below to your decor boards on Pinterest (just click the Pin button in the top left corner). You can also follow along with me on Pinterest!

For more real-time updates, follow me on Instagram @My100YearOldHome

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  1. Gorgeous! The flowers are so amazingly beautiful. Unfortunately I don’t have a large city nearby with a flower mart so I’ll have to improvise. It becomes a little more challenging but I’m always up for the challenge. Thanks for the inspiration. Love your work!!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! Not as many choices as the Flower Mart, but Trader Joes usually has a pretty good selection to choose from if there is one nearby!

  2. It looks beautiful Leslie! Love all the spring flowers from the mart. The pink is lovely. Makes for a happy table.

  3. Where did you purchase the small pots you used at each place setting. I like them bc they
    don’t have a wide rim at the top.
    Your table settings and flowers are beautiful. I’d eat Easter lunch at your house any day. I like you, want all my peeps home for Easter.

  4. Oh my goodness. Absolutely stunning. Really not a perfect word to describe the beauty of it all.
    And those flowers. 😍. I just want to set at your table for Easter 😉. Thanks for sharing. Such a joy

  5. Beautiful and so inspirational!
    Thank you for sharing everything you love it truly brings joy to me!!!

    1. Oh my gosh Jeanette, thank you so much for your kind comment. I appreciate so much that you reached out to me. I am so happy that you enjoy what I share!

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