The Five Best Table Setting Tips for Fall

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Fall tables are my favorite. Today I am sharing five of my best farmhouse table setting tips. Ready for some great tips?

Fall colors, burnt oranges, golden yellows, and deep ruby reds together with the season’s natural elements, like leaves, pine cones, and acorns, create a perfect backdrop for a gorgeous farmhouse table setting and cozy dinners with family and friends.

I love setting tables and today I am sharing my best table setting tips for fall. Plus, I am also sharing my new favorite book, But Where Do I Put The Couch and a Giveaway!

Setting a table can be intimidating and I often get messages from all of you asking for table setting tips. Since fall is here (well almost …) and I am stying a lot of fall tables, I thought it might be fun to share five of my favorite farmhouse table setting tips with you.

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Five Farmhouse Table Setting Tips

It’s not hard to set a table. Especially when you are like me and don’t follow a lot of the rules. Don’t laugh but my dining room table is often set for dinner. My husband always asks, “Is that for your blog, or are we having another party?”. Unfortunately for him, it’s often set for an upcoming blog post!

Here are my five farmhouse table styling tips.

I love setting tables and today I am sharing my best table setting tips for fall. Plus, I am also sharing my new favorite book, But Where Do I Put The Couch and a Giveaway!

Mix it Up

When I first started styling tables I often mixed glassware, silver, plates, chargers, and placemats. I didn’t do it because I was being clever. Rather, I did it because I didn’t own enough matching pieces! Over the years I have collected a lot (and I mean it is a lot!) of china, silver, and glassware.  Now when I set a table I always mix it up and don’t even look to see if I have enough matching pieces. That’s because I don’t want it to match.

Mixing it up is not only ok, but it also looks fantastic too.

Mixing plates, placemats, glassware, and silverware make for a fun table. It is unexpected and different. I love it.

I love setting tables and today I am sharing my best table setting tips for fall. Plus, I am also sharing my new favorite book, But Where Do I Put The Couch and a Giveaway!

If you look at this table pictured above, nothing matches! Well, the napkins and glasses match. But nothing else! The chargers, placemats, silver, and china are all different.

Set a Fun Table

I love adding a “fun element” to my tables. One year I used these amazing wood cutouts for Thanksgiving.

We had lots of teenagers at our table and this was the end result! But the fun they enjoyed during dinner was well worth it. (I have lots of glue guns!)

Don’t Just Use the Dining Room

One of my favorite farmhouse table setting tips is to get out of the dining room! It’s easy to get into a rut and always entertain in the dining room. So why not move your table to another room? Or even outside? I am always trying to push myself and think of new places to host a dinner. I have served dinner on the beach (in the sand) many times, all over our backyard, and at the park. The more creative you are the more fun your guests will have! Fall is such a great time to host outdoors.

In case you are curious, I found these metal trays at a flea market. I also love cloth napkins that have words on them!

Fit Everyone at the Table

Nothing is more frustrating at a dinner party faster than splitting up your group into more than one table. We hosted fifty at my son’s rehearsal dinner and I wanted everyone at the same table!

Of course, I realize that sometimes it is not possible to sit everyone at the same table. But I always try as hard as I can. A few years ago we had twenty-two at our home for Thanksgiving and I was determined to fit them all at one table in our dining room.

Somehow it worked. And it was so much fun! If I end up hosting everyone again this year I will have to figure out how to sit everyone together. I might set the table in the Carriage House but I don’t know. I will figure it out and share it with you for sure.

Reuse Last Year’s Fall Decor

Don’t tell anyone but I recycle fall decor every year! Two years ago I added copper foil on top of the green pumpkins I had used the year before. Then I added copper and pink foil and fabric to pumpkins. Don’t be intimidated and think you need to buy all new decor. Shop your own home and get out some paint or craft supplies!

All of the florals on this table were purchased years ago!

New Family Room Fall Decor Table

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Fall Table Decor Ideas for Your Dining Room

I hope these tips have helped you and will make setting your fall table easier.

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The Five Best Table Setting Tips for Fall

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  1. Always a joy to see how you decorate (inside and out tables) and you are so creative Leslie. For the past few years I have been doing a full Thanksgiving dinner – while camping but it always seems to be the same table other than swapping out a tablecloth. This year, I want to create a Hudsons Bay Thanksgiving table (possibly because I still have time to find items but don’t want to spend a fortune on HBC items). I found a lightweight HBC blanket with tassels in great shape at the thrift store and want to use that on the table (with of course a clear plastic over it to protect it). But not sure where to start. Have you done a tablescape or similar that you can make a few suggestions? I have rafia chargers (similar to yours), red plates (I have been taking white glass plates in the past) and napkins to match the red in the blanket, antler cutlery but at a loss for what to put down the centre (candles of course and my silver candleabra). I don’t put the food on the table, more buffet style but a sit down dinner for sure. I want that WOW factor.

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