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Sunday Morning Coffee

Volume 1

Today I am pleased to share with you Sunday Morning Coffee. This is a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

Thanks for joining me for Sunday morning coffee. Today I am sharing my weekly thoughts about entertaining, decor, crafts, and recipes and how we can use these ideas to make simple changes at home and in our lives.

Around Our Home

It’s a new year and lots of changes are happening at My 100 Year Old Home.

This year it’s all about home. It’s about making subtle and affordable changes in our homes and creating our own decor with inexpensive craft projects that look expensive. It’s about making subtle changes in our diets that make us feel better. And it’s about creating wonderful memories by entertaining at home in fun ways we never imagined.

The week between Christmas and New Years has always been a fun time at our home. The kids are home and we always manage to spend time playing games and sports (this year it was golf). I have always considered this week to be about family, relaxing, playing and just being cozy.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my business this week as I wanted to make some changes to my business and blog. My problem is that I have too many ideas and I need to figure out how I can get them all done.

I am pretty sure that is a good problem to have.

A Little Bit About Me

How Chip and Joanna Influenced My Life

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Two of my most favorite people, Chip and Joanna Gaines, are launching their latest venture this month, Magnolia Network. I am very excited to see all of their new shows, especially Magnolia Table and the Fixer Upper: Welcome Home show.

You may not be aware that Chip and Joanna have had a huge impact on my life. Many years ago, when I was a full-time artist, I decided to host marketing workshops in Waco, Texas. I loved the show Fixer Upper and I wanted to visit the Magnolia Market and Silos. I ended up booking the Magnolia B&B and the Harp House and held three amazing workshops. While I was there, I fell in love with Waco and everything about Magnolia.

A year later I was watching Fixer Upper (for the one millionth time) and wondered why farmhouse-style homes had very little original art. I decided to start a new Instagram account, My 100 Year Old Home, with the sole intention of finding an audience who might like a collection of Farmhouse Style Abstract paintings. I fully intended to create that art collection. But my Instagram and blog grew so quickly I chose to follow the path I am on now.

Which means … I have yet to create that art collection. Hmmm.

Finally, my early trips to Waco gave me the idea to buy a fixer home to remodel and rent out as a short term rental. In 2019 we bought our Waco home and I spent a year remodeling it. This was the most incredible project and I loved every minute of it.

Our home is now available to rent on Airbnb and VRBO.

I get asked all of the time if I have ever met Chip or Joanna and sadly the answer is no. Someday I hope our paths will cross, but until then I wanted to share how much this incredibly talented couple has impacted my life.

My son Matt and I did meet Joanna’s mom at their restaurant Magnolia Table. She was amazing!

Of course the show Fixer Upper is my all time favorite show and it’s coming back this month. Check out this preview for Fixer Upper: Welcome Home.

Today you can watch three Magnolia Network previews, including two episodes of Joanna’s new cooking show. Beginning at 7pm EST, head to the Food Network to begin watching!

Magnolia Network will be available on discovery+ ($4.99 a month) beginning tomorrow,Monday, Jan. 4. They will be showing new episodes of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home and Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines. The premiere episodes from 10 new shows from the Magnolia Network will also debut on Discovery’s streaming service.

On January 29th Magnolia Network premiers on TV and you can all of their shows.

Making Changes in 2021

I have thought a lot about the new year and I know I want to do a lot of things differently. For me, this year is going to be about embracing change. Some will be subtle and some will be larger.

We do have a few projects already scheduled this year. Our big projects this year include re-invigorating the Carriage House in our backyard to turn it into a very fun space.

We are also also starting a very large remodel project at our beach house in Ventura, Ca. We are finally redoing the front of our beach home, adding two more bedrooms and baths, expanding the kitchen, family room, and master bedroom, and adding a third-floor deck! We should start construction in late March or early April. 

I will be sharing even more crafts this year than last but my craft projects will include a difficulty rating and a cost estimate. I hope this will encourage some of you to join me and have fun crafting.

Delicious food always tastes better when it’s healthy. Get ready for some fun cooking sessions in our kitchen of some fabulous and healthy recipes. 

Pink dining room

The decor in our home is changing. Pink is starting to appear as most of the Christmas decor is being packed up and dragged up to the attic. (I use the term “dragged” because after a gazillion trips up to the attic, I literally am “dragging” the boxes.)

You won’t see this much pink in every room, but it was fun to set this table for a very fun New Year’s Eve Dinner. Since every dinner for the past several months has been at home, I am always changing things up and want to make every dinner feel as special as I can.

It’s a bit too cold in Southern California (ok, it’s way too cold) to dine outside, so I set up this table in the dining room. Our family of six has been home for weeks (after major quarantining) and this table was the perfect setting to celebrate the new year.

I made my favorite Sea Bass recipe and I promise to share more photos of our dining room and the recipe next week.

Two Decor Tips

Pick a Color, Any Color

Don’t Put it All Away Yet

After a year like 2020, we are all looking to bring some cheer to our homes.

Why not bring in a fun and new color?

I am not suggesting you buy a new sofa or paint the walls (although you certainly could if you want). Rather, add inexpensive accessories (that you might already own) in a fun color.

Don’t run out (oops I meant shop online) for all new items. Shop your own home first.

I decided I wanted to add pink as my accent color for winter so I searched our entire home and found pink books, quilts, candles, pillows, faux flowers, wreaths, holiday ornaments, cake stands, and more.

Often the slightest accent can make such a difference in any room!

In case you didn’t guess, I am referring to your Christmas decor.

Nothing is worse than looking at your home as soon as all of the Christmas decor is gone. It looks so empty and plain, right?

There is no reason why you can’t keep some of the more neutral “winter” holiday decor in your home.

I took down all of our trees, garlands and wreaths and all of the red and green holiday decor.

I kept the wintery white decor, pink and silver ornaments, pine cone trees, tabletop glitter trees, and a bit more.

Now I have a wintery yet fun and cheery home that feels a tiny bit like Christmas and I love

In the Craft Room

Look at these amazing fun craft ideas that I found this week.

My friend KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms created this amazing Painted Dresser and showed how to stencil wood. Click here for more.

Janine at Happy Happy Nester made a Valentine’s Day Gingerbread House. Is this not the cutest thing ever?

Click here to see how she made it,

I had to include another craft from Happy Happy Nester! This Easy Rosette Felt Wreath is perfect for handmade winter decor.

Click here for the tutorial.

Ashley at Modern Glam made this adorable Valentine’s Day Kid Thumbprint Art.

Click here to learn how to make these.

Reflections on the Week

I had so much fun on my blog this past week. In case you missed any, here are my blog posts from last week.

Tips for Styling Your Kitchen After the Holidays

My Favorite Things

You have no idea how hard it is for me to narrow down all of the things that I love. But I am going to try! Every week I will share a few of the things I have found that I think you might love too.

I just bought two of these copper dish soaps from Ardent Goods this week (one for each sink in my kitchen). I am obsessed with them and they are so easy to use. Just rub your dish scrub across the top of the soap and wash your dishes!

If you are looking for inspiration on what to post on your Instagram, check out the Instagram Photo Challenge from The Idea Room.

For those of you looking to declutter, check out These Five Things Absolutely Everyone Should Get Rid of on New Year’s Day.

How about Twelve Real-Mom Ways to Tidy Up Like Marie Kondo? I need to do the “happy test” more often in our home.

What’s the one thing you did a lot of in 2020 that you had probably never done before? Zoom calls! Would you like to look better on camera? Check out these great tips.

My tip for this week is to call a friend. I know that the holidays are behind us but we need to remember that not everyone was able to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Let’s all reach out to friends that we haven’t seen or heard from in a while. It’s a wonderful gesture and it is a lot of fun!

My Favorite Comments on the Blog

Kathy says:

Will we automatically receive your Sunday morning chat emails if we already get your daily blog notices or should be sign up again? Love your thoughts on healthy eating and living. Thanks.

Leslie: Thanks Kathy for your comment! If you are signed up to receive an email about my new blog posts, then you will definitely receive the Sunday Morning Coffee post.

You can sign up to receive my blog updates here. .

Cortney says:

I love this! I have dreams of checking out our attic for some magical space. I now feel even more inspired! Looks great!

Leslie: Thanks Cortney! My craft room was overflowing with craft supplies so I decided to utilize this storage space. It’s been wonderful and has made me realize I have too much stuff! It’s time for me to create craft projects with the supplies I already own.

Things I Love for Under $25

Good Things from Martha

Yep, each week I am going to feature one of the gazillion Good Things tips that Martha Stewart has shared with all of us over the years. Did you know her magazine Martha Stewart Living just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary?

Back in 2016, which feels like it was about thirty years ago, Martha Stewart shared 14 DIY Ideas to to Help You Stay Organized.

The painted hampers pictured here are adorable! I love DIY’s and I love organizing, so does it get any better than this?

What’s Ahead

This week I will be sharing something new for my kitchen and a craft that takes thirty minutes to make (but looks expensive and like it was store bought). I will also make a new version of my #1 craft project from last year and share how to make a wonderful decor item for your home. I will also modify one of my favorite recipes and make it healthy. Finally I will be taking you on a tour of one of my favorite rooms in our home.

I would love your comments and to learn what you thought of my first Sunday Morning Coffee. Leave me a message below and I promise to respond!

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61 Responses

  1. Poured my coffee and settled in for some cozy reading! I love the kitchen soap and I’m going to order some for my daughter and myself! Lovely read, Leslie! Thank you!

  2. Enjoyed reading Sunday Morning Coffee! I love your use of pink!! Looking forward to your next post! Thank You!

  3. Ah, I love the pink decor! It’s a prelude to February. I love trying decorating for each holiday. I thought that I was the only person who would keep some Christmas decor out for winter such as snowmen, snow trees, snowflakes, and buffalo check. They need to make pink buffalo check. Anyway your posts are inspirational and so is Joanna . (I’m not paying extra for streaming because cable is already to expensive!! ) Trying to declutter is very difficult task to do. I’m looking forward to Sunday blogs☺️.

    1. Susan,
      I cannot wait to share with you the pink buffalo check fabric I just made! Details coming soon. I promise.

    1. That makes me so happy Linda. There are so many inspiring ideas out there and I cannot wait to share more.

  4. I enjoyed this so much! Thank you for all the helpful hints. My plan is to be more creative this year and your blog is so inspiring. Happy New Year!

  5. I loved this post! I want to make that rosette wreath for valentines day in a pale pale pink. You literally inspire me daily! Thank you for all your time and hard work, and sharing.

  6. Happy New Year. Delighted to enjoy my coffee with you. Looking forward to picking a craft to do with my two daughters. Anxiously awaiting the spice rack.

    1. Lisa,
      Happy New Year to you too! I can’t wait to make the spice rack too! I have the metal tins so I am ready. I am so glad you shared your coffee with me today.

  7. I’m sitting here with my coffee and enjoying your post. Like many I love looking at pretty decorative home items. I admire how creative and talented you are. You are a fan of two of my favorites, Martha and Joanna. Martha was the first person years ago that I started following when she had her TV show and was not the big time star she is now. When I went to Waco I did see Joanna or Chips but did she Joanna pretty mother. Thank you for taking the time to write your blog, take pictures aand share decorating tips.

    1. Carol,
      It sounds like we both were early Martha fans. I met her twice at book signings and I have a funny Martha Stewart story that I am sharing next week. Thanks so much for you kind comment.

  8. I really enjoyed your first Sunday Morning Coffee.
    I especially enjoyed reading, “don’t put it away just yet.” We live in Indiana and we have at the very least 12 more weeks of gray ahead. I leave my “sparkle“ as I call our Christmas lights up until the very end of January. Then I begin to get out my Valentine things.
    I enjoy reading your thoughts and tips on
    how to make our homes more relaxing and how to make them even more of a special place to be.
    This year I think I’ll turn my little 1/2 bath Christmas tree into a little Valentine’s Day tree. It will be a nice little surprise for my family.
    Enjoy your week, and thank you for your encouragement on how to make our homes just a little more special!

    1. Pam,
      I am so glad you enjoyed my SMC. Your idea to make your tree a Valentine’s tree is brilliant. I love that idea.

  9. I loved this Sunday Morning Coffee! I am looking forward to each week to see what you have to share. I can’t wait to see what crafts you are going to share with us as well as the recipes. I am doing gluten free due to an immune issue and am always looking for new recipes and am coming up with ways to remake my favorite recipes.

    1. Debbie,
      Thank you! We went gluten free, dairy free, no meat, and more about six or seven months ago. It hasn’t been that hard and I am loving our new way of eating!

  10. Ι just hope to find the time for Sunday morning coffee.Usually I’m babysitting my 2 yearold grandaughter. Looking foward to it. I just took down all of my x-mas decor and I’m inspired to use and add pink to my decor.Your decor is absolutely lovely.Looking foward to your future post’s and craft ideas. Have a lovely day and stay safe.XOXO.

    1. Barbara,
      It sounds like your Sunday mornings are busy! ?No worries, as my post is on my blog and you can read it anytime.

  11. So enjoyed this post — you’re my new female crush! We did a family trip to Waco 3 years ago; totally an adult Disneyland and can’t wait to go back to see all that’s been done since then. We stayed at the house on season 5, episode 1 that they passed on — the one that was $20,000 — someone else bought it and redid it. Next time, we’ll try to stay at yours.
    My two daughters and I are super fans of Fixer Upper so when Joanna’s mom walked out of the kitchen at Magnolia Table, our reaction made her come over to our table. I’m sure she thought she must know us! So sweet — wouldn’t take a picture with us while we were eating, but when she saw us later, she had us cut the line of other fans wanting pictures (“Oh, let my friends in here.”).

    1. Donna,
      Oh my gosh, thank you! I have always referred to Waco as “my Disneyland” too! I love that Joanna’s mom is at Magnolia Table all of the time as it’s so much fun for all of us! I hope when you come back you can stay at our home. That would be very fun.

    2. Thank you Donna so much for your kind words. How much fun was Joanna’s mom? Just a riot! Thank you for following me!

  12. Wonderful post, Leslie! I am loving pink too. Maybe it is a prelude to Valentine’s Day. Look forward to your upcoming projects.

  13. What a lovely way to spend an hour on Sunday morning- reading Sunday Morning Coffee, checking out links and planning new projects for the year. Thanks for the delightful company!

    1. Becky, I am so glad you joined me and enjoyed the read. I am so excited for all of the amazing projects I have planned (you can also search my blog for anything you may have missed). I hope you join me again!

  14. Love this series, Leslie! And thanks for sharing my thumbprint art ❤️❤️❤️
    Happy New Year!
    P.S. I think I need that soap – love the copper!

    1. I am so glad you enjoy this Ashley and I was so happy to share your amazing thumbprint art! The soap is incredible, and yes, copper!! Happy New Year Ashley!

  15. This was so fun – what a great idea Leslie! I think your pine cone wreath has to be one of my all time favorites – so nice to see it make another appearance! I never got to make it with my mom before she died, but now you’re inspiring me to make one in her memory! Thanks as always for all the wonderful ideas and just plain eye candy! Happy Sunday!

    1. Barbara, thank you so much for your kind words. I do love this wreath also and have the new one coming up. I love the idea of you making it in honor of your mother. What a lovely reminder that can bring a smile to your heart whenever you see it!

  16. What a wonderful post! It is so inviting and encourages a great community. Thanks so much for including me in your roundup of projects! You’re so so kind, and I’m so glad to have such a thoughtful and inspiring friend! Love your new Sunday feature!

    1. Thank you Janine for your thoughtful and kind comments. I am more than happy to share your gorgeous and amazing project! I am so glad to know you and have you as a friend.

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