How I Solved a Problem in the Craft Room


I have always had a problem with storing my craft room supplies. Today I am sharing how I solved that problem in the craft room.

Craft rooms are wonderful. Four years ago I remodeled my office into a craft room. I designed the most amazing craft room on our first floor and I loved it. But I did not have enough room to store all of my supplies in the craft room. So this is what I did.

In case you haven’t seen it, this is my craft room. It is located just off the living room and family room. I have loved this room so much and a lot of great crafts have been created here.

Craft Room

But there is one problem.

And it’s called the craft room storage.

When you do as many crafts as I do, it is easy to accumulate a lot of craft supplies. I often joke that I have my own JOANN store in my house with all of the craft supplies I have accumulated.

I actually think I do.

Do you struggle with not having enough room to store your craft supplies? Because for me, piles of stuff started appearing on the floor of my craft room. Aargh!

So I converted a small area of our third-floor attic space into a craft and craft storage room.

Craft Room Storage

Isn’t this amazing?

Storing Craft Supplies in the Craft Room

How did I differentiate between my downstairs craft room and the third-floor craft storage room?

My craft room has crafting tools and supplies only for my current projects.

Everything else (which is a ton of stuff) is now upstairs on the third floor in my craft storage room.

It’s tiny and has a very slanted room but it works!

This is what our third-floor guest suite looks like. It is actually the worldwide headquarters for My 100 Year Old Home. Yes, this is where I wrote my new book, A Home to Share!

It’s a fun area and a great place to work every day.


I decided to use one of the eaves in the attic portion of our third floor for my craft storage room.

Somehow I had the vision, which is lucky considering what it originally looked like.


I know, it was pretty bad.

But here is the finished room.

The ceiling height is about seven and a half feet but as you can see, the walls are quite angled. I realized I could use the lower part of the angle for some storage. And this room is all about storage.

Craft Room Storage

I couldn’t figure out how to put a full-size door in the door space, so I went for the design you can see here.

Craft Room Storage

Here is what my craft storage room looks like inside.

Craft Room Storage

On the right side where you first walk in, I added a small shelf for my sewing machine.

Craft Room Storage

I often sew here. It’s just convenient to have a permanent place for my sewing machine. Can you see what I did with the cord? I cut a hole in the counter and added a plastic ring for cords!

Craft Room StorageCraft Room Storage

The storage on the left side is only 31″ tall. Along the back wall, the cabinet is 44″ tall.

All of the drawers are from The Container Store.

I put recessed lighting in the ceiling but I added some extra light.

Craft Room Storage

All of the bins are labeled and I will admit, I need to reorganize them all. I just can’t seem to find the time!

You can see here I have lots of ribbons, pillow covers, yarn, and more.

Craft Room Storage

Above this storage area is a work table. Since I am so tall, I love that it is 44″ high.

Along the front, I added a metal ruler (I had to cut it a bit to get it to fit).

Craft Room Storage

Along the back, I put in an electrical strip so that I can plug in a phone charger, glue gun, and anything else I may need for crafting.

Craft Room Storage

Here is a close-up of the Elfa shelving and mesh drawers with the labels.

Craft Room Storage

Aren’t these drawers just amazing?

Craft Room Storage

I love the ribbon hanging attachments you can put on the front of the drawers. They are also from the Container Store.

Craft Room Storage

I also have baskets that I use to hold all of my wrapping paper. Before Christmas, both of these were packed.

Craft Room Storage

I love this room so much and I hope you have enjoyed my tour.

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How I Solved My Craft Storage Problem

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  1. Hi
    Beautiful AND tidy too

    Have you thought of cutting the surface you have sewing machine sitting on ?
    About 1/3 leaving 2/3 for your machine? That way as you sew the sewn portion
    IE quilt flows down behind the worktop instead of bunching up

  2. I love this! I have dreams of checking out our attic for some magical space. I now feel even more inspired! Looks great!

  3. Love this idea! I am obsessed with organizing. It is a hobby for me! Nice job. Hmm. We need to build a storage room in the garage where the rafters are…;)

  4. Wow! I’m so impressed but would not expect anything less of you Leslie, you are the queen of crafting and of designing wonderful spaces. You’re also a great visionary, since not many people could come up with such an amazing space seeing what you had to work with.
    Great job Leslie.

    1. Wow, thank you Gail for your kind, kind words! This was fun to do because the space I had to work with was so challenging!

  5. What a wonderful space! I too am wondering what the work tops are? You might like having an office type chair at your machine if you are sitting sewing for any amount of time. Easier on your back and easier to move around. What is the flooring? Such a great space!

    1. Colleen, the work tops are from Container Store, part of their Elfa collection. They come in white or gray. The flooring is laminate squares. I am so glad you enjoyed the tour of this space!

  6. We have four attic spaces that are like your “before” photo and I would love to do what you did! Curious to know what you did about heating, and if you would mind sharing an approximate cost for the project. Thank you.

    1. Barbara, the craft room was a small part of the remodel of the entire attic. I can’t wait to hear what you decide to do!

    1. Corrine,
      Thank you. I love crafting so much and this has been an amazing solution for all of my crafting stuff!

      1. My paints and very large white table cloth arrived yesterday roller tomorrow and I can’t wait to use the yellow, orange and coral to replicate your citrus vibe table covering. So pretty hope mine turns out as I am not handy, crafty or skilled when it comes to DYI. I’ll send you a pic. 🍊🍋…..can’t find a grapefruit, lol

      2. My paints and very large white table cloth arrived yesterday roller tomorrow and I can’t wait to use the yellow, orange and coral to replicate your citrus vibe table covering.

  7. Love your space. I recently reorganized my craft room as well. Seems like it will never really be finished but am loving it so far.

  8. How did you find or construct the ribbon holder in your craft room downstairs? Did I miss that? Thanks

  9. I love your third floor area. We have a third very similar to that that is unfinished. I would love to see what you’ve done to that area! The craft area looks great! I would love to know where you keep all of your tablewear and florals. I have difficulty finding a good way to organize those items. Thank you!

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