Pink Christmas Wrapping Paper and Gift Tag Ideas

I love making wrapping paper and this pink Christmas wrapping paper is so easy to make. I also added some of my favorite gift tag ideas!

A thoughtful gift, beautifully wrapped is truly a gift from the heart. Add a handmade tag and what could be more special?

Pink Christmas Wrapping Paper

These DIYs for the pink Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags I made are easy and fun. Just in case you aren’t planning a pink Christmas, all of these ideas can be made in any color. Plus all of the shopping links here have other colors featured too!

Pink Christmas Wrapping Paper

Pink Christmas Wrapping Paper.

Before I start off, I wanted to tell you why I like to make wrapping paper.

It’s kind of a silly thing, but I love making gifts. And if I can also make wrapping paper then, why not?

A few years ago I discovered patterned paint rollers and I have had so much fun. I have made Painted Napkins, Tablecloth DIY, Table Runner, Dish Cloths, and Wrapping Paper.

These paint rollers are so easy to use. And they look amazing when painted on paper.

Pink Christmas Wrapping Paper

I made two different pink Christmas wrapping papers. One with white paper and one with pink paper. Obviously, you can make any colors you want but since I am currently decorating an entire room for Christmas in pink, I just had to go for it.

Pink christmas wrapping Paper 1

I will be sharing in a bit the “With Love” gift tags that I made with wax and a sealer.

You can see below the new roller that I used for this paper. I absolutely love the design.

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

This wrapping paper is just so easy to make. All you need to do is roll the paint roller in paint and then roll it on the paper. Let it dry, and that is it. This really is simple.

Pink Christmas Wrapping Paper DIY

Here is a photo of the two wrapping papers I made.

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Here’s What You Need to Make Wrapping Paper (or just buy it!)

My Favorite Pink Christmas Ribbon

There is no doubt that I own way too much ribbon! When I see ribbon on sale or for a great price, I often buy it and add it to my collection. I do have a few favorite ribbons and these organza ribbons are wonderful!

Pink Christmas Wrapping Paper

My Favorite Christmas Ribbons (Click on any link for additional colors too!)

Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Gift Tag.

These gift tags are very fun to make. Have you ever used wax and a sealer to seal an envelope?

What I love about this method is that you use a glue gun to melt the wax!

You can buy wax sticks in many colors. I bought them in pink but I also have them in green and red from a few years ago.

Using a glue gun is so much easier than the previous method of melting the wax with a match. All you do is squeeze the wax onto the card in the shape of a circle and press the seal on top of the wax. Let it cool for a bit (about a minute) and gently remove the seal.

Christmas Gift Tag

I love this With Love stamp so much. It is perfect for homemade gifts or any gifts!

Christmas Gift Tag.

I wrote the recipient’s name on the back and then I will tie the gift card to the ribbon. Aren’t these tags adorable?

Christmas Gift Tag

What You Need to Make Gift Tags

homemade-wrapping-paper 1

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Pink Christmas Wrapping Ideas

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  1. Love all of it, but the tags really caught my eye, so much, that I just went and made a trip over to amazon and bought some supplies. I had no idea you could use a glue gun for wax, I’m even looking at doing this for our Christmas cards. I can’t even understand why I am so excited to try this. lol. Thank you so much for sharing this idea.

  2. Thank you Leslie, This is an amazing idea!! I never knew this was possible with a glue gun. Is a gorilla glue gun okay? Or should it be a very hot gun? Cant wait to try it🌲🎄

  3. So beautiful and fun, Leslie! I used to use sealing wax a lot when I was a teenager, and still have some of it around – I wonder if it’s too old to work!? 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration – I may have to get some more and make those darling tags!

  4. How are you Leslie ? I love your site, and just waiting for your book to arrive, for my chill-out coffee moments. You make us want to be so creative. How do you even juggle so many projects…I am amazed. Such class. I will create gifts this year and put those seals for sure. Be well, and thanks for sharing all your inspiration. From Athens, Greece

    1. Hello Katerina! I’m doing fabulously, just entering my favorite season ♥️🎄 oh I love that! I’d love to know how you like it. Have the best holiday season, thank you so much for the kind words.

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