Pink Christmas Tree Decorations

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I am so excited to share my pink Christmas tree decorations and I hope to inspire you to try this in a room in your home.

While traditional Christmas colors are attached to so many of our memories, it is kind of fun to shake things up sometimes. I decorated our carriage house with pink Christmas tree decorations and absolutely love having a room that looks different from the rest of the house!

Pink Christmas Tree and Pink Snowflakes

I have had so much fun collecting and using my pink Christmas tree decorations. Doesn’t this tree look amazing?

Pink Christmas Tree

Pink Christmas Tree in the Carriage House

It’s December 1st which means I have been sharing Christmas décor ideas for a month! Back in November, I shared that my Christmas theme for our home would be Cranberries. I also eluded that I had another theme I would be sharing in December.

Today I am introducing how to create a Pink Christmas! I decorated the entire Carriage House in pink, and I cannot wait to share all my ideas.

Every Christmas theme starts with a Christmas tree and I am thrilled to share my flocked Christmas tree decorated with lots of pink ornaments!

Pink Christmas Tree Closeup

Flocked trees are my favorite. And as much as I would have loved to buy a 12’ tree for the Carriage house my budget only afforded a 9’ tree. You might be wondering why I didn’t buy an entirely white tree or even a pink Christmas tree.

One of my goals for my Christmas décor is to be flexible and always collect items that can be repurposed year after year. As much as I love a pink tree, I just wasn’t sure if Pink Christmas Tree Decorations would be a one-time or long-term tradition.

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As I mentioned, this tree is a 9 ft flocked tree. I listed lots of options like this tree below. I also added a pink tree just for fun!

Of course, now that I have completely decorated the Carriage house in pink, I think next year I will want to decorate with pink somewhere in our home again! It’s a little tricky in our home with all boys so you may not see it in our living or family room. But who knows!

Pink Christmas Tree Decorations

Pink Christmas Tree Ornaments

I kept the tree simple and just used ornaments to decorate the tree. I was happy with the amount of pink Christmas ornaments available everywhere I looked and used a mixture of newly purchased ornaments, vintage ornaments, and homemade ornaments.

Pink Christmas Tree Glitter Ornaments

Don’t forget that tree ornaments have a lot more uses in other places. I love using ornaments for decorations all throughout our home.

Here they are on top of one of my vintage chests of drawers in the Carriage House.

Creative Ways to Use Pink Christmas Ornaments

And here are more pink ornaments in the kitchen!

Pink Christmas Ornaments

I decided to use a combination of light and dark pink ornaments for our tree. I found so many varieties and you can find them all listed below. (All links have other colors too!)

Homemade Pink Christmas Tree Décor

I made these pink ornaments a few weeks ago with glass ornaments and alcohol inks.

Easy DIY Pink Christmas Ornaments.

Click here for the complete DIY.

At the base of the tree, I didn’t use a tree skirt. Rather, I used a pink and white vintage tablecloth to cover the metal tree stand. (Originally, I used a pink vintage quilt, but you will see later this week why I had to replace it.)

Pink Snowflake Window

Pink Christmas Tree and the Snowflake Window

I have never been happy with the view outside of the Carriage House Window. (Although stay tuned for a fun solution for this in January.)

I decided it would be fun to hang snowflakes from the top of the window and of course they had to be pink.

I found some wood snowflakes and had planned to paint them pink and decorate them with pink glitter. But then I found these pink snowflakes that were less expensive and didn’t need a DIY! Plus, I even like these better.

Pink Snowflakes Hanging in the Window

To hang the snowflakes, I tied a fishing line to each of the snowflakes and varied the length. I used strong white tape and just taped the fishing line to the top portion of the window frame. I love how these came out and I think they temporarily solved my problem with the view!

Now all I must do is decide what to do with these wood snowflakes. I think I will paint them with cranberry-colored paint and attach them to some of my gifts.

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Pink Christmas Tree Decorations

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  1. Truly and simply beautiful! I love all shades of pink, and decorate my tree with it every year! I love it!

  2. HA! You’ve got a pink glue gun ornament on that lovely tree! You never fail to surprise and inspire me at the same time! I too got a flocked tree this year – it’s for my home office, so maybe I’ll put a little stapler or something on it! 🙂

    Thanks for the beauty and the laugh first thing in the morning! Happy Wednesday!

  3. I love your pink decor…where did youfind the pink snowflakes? I need or want some.
    I bought some pink ornaments also.
    I also made me some pink ornaments with the alcohol inks and loved them so I made some with red and white and some red and green ornaments…they are all Beautiful! I love all the things you share!

  4. Your pink tree is simply beautiful, Leslie!! I have been drawn to pink decor this Christmas, but haven’t incorporated it in my decor this year. I’m thinking it just might make its appearance next year though! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pink tree!!

  5. Pink for Christmas is so fun!!!! I decorate a pink feather tree in my granddaughters room every year. Your carriage house is beautiful!,

  6. I love how much like a home this looks. I’m looking for insp for my decor this year and most blogs just look like displays, not some where to spend time with family and actually utilize. Thank you!

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