Nine Ways to Repurpose Last Years Christmas Decor

Welcome to Day one of Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas. My friend KariAnne and I have joined together to provide you twelve days of great tips to help you get ready for Christmas. Today we are sharing Nine Ways to Repurpose Last Year’s Christmas Decor.

Christmas Decor Tips

Welcome to Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas! My very amazing and talented friend KariAnne Wood at Thistlewood Farms and I will be sharing tips for the next twelve days to help get you ready for Christmas. We have so many fun ideas to share and today we are sharing How to Repurpose Last Year’s Christmas Decor.

If you don’t know my friend KariAnne then you really need to follow her. KariAnne is kind, funny, smart, creative and one of the best writers I know. She also motivates me every day! Be sure to head on over to Karianne’s blog to read about her 9 Simple Ideas To Repurpose Last Year’s Christmas Decor.

Day #1 – Nine Ways to Repurpose Last Year’s Christmas Decor

I love to reuse my Christmas decor from year’s past. I make a lot of crafts and this year I am going to remake some of the same holiday crafts with a bit of a twist. I hope you will want to try some of the ideas I am sharing today and that you will also be inspired to repurpose some of your own holiday decor.

My favorite part of Christmas is gift-giving and as you know, I love making gifts! I have been making homemade Christmas gifts for my family since I was eight and I can promise you there were some interesting gifts in those early years. (I am sure my siblings will agree!) The very first Christmas gift I made was felt comb cases. I cut them and glued them and wrote my sibling’s names on them with a marking pen. Oh, how I wish I had a photo of my handcrafting at 8 years old! We could all get a good laugh.

#1 – Repurpose Christmas Placemats


I love Christmas music so I thought it would be fun to create a caroling musical theme at our Christmas Eve dinner table. I selected eight lines from my favorite Christmas carols and made these wonderful holiday placemats

#2 – Repurpose Pillows


Pom poms are such a fun crafting item and I loved making this DIY Christmas pom Pom Pillow. I saw a similar one a few years ago on Anthropologie and I have known ever since I wanted to make one. I made this pillow and I absolutely love the end result. So I put together a complete DIY in this blog post. 

#3 – Repurpose Wrapping Paper


I love to wrap gifts. But finding the right wrapping paper is sometimes hard to do.

I have always wanted to make some wrapping paper for Christmas.  Years ago I used a styrofoam printing method to make art in our son’s elementary school classes. I knew someday I would find a way to use this creative printing method again. I can’t wait to see what you think.

Also, you can expect to see a new version of this in a few weeks.

#4 – Repurpose a Christmas Skirt for a Dress Form


Decorating my dress form is such a fun DIY. I have done this for years and I love creating a “holiday outfit” for my dress form. It’s very inexpensive to make a this Christmas tree skirt. (And I am thinking I might just create a different skirt for each season.) Why do I like this dress form so much? It s fresh and it smells so good!

#5 – Repurpose and Make an Easy Christmas Wreath


I posted this photo of one of our bedrooms and so many of you inquired about the Christmas wreaths in the window. Truthfully, they were added at the last minute. And most importantly, they took me about ten minutes to make. Today I am going to share with you the easiest DIY ever. It’s titled “How to Make a Christmas Wreath … (in ten minutes or less!)”.

#6 – Repurpose and Make Christmas Ornaments


This year I decided I wanted to make personalized Christmas ornaments. I thought it would be fun to make a list of words that were special to everyone in our family. This included words such as people’s names, places we have visited and anything else I could think of that has a special meaning to our family. I started with a list of 35 words but by the time I finished making the ornaments, the list had grown to over 50. It’s a good thing the ornaments were easy to make!

#7 – Repurpose and Make Chalk Board Stencil

how-to-make-a-stencil-for-christmas (1)

Christmas came early to our house this week. That’s because I received this Cricut® Explore Air™ 2. I had so much fun creating my first project in my craft room. It’s a chalk board stencil! If you don’t have one of these Cricut machines then you need to add it to your Christmas list right now. The projects are limitless and I was so excited to try it out.

#8 – Repurpose Mason Jars into Lit Snow Globes


I made these adorable lit “snow” ball jars and would you believe I found special lids that have battery operated LED lights in them? They replace the existing lids with an insert with an LED light. They fit on any wide mouth and Regular Mouth Jars. I am obsessed with these!

#9 Repurpose Clay Glitter Ornaments

glitter-DIY-christmas-ornament-1 (1)

I love making ornament Christmas crafts. I love working with clay and thought it would be fun to make a new Christmas ornament for our tree every year. I made these glitter Christmas trees and I love them! I think making Christmas ornaments is one of the best crafts everyone can do for the holidays.

I will definitely be making dried clay ornaments again this year. 

I really enjoyed sharing these Christmas decor craft projects with you. I can’t wait until tomorrow when KariAnne and I share How To Stock Your Pantry For the Holidays. I have so many fun ideas to share.

See you tomorrow!


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    1. The title of each craft is a link to the post with all of the DIY’s. Plus there is a link in the write up for each one too!

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