How to Host a Backyard Tailgate Party

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I am so excited to share the backyard tailgate party I created in our back yard. It was the perfect place to watch all of our favorite sports playoff games and enjoy some fabulous grilled food.

Backyard Tailgate Party

In our home, the start of fall means the start of football and baseball playoff season. I am convinced more sports are watched on our TV than most so I thought it might be fun to build an outdoor tailgate party area in our backyard.

I loved hosting our own backyard tailgate party.

Host a Backyard Tailgate Party

Thanks to my partnership with The Home Depot, I was able to give the gift of a unique outdoor experience and great food to my family. With our new Weber Spirit E-315 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill we had everything we needed in one place. I like to add a bit of elegance to every dinner we have, even if it is centered around watching a game!

How to Host a Backyard Tailgate Party

The Weber Spirit E-315 Grill 

I love sports just as much as my husband and sons, so one of my priorities was not to get stuck in the kitchen cooking the food. I made a plan that would allow me to cook all of the food outside on our lawn, in front of the TV.

I love my partnership with The Home Depot, and our new Weber Sprit E-315 grill. We love to barbecue and since we live in Southern California, we grill year-round (and in the rain). With our new Weber Sprit E-315 grill, I knew I could cook our entire dinner in our outdoor viewing area. And not miss a thing.

Tailgate Party

I should add that I am quite proud of myself since I put this entire grill together in about two hours. Did you know The Home Depot carries a top selection of grills and offers free delivery on all grills purchased online? If you purchase a grill in the store (priced at $399.00 and over), you also get free assembly and delivery!

Weber Grill

What you Need to Create a Backyard Tailgate Party

Every sports fan wants a comfortable place to sit, a clear view of the TV, lots of beverages, and some great food. I built an outdoor dining room using our new Weber Spirit Grill, some old porch pillars, lumber from The Home Depot, an old painting easel, a patio table, and some cushions.

How to Host a Backyard Tailgate Party

Whenever I create a party, I always shop at our home first. I “borrowed” a TV off the wall in our Carriage House and pulled the easel out of my art studio. My secret to getting the posts to stand up straight is to pound a 30” metal stake in the ground and slip the porch posts on top. This works because the posts have a hole all the way through the base.

Backyard Tailgate Party

The chandelier was in our attic waiting to get hung, so I drilled a hole in the top boards, added a plug, and hung it above the table. I borrowed the cushions from the couches on our patio. I actually made the table top (from fence posts) and stained it and then placed it on top of our outdoor coffee table.

Backyard Tailgate Party

Our Weber grill has wheels, so I wheeled it out to our yard and put it in a spot where I could watch the game while cooking pizza.

How to Host a Backyard Tailgate Party

I love the look of the TV on the easel. I am quite happy I was able to hook it up and get the game on!

Tailgate Party

It’s easy to discover what’s possible with Weber. I went to their website and found a lot of great grilling recipes. I decided right away I would make fresh pizza.

The Weber grill has three stainless steel burners and delivers heat evenly which is perfect for pizza on the grill. There are so many great Weber accessories, including a Spirit and Spirit II 3-Burner Gas Grill Cover, a 3-Piece Stainless Steel Grill Tool Set, a Stainless Steel Grill Basket, a Stainless Steel Grill Pan, and a Cast-Iron Griddle for Spirit and Spirit II 2 and 3 Burner Gas Grill.

How to Make Pizza on the Grill

Backyard Tailgate Party

I made gluten-free pizza dough and homemade pizza sauce earlier in the day. I brought out all of the dinner prep items and made two large pizzas and a delicious Caesar salad.

Tailgate Party

I set the pizzas on Parchment paper and used an Original Gourmet BBQ System Pizza Stone Insert by Weber to cook the pizzas. To cook the pizza on the Weber, place the pizza stone insert in the center of the grill and turn the three burners on medium. Let the grill heat until the temperature is about 450 degrees.

Backyard Tailgate Party

Cook for about 15 minutes. Once the first pizza is done, remove with the Weber Stainless Steel Pizza Paddle and cook the next pizza.

Weber Grill

We dined under the chandelier and enjoyed the game and the delicious dinner.

Grilling Pizza

Grill Pizza

Thanks to The Home Depot for making our Backyard Tailgate Dinner so much fun. Did I mention that our favorite baseball team played five nights in a row last week? Guess where we were watching the game? It was magical.

Grill and Dine

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Backyard Tailgate Party

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  1. Love this! Our family also enjoys watching sports outside plus all the food and beverages that go along with game days. Your setting is perfect, and I may need to ‘steal’ a few ideas from you 😏

  2. This looks so fun! I love it! You’ve definitely inspired me to do this for our family! Also, could you share your recipe for GF pizza dough? I’m always up for trying new GF pizza dough recipes. Thanks for all the great ideas!

    1. I am so glad you liked this Andrea. The recipe is coming, I promise! But I used Better Batter (it comes in a big box and it is a gluten free 1:1 baking flour) and just added salt, water, olive oil, and a tiny bit of palm sugar. It was so good!

  3. How did the TV work and was it viewable in the sun? The set up is gorgeous but just couldn’t figure out the cable/electric etc.

    1. Thanks Patty. I was going to hook up our portable Directv box but I tried the AppleTV first and that worked perfectly. The game didn’t start until 4:00pm so we were in the shade and the screen was easy to see. I hid the long extension cord but there is one behind the easel.

    1. You will need to check online if the pizza stone you have is ok to go on the grill. Many can be used in the grill but some cannot.

  4. Wow why didn’t you post this before summer began!!!! I spent a fortune having cable installed on our decks so we can have summer at home at our beach house in NJ during the pandemic. I even went so far as to buy TV’s that can stay outside. Luckily our decks are covered, open on 3 sides. Great idea for backyard dining. I love the look of the posts!!!

  5. What kind of tv did you use and the size? I’m tech challenged. Apple TV cable box? I like the idea of using an easel to put the tv on which is a good idea with saving money. I have a tall metal easel I’m glad that I didn’t donate it. It’s refreshing to see everything on the lawn versus traditional areas patio. Do you roll your grill out and push it back or do you just leave it out in the open and cover it up? Thanks for the fabulous ideas !

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